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Online Event Registration-Best Way Of Free Event Marketing. PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Event Registration-Best Way Of Free Event Marketing.

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Online Event Registration-Best Way Of Free Event Marketing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online event registration is the perfect way of utilising the power of the internet. Hosting the event online can get you more participants and it helps in selling the event tickets online without any cost. It works as event marketing website to aware the peoples about the event worldwide.

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Online Event Registration-Best Way Of Free Event Marketing.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Online event registration Best way  Of free Event marketing

    2. What is online event registration ? • It the simplest term of event enrolment on the online platform for the event promotion. • "Online" word justifies the power and ability this internet platform has. To utilise this platform, we simply register event on one event listing website. • These event registration websites directly serves the event only to potential users who can really participate in the event. • Publish event online with details, photos and add the fees for the entry, and you will be ready to promote it. 

    3. Tips to select the best event registration site ? • Explore the market for selecting website. • Check the reputation of website in the market. • Examine it's social appearance and fan following. • It's Ability to promote event worldwide. • Popularity of platform. • Is it offers the event management tools ? which are necessary for effective planning.  • Select the platform which helps to sell event tickets online.

    4. How to Register ? • After selecting the platform the second step is the event registration. Create the organiser's account on the website. • Fill the details of the event like it's objective, functions and theme. • Add details of discounts or freebies if any. • Provide the address details with location of event on the map. • Add the related photos of event or organiser or artists. • Provide the registration form to sell event tickets online with reasonable fees. • Also you can create the separate event page according to your event and tailor the tickets with your logo. • Then publish it and here you go, your event will be live.

    5. How can it saves cost of event marketing ? • Every organiser goes to some marketing agency or do the paid promotion on social platform. It requires lots of investment or time and money and still you doesn't satisfies with the results. • That's why event marketing website(event registration website) can get do promotions for you freely. • These website doesn't charge any money of the promotion, they generate money for their business through ticket sell. They will charge very reasonable fees per ticket sell. • You don't have to worry about any hidden cost or terms and conditions. • These are 100% authentic and trustworthy site for registering the event.

    6. Benefits of online event registration • Saves lots of money and time of marketing. • Completely utilises the online platform. • Generates high revenue by collecting potential leads. • Increases the online reputation and social presence. • Helps in selling event tickets online. • Provides opportunity of branding by customizing tickets with logo.

    7. Submit your event for free WWW.EVENTRY.COM/en