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5 Tips Every Event Planner Should Know to Keep The Attendees Stay Till End - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When the guests leave an event early then that is the most stressful thing for the organizer and host and if that happens repeatedly then it can really lower down your confidence. If you want them to stay till the end, then you are at the right place as Australia’s leading Event Planning Company Eventpod has prepared a Presentation which has all the tips and tricks to make them stay. \nIf you want further Assistance then visit our website at

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Many times Attendees leave a conference or an event in the middle, their can be multiple reasons behind this but if most of the attendee are leaving then their must be a point of saturation in the Event and the guests might not be having a great time which has made them do that,

If you’re wondering how to keep attendees there until the end, try these favorite suggestions.

  • An Event should give the guests a feeling that it should never end.

  • Try to increase the level of Activities with passage of time, especially the last few should more exciting so that guest stayed glued to their seats.

  • Most people won’t change a plane ticket and incur those extreme costs just because they find out an interesting speaker will be speaking at the end Make sure they know about the speaker before they book their tickets.

When never end. you schedule last day of your Corporate Event to be only a few hours long, you make it a lot easier on them. You think you’re giving them time to travel. They see it as an abbreviated schedule that is hardly worth another night in a hotel and meals. Keep the last day should be as interesting as the first.

Whatever you do, never schedule exhibit time on the last day. People who aren’t directly associated will decide to leave early.

The Last Activity should be a give away, think of valuable gifts and prizes for the last day.

For example: people who stay for the closing session will receive a recording of all the sessions of the Team Building Eventfor free, while everyone else will pay for them. The trick here is to make sure what you’re offering is valuable. A free pen won’t do that.

  • Don’t make it tempting gifts and prizes for the last day. for people not to take advantage of that opportunity.

  • If on the other hand, you’re hosting an event where most people are traveling a distance, or if it’s a vacation destination, entice people to stay a few extra days past your conference. You can even help arrange post-conference activities for those who want to stay over the weekend.

Ever watch a fireworks display and notice that they end the show with a little tiny fizzle of light? Of course not! Because they don’t. They end with a huge finale that is almost too much to take in, they go one after the other just when you think you’ve found a favorite, another spectacular set goes off.

Try to make your Event like that, in other words a “Grand One”.

  • Provides high quality services. show with a little tiny fizzle of

  • Give proper attention to every client.

  • Taking care of every necessities of attendees.

  • Excellent facilities like luxurious rooms with perfect dining.

  • Corporate event planners organize the event as per the budget of the client.

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