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Format Background. Music of Syria. The Music of. Flag. By Person 1 Person 2 Person 3. Rehearse your timings – click Slide Show/Rehearse Timings. Intro to “Country”. Location and Climate. Some of the countries that border Syria are Jordan Iraq, Israel, and Lebanon.

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  1. Format Background Music of Syria The Music of Flag By Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Rehearse your timings – click Slide Show/Rehearse Timings

  2. Intro to “Country” Location and Climate Some of the countries that border Syria are Jordan Iraq, Israel, and Lebanon. 2 maps: zoomed out, zoomed in • Location Idea 1 • Location Idea 2 • Location Idea 3 • Etc… Topography- mountains and deserts During the summer it gets to 85-100 degrees. During the winter it gets to 60-75 degrees. In the spring and fall it is nice and cool. Have you added notes below every slide? Go to View/Notes Page

  3. People’s Society People’s Society Their education system is like European, there is a test every month. The language is taught in school. Also the parents teach their kids at home. The main language is Arabic and 5% of the people speak French.

  4. People’s Society People’s Society Mercantile is what they do for a living. The average home in Syria is a townhouse. When you come to Damascus, you wouldn’t see town houses instead you will see apartments. In the summer season they go to their cabin and stay there the whole time .

  5. Government Their Government type is Dictatorship The government likes music because it has to do with belly dancing.

  6. Religion The religions of the people in Syria are 80% Muslims and 20% Christians Music is not used in this religion in this country. Instead there are prayers.

  7. Musical Instrument Tablah Tablah is played by hand. You use both hands to hit the top to make sounds. You have to put the bottom between your legs to not make it move This instrument is made out of goat/fish skin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZNfHmV1cCo

  8. Musical Instrument 2 Daff Daff is just like the instrument Tambourine. You just have to shake the Daff to make the sound. Its made out of goat/fish skin. And on the sides they put metal plates to make the sound www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY8Hl8yF43I

  9. Musical Instrument 3 Kaval Kaval is just like a flute but there is no mouthpiece. You just blow in there and put your finger sin the hole to make the sound. It is made out of ash-wood, elder-tree, cornel, boxwood or lilac-tree. www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5_nBMvnCiI

  10. Musical Instrument 4 ‘ Ud Ud is like a guitar. You have to hit the strings to make the sound. This instrument is made out of special wood and strings.

  11. Vocal Music Yes the vocal is the same as America. The vocal is not used anywhere. The singers dance and belly-dance. They memorize their music.

  12. Other Information • Their clothing is very colorful, big, and has lot’s of designs on it. • Every day Dance plays a huge roll in their Country because it entertains everybody. • Some of the famous foods are Lambs, Eggplant, Onions, and Tomatoes. • We all think we can live in this Country because its interesting and fun.

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