Welcome to the embrace red moving your business forward
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Welcome to the Embrace Red Moving Your Business Forward - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Embrace Red Moving Your Business Forward. All About ‘Step into Red ’. A program to strengthen your knowledge, skills and confidence in your business. Having a positive attitude will also take you further than a negative attitude. Workshop Objectives.

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Welcome to the embrace red moving your business forward

Welcome to the Embrace RedMoving Your Business Forward

All About ‘Step into Red

A program to strengthen your knowledge, skills and confidence in your business.

Having a positive attitude will also take you further than a negative attitude.

Workshop objectives
Workshop Objectives

To help YOU achieve your Red Jacket or move up the Career Path, by:

  • Increasing your confidence

  • Further developing your booking, selling and team building skills

  • Becoming a great communicator and having a positive attitude

Program agenda
Program Agenda

  • Communication and Attitude

  • Business Basics

    • Advanced booking techniques

    • Practicing the full circle class

    • Practicing superior customer service

  • Team building Tactics

    • The teambuilding process (setting the P.A.C.E)

    • Scheduling and conducting teambuilding appointments

    • Using a system to support & track your teambuilding goals

    • Overcoming Selling and Teambuilding Concerns

  • Dealing With Different Personalities & Future Focuse

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

  • Yesterday:

    • Identify where your confidence or skill level currently is

  • Today

    • List the most useful ideas you have learned from this session

  • Tomorrow

    • List what actions you will take as a result of what you have learned

Step towards success action based assignment
Step Towards Success!‘Action’ Based Assignment

At the end of today’s workshop you will:

  • Have your own list of actions

  • A Step Into Red ‘action based’ assignment to complete

  • A weekly communication schedule that you must maintain with your Sales Director

    Step Towards Success! Take Action!

Step Into Red

Session 1

Communication and Attitude

Making a positive first impression

Your Best Communication Opportunities

Questioning & Listening Skills

How do others see me
How Do Others See Me?

  • Your ability to communicate effectively depends in part on the ways others see you!

  • Do people see you as:

    • Smiling, Successful, Caring, Enthusiastic?

  • Do people see you as:

    • Complaining, unhappy, miserable?

Creating a positive 1 st impression
Creating a positive 1st Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Tips to make your first impression a good one
Tips to make your first impression a good one

  • Your Posture

  • Your Grooming

  • Your Clothes

  • Your Eye Contact

  • Your Smile

  • A Secure Handshake

  • Your Statement of Benefit

  • Build Rapport

Your best communication opportunities
Your Best Communication Opportunities

In Mary Kay you have several communication

opportunities with your customers and team


  • Face to face communication

  • By mail

    • Letters, notes, postcards

  • By phone

  • By email & text messaging

Face to face communication
Face to Face Communication

How we communicate can often be the

difference between success and failure

Face to face communication is made up ofthree main components:

  • Asking questions

  • Listening

  • Non verbal communication

The total message
The Total Message

  • Words we say..................? %

  • How we say them……….? %

  • Our Body language……..? %

The total message1
The Total Message

  • Words we say 7%

  • How we say them 38%

  • Our Body language 55%

Questioning skills
Questioning Skills

  • Asking questions enables you to find out what your customer or prospective team member needs.

  • A ‘NEED’ is your customer’s

    • Reason to buy

    • Reason to book

    • Reason to become a consultant

Open questions
Open Questions

  • Opens the subject

  • Cannot be answered by “yes” or “no”

  • Invites an expression of ideas

  • Usually starts with: What, How, Where, When, Who, Why

  • “Tell me Julie what is your current job, and what do you like about it?

  • What do you dislike about it?”

Open question examples
Open Question examples

  • What have you been using up until now?

  • How often are you using it?

  • What is it you like about your current foundation?

  • What don’t you like about it?

  • What would you change about it?

  • When do you use it?

  • Can l ask you why do you use that product line?

  • What is it about that product line that encourages you to use it?

Closed questions
Closed Questions

  • The answer closes the subject

  • Usually invites a “yes” or “no” or a choice of alternatives. They make it less likely that the listener will expand the answer

  • Are useful for confirming agreements, obtaining decisions

  • Usually start with such words as…..

    • Is…can...do...does…shall...will...would...which…could...etc…

Closed questions1
Closed Questions

  • Use closed questions when you want to:

    • Close the sale – “Would you like to take that today?”

    • Gain agreement – “I think this will be great for you don’t you think?”

    • Obtain a decision – Shall we complete the paperwork and get you started?

Open closed questions
Open & Closed Questions

  • Use open questions to build rapport and identify the need

  • Use closed questions to gain agreement, ask for a decision or close the sale

Listening skills
Listening Skills

  • Listening is a learned skill

  • Many of us are not good listeners.

  • Good listeners prove to their customers that they are interested and listening by concentrating on what the customer is saying and demonstrating active listening

5 steps to effective listening
5 Steps To Effective Listening

  • Talk less and use eye contact to control visual distractions

  • Become an observer & listen for feelings (how something is said)

  • Listen for content with an open mind (don’t make judgments)

  • Listen all the way through (don’t interrupt)

  • Actively listen through verbal and non-verbal cues

Non verbal cue s
Non-Verbal Cue’s

  • The nod – nodding the head slightly

  • The remark – “I see”, “uh-huh”

  • The echo – repeating the last few words the speaker said

  • The mirror – reflecting back to the speaker what has been said

  • The pause – looking at the speaker expectantly, without saying a word

Listening activity
Listening Activity

Listen carefully to the following quote:

  • What is the factual message?

  • What is the feeling message communicated from the way it was said and the body language

  • What attitude is communicated from my tone of voice and body language?

Communication by mail
Communication by mail

  • Includes letters, notes & postcards

  • Keep your tools with your wherever you go

    • Postcards

    • Stamps

    • Customer & team member addresses

  • Keep your notes short and to the point

  • Communication by mail1
    Communication by mail

    • When sending notes to team members to praise them ensure you write:

      • What they did

      • How this benefited them, their customers, their team

      • Include an inspirational sentence – “I can’t wait to see what you do next”

    Telephone communication
    Telephone Communication

    • Your Phone Etiquette should:

      • Respect her time

      • Keep it simple

      • Don’t interrupt

      • Affirm what you hear… “I agree!”

    • Your Conversation Content:

      • Don’t pick up the phone unless you know what you will say (Know your purpose)

      • Have information about her in front of you

      • Smile as you speak

      • State your purpose

      • Ask questions to build rapport and to find out her needs

      • Bring the conversation to a conclusion

    Email and text
    Email and Text

    • Great to use to update your customers on new product launches and information.

    • Email & Text should only be used to support face to face or phone conversations

    • Your customers should always be contacted by you personally

    • Text should only be used as a pointer or confirmation of a face to face or phone conversation

    Yesterday today tomorrow
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    Communications and Attitude

    • Turn to your Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow worksheet, under ‘Today’ write down the three most important things you have learned during this session and under tomorrow list three actions you will take as a result of what you have learned

    Session 2 business basics

    Session 2Business Basics

    Advanced booking techniques

    Advanced Booking Techniques

    Your Attitude = Results

    Where do we find our sales

    Individual Beauty Appointments Men&Women

    The SkinCare Class

    Sheer Bliss Body Care


    On-going customerService, Re-Orders,Updating

    15 Minute ‘On the Go’ AppointmentsSkin Care, Body Care, ColourLip care, Eye Care

    Themed Open Houses &

    Beauty Boutiques/Girls ‘get-togethers’

    Simply Gorgeous Colour Class

    Special Gift SalesValentine’s Day, Birthdays,Xmas, Holidays, Father’s DayMother’s Day, Bridal

    Sun Protection Consultation

    The Look book Sales

    Flyers & samplers

    Individual makeoversusing seasonal Looks

    Manicure & Pedicure

    Where do we find our sales ?

    The Miracle Class & Individual Consultation

    Colour Insider Workshops

    Skin & Tonic Customised skin Care solutions


    Use Your Booking Tools

    • Hostess Rewards - Product Cheques

    • Business cards

    • Your Diary

    • Product samples

    • Seasonal colour looks in the Look Book, Applause Magazine and Online

    • Customer Profile Card

    • Complimentary Beauty Appointment Vouchers

    • Your enthusiasm

    • Wear the product

    • Your professional image

    • Wear your Mary Kay name badge

    Hostess rewards
    Hostess Rewards

    • Available in conjunction with the Beauty Of Mary Kay Brochure

    • Use ‘product cheques’ to reward your hostesses

    • As a reward for customers purchasing multiple sets/products

    • As a reward for sharing a follow up appointment with a couple of friends to make it into a class

    Have a booking goal
    Have a booking goal

    • How many?

      • The number of classes you book determines your potential income for the week or for the month

    • When?

      • As an independent Beauty Consultant you have the flexibility to schedule your business hours to fit your life

    • Booking Goal?

      • Set the booking goal for each timeslot! Look at your income needs and your schedule. The goal will equal a number that provides the potential for the income you need and fits into your schedule

    Identifying your booking goal
    Identifying your booking goal


    • Complete the section on page 16 of the workbook

      • How many bookings do you need to meet your income goal?

      • When will you hold them each week?

      • What is your weekly booking goal?

    Booking technique
    Booking Technique

    Who will you call to start filling your Diary with bookings?

    • Make Contact List of people you already know - relatives, friends or acquaintances, work associates, current customers

    • Go through your profile cards and pick 5 – 10 existing customers

    • Tell them you are taking part in a Mary Kay advancement training program and offer a great reward for being a hostess

    • What do you know about them? think of the reason WHY being a hostess would be beneficial to them

    Your booking deadline
    Your Booking Deadline

    • Take out your diaries or weekly plan sheets

    • Draw a line down the page of every Thursday for the next 8 weeks using a highlighter pen. This is your booking deadline.

    • By the end of the day on EVERY Thursday, you should be fully booked for the next week with selling appointments that meet your booking goal

    Booking potential hostesses
    Booking Potential Hostesses

    The Booking Link

    • What does SHE need

    • What do YOU have to Offer

      1 + 2 = BOOKING

      YOU have what SHE needs

    The booking link
    The Booking Link

    Making the connection between “need” and “benefit”

    Need: To catch up with friends

    Benefit: “It will be fun, especially because you’ll be getting together with some of your friends!”

    Need: To be up on the “latest” products

    Benefit: “It’s a perfect opportunity to try something exciting and new to help you look even more beautiful!

    Need: To update her look and build self-confidence

    Benefit: “This is a perfect opportunity for you to try a

    beautiful new look for a beautiful new you!”

    Booking over the phone
    Booking over the phone

    Consider a preparing a booking script

    Script components should include:

    • Greeting

    • Explanation for your call

    • Reason you need her help

    • Request for help

    • Benefits – Offer great hostess rewards – “what’s in it for her”

    • Offer appointment options within the next 2 weeks

    • Set the appointment

    • Close the call

    Phone booking script example
    Phone Booking Script Example

    Script example:

    “Hi Julie , this is Suzy from Mary Kay do you have a minute? I’m so excited, I’ve decided to step up the career path with Mary Kay, and as part of my training I will be inviting 5 friends / customers / colleaguesto be VIP hostesses, and I thought of you. I would love to give you $25 in free product just for having 2-3 friends over, how does that sound?... Great lets see what I have available and pop it in the Diary”.

    Booking from appointments
    Booking From Appointments

    Have a booking goal at every appointment…..

    • The best possible place to book future appointments is during your group selling appointments, using the correct booking approach. This could be at a skin care class or a collection preview. YOUR GOAL IS TO BOOK TWO MORE SELLING APPOINTMENTS, one to replace the appointment you just had and one to grow on.

    Booking from appointments1
    Booking From Appointments

    • Throughout your presentation you must constantly refer to the second appointment.

    • Make a point of incorporating the words “YOUR FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT” (or check-up or second appointment) at least SEVEN TIMES DURING THE APPOINTMENT.


    • Everyone who purchases skin care has also purchased a FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT within the next 7 to 10 days

    The correct booking approach
    The Correct Booking Approach

    Booking from your bookings

    Three ways to book:

    • Automatically book customers who have purchased skin care for their follow up or check up appointment within the next 7 – 10 days

    • Choose two people you would love to work with again (at every appointment)

    • Use the tentative booking approach – putting a tentative date in the diary on the understanding it can be re-scheduled if necessary

      Important Note:

      With EVERY booking approach you use always

      “sell” the great hostess rewards available

    Tentative booking approach
    Tentative booking Approach

    Help overcome booking concerns by using a tentative booking approach.

    If your customer can not find time or say’s she is too busy or has another concern, it’s a good idea to put a tentative date in place on the understanding that this can be re-scheduled.

    Remember to “sell” the great

    hostess rewards available

    Tentative booking approach1
    Tentative booking Approach

    Customer Concern: “I just don’t know when I

    could fit it in, I’m just so busy”

    Suggested Response:

    “I do understand, that’s one of the reasons why I asked you! I love working with busy people – you’re organisedbecause you have to be.

    I realise your time is precious, Is there any reason why we couldn’t put a tentative date in now, on the understanding that if you need to change it, we can simply re-schedule, how does that sound?”

    Booking from appointments2
    Booking From Appointments

    During the Individual Consultation, expect a ‘Yes’ and have alternatives in place!

    • Plan A: Close the sales and use the correct booking approach to book a follow up appointment. Offer hostess rewards to share the appointment with 2 or 3 friends to turn it into a class or collection preview

    • Plan B:if ‘no’ ask her to be a model at your next unit meeting

    • Plan C:If ‘no’ drop by her home or workplace with some products or samples and the Look book for a 15 minute ‘on the go’

    Rewarding hostesses
    Rewarding Hostesses

    Some of the most important people to your business

    are your hostesses

    • Use hostess rewards to:

      • Help ensure you always have a diary full of bookings

      • Help you overcome selling concerns and close the sale

      • Re-book existing customers

      • Link sell complementary products

    Activity using hostess rewards
    Activity………Using Hostess Rewards

    Book new skin care customers for their follow up appointment and use hostess rewards to encourage sharing their appointment with 2 - 3 friends

    What will you say?

    Activity using hostess rewards1
    Activity………Using Hostess Rewards

    On closing the sale during the individual consultation,

    your customer can’t afford to purchase your

    recommendations. Book them to be a hostess for the

    opportunity to receive their products as a hostess


    What will you say?

    Activity using hostess rewards2
    Activity………Using Hostess Rewards

    Your customer only purchases a lipstick. Use your

    recommendations on their profile card, book them to

    be a hostess for the opportunity to receive their

    products as a hostess credit.

    What will you say?

    Asking for referrals
    Asking for referrals?

    What are referrals?

    • Referrals are names of potential customers and hostesses given to you from your customers, friends and family and are a great way to increase your contact list and add bookings to your diary

      The fear is ASKING for referrals

    Asking for referrals1
    Asking For Referrals

    “Who do you know who would enjoy a complimentary beauty appointment?”


    “Do you know any one who would like to receive a free sample of our best selling

    skin care TimeWise®? I am currently sending samples out to as many women as possible and would love to send them one for their opinion”

    Booking summary
    Booking Summary

    Take Booking Action!..

    • Know what your booking goal is and when you will conduct your selling appointments

    • Take steps during EVERY appointment to ensure you book from your existing bookings

    • Use the correct booking approach

    • Offer and ‘sell in’ your great hostess rewards

    • Ask for referrals for sales AND team building

    • Always have a ‘plan b’ for someone who say’s ‘no’ to a booking’

    Coach the hostess
    Coach the Hostess

    • Your hostess’s are important to you so take steps to avoid postponements and cancellations

    • Reinforce her commitment to hold the appointment by giving her a hostess packet and coaching her on her rewards, what to expect and your enthusiasm about her forthcoming appointment

    Three coaching opportunities
    Three Coaching Opportunities

    • When you book the class and give the Hostess an information packet (Initial coaching)

    • When you call to re-confirm the appointment and ask for the guest list (Telephone coaching)

    • When you arrive at your hostess’s house half an hour before the class commences (Pre-class coaching)

    The four point team building plan
    The Four Point Team building Plan

    • Before every class, ask the hostess to tell you about who is coming today and ‘store’ that information, ask if anyone coming might be interested in working in the beauty industry or in earning a little extra money?

    • Present your ‘I-story’ at each class.

    • Considerselectingat least one person at the class and offer her the opportunity to hear more about the business opportunity.

    • Ask for referrals during the class for both sales AND team building. Offer the hostess a product gift for any referrals she can give you who become team members

    The four point team building plan1
    The Four Point Team Building Plan

    • Successful team building starts with the four point team building plan

    • The more people you see, the greater the opportunity to share the opportunity.

    • Follow the ‘four-point team building plan religiously at every appointment

    Coaching summary
    Coaching Summary

    Ensure your bookings hold and commence the

    teambuilding process

    • Coach you hostess – include initial coaching, telephone coaching and pre-class coaching

    • Use the four point team building plan at EVERY appointment

    Yesterday today tomorrow1
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…

    Business Basics

    • Turn to your Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow worksheet, under ‘Today’ write down the three most important things you have learned during this session and under tomorrow list three actions you will take as a result of what you have learned on:

      • Advanced Booking Techniques

      • Asking for referrals

      • Coaching and rewarding your hostesses

      • The four point team building plan

    Business basics session 2

    Business BasicsSession 2

    Full Circle Class

    Excellence in Customer Service

    What is a full circle class
    What is a ‘Full Circle’ Class?

    • Achieve at least $300 in sales

    • Achieve at least two future bookings in your diary

    • Achieve referrals for both sales and team building (New customers & prospective team members)

    • Schedule at least one appointment to have coffee and share some company information

    • You have planned and agreed your next step of communication with every customer at the class (Your customer service schedule)

    How to achieve a full circle class
    How to achieve a “Full Circle” Class

    • Practice and perfect a GREAT class open – everything that you want to achieve during the class you will ‘set up’ during your class open. It should be short, entertaining and ‘to the point’

    • ALWAYS include all four steps of the four point team building plan

    • Mention the Individual Consultation and follow up appointments several times throughout your presentation

    • Practice and perfect a GREAT class close

    • Conduct Individual Consultations with EVERY guest

    The individual consultation
    The Individual Consultation

    • Offer your professional recommendation and close the sale

    • Confirm follow up appointment(offer an incentive to share with 2 – 3 friends)

    • Ask for referrals if not already supplied on the Customer Profile Card

    • Confirm your next contact(when you will call – gain permission)

    • Offer a sincere compliment and offer to schedule a time to share coffee and some company information with at least one guest who you have chosen

    Offering exceptional customer service
    Offering exceptional customer service

    It’s a Consumer’s World

    • Today, consumers hold the power in the marketplace.

    • The competition is steep. With thousands of shopping and product choices, consumers can buy a product anywhere, any time and at any price point.

    • Today’s consumers are savvy and experienced, and are turned off by high-pressure sales tactics.

    Offering exceptional customer service1
    Offering exceptional customer service

    Women Lead the Way

    • Women control the majority of household incomes and make the purchasing decisions.

    • A positive, hassle-free shopping experience and convenient, friendly service are very important to women consumers.

    • Women frequently share their shopping experiences with others (good and bad)

    Offering exceptional customer service2
    Offering exceptional customer service

    Making the Consumer Connection

    • To connect with today’s powerful women consumers, it’s important to provide a positive shopping experience that they will want to share with others by:

      • Listening to them and discovering the products they truly want or desire before you make a recommendation.

      • Offering them the highest level of customer service to ensure satisfaction.

    Ask listen learn
    Ask, Listen, Learn

    • High level customer service means becoming the master of Ask, Listen and Learnto establish a connection and build a relationship with your customers. You must learn to:

      • Askquestions to discover your customers’ beauty needs or concerns.

      • Listenand empathize with customers to establish a relationship of trust.

      • Learnwhat customers truly want from a sales and service perspective and recommend the products and on-going customer service that solves their problems and fulfills their needs.

    Offering high level customer service
    Offering high level customer service

    High level customer service starts during the individual


    • Complete her Customer Profile Card during the individual Consultation and make your professional recommendation

    • Note down all important details relating to her needs

    • Suggest your normal customer service schedule and note down the best time of the day for your future contact.

    • Schedule her follow up appointment within the next 7 – 10 days

    • Explain how you would like to keep in to keep in touch with her in the future to service any future needs she may have and gain permission(Your normal regular customer contact should be every 6 – 8 weeks)

    Offering high level customer service1
    Offering High Level Customer Service

    • Grow your customer base by making new connections constantly (Carry Business Cards, The Look book, Xmas brochures, Samplers etc gift boxes)

    • Follow up is a must……Customers will not call you!

    • Build a personal profile on EVERY customer so that you can build an on-going customer relationship

    • Build trust and loyalty through regular scheduled customer service calls (Phone & email)

    • Always call when you say you will call. Whether they purchase from you or not, schedule your next call

    • Know your products in order to make professional recommendations

    Offering high level customer service2
    Offering High Level Customer Service

    • Keep product on hand

    • Use samplers to sell (always treat your customers to samples of products they don’t use)

    • Mail out the new Look book/Xmas brochure to customers on your file regularly (And follow up)

    • Introduce all customers on your file to new product releases and sample them

    • Offer a gift wrapping service

    • Offer a delivery service

    • Create special Gift with purchases for your top VIP customers and hostesses

    Follow up is your key to success
    Follow up is your key to Success...

    Practice 2 + 2 + 2 with new customers

    • 2 days after her first appointment, call her to see how much she likes her new products and if you have not already done so schedule her next appointment or your next contact time

    • 2 weeks later, check her progress (this would generally be at her follow up appointment)

    • 2 months later give her a courtesy call to see if she has any requirements, bring her up to date with any new products and take any re-orders

    Your customer service schedule
    Your Customer Service Schedule

    Who are your customers and who should you


    Schedule time into every week, time to conduct your customer service calls:

    • 1st Calls – To everyone who has purchased skin care from you in the past week (2 + 2 + 2)

    • 2nd Calls – To confirm all bookings for next week and coach your hostesses

    • 3rd Calls – To your new team members – how can you help them?

    • 4th Calls – To your customer base on a rotating basis from your Customer Profile Cards

    Keeping track of customers
    Keeping track of customers

    A simple Profile Card system

    • Use 2 shoe boxes – one with alphabetical separators and one with monthly separators

    • In one box store all customers alphabetically

    • In the second box have a blank postcard in each month to note down who is due for their customer service call that month

    • Each week check the monthly box to see who you have to call that week or month

    Mary kay on customer service
    Mary Kay on Customer Service

    “In direct sales, customer focus is truly key. Ours is a business where selling results from a truly personal, one-on-one relationship – a friendship. Outstanding sales results depend on an ability to think from the customer’s point of view, and understanding and responding to the customer’s best interest.”

    Mary Kay Ash

    Yesterday today tomorrow2
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow….

    Business Basics

    • Turn to your Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow worksheet, under ‘Today’ write down the three most important things you have learned during this session and under tomorrow list three actions you will take as a result of what you have learned on:

      • The Full Circle Class

      • Customer Service Tactics

    Your step into red action steps
    Your Step Into Red Action Steps

    Complete the following:

    • Make out two Contact Lists

      • For Bookings

      • For Teambuilding

    • Set Up a ‘Perfect Start’ - book 8 to hold 5 appointments this month

    • Talk to 5 Women about Mary Kay each week

    Your step into red assignment
    Your Step Into Red Assignment

    Complete the following:

    • Complete your Perfect Start – hold 5 appointments in May

    • Place a minimum $2000 order in May

    • Introduce 2 qualified team members in May

    Session 3 teambuilding tactics

    Session 3Teambuilding Tactics

    Overcoming selling and teambuilding concerns

    Why teambuild
    Why Teambuild?

    “Our Company has brought financial security to [women’s] homes and stability to their families. We are indeed changing this old world for the better. I’ve often said that we are doing something far more important than just selling cosmetics, we are changing lives.”

    Mary Kay Ash…..

    Teambuilding also:

    • Grows team sales and adds to your income

    • Builds financial security into your Mary Kay business

    • Promotes team spirit and confidence

    • Promotes Mary Kay’s Mission

    • You make new friends

    • You help others reach their dreams

    • It helps you reach your business and personal goals.

    Where does teambuilding start
    Where Does Teambuilding Start?

    Teambuilding starts with ACTIVITY and filling your

    Mary Kay time with income producing activities

    • Booking and holding Selling Appointments (Three EVERY week)

    • Selling Product via your selling appointments and offering high level customer Service for re-orders and follow up

    • Hostess coaching

    • Personal teambuilding appointments

    • Making new contacts

    • Create a teambuilding contact list of potential team members

    Where does teambuilding start1
    Where Does Teambuilding Start?

    Teambuilding ALSO starts with practicing the four-point teambuilding plan during every selling appointment


    Where does teambuilding start2
    Where Does Teambuilding Start?

    The Individual Consultation

    • The Individual Consultation is important when you are teambuilding.

    • You plant teambuilding seeds during your skin care presentation

    • When you are one on one in private you can make a more personal approach and take the next steps in the teambuilding process

    The law of averages
    The Law of Averages

    • Out of every ten women you ask to listen to information about Mary Kay approximately five will say yes.

    • When five say yes, usually three or four will actually listen.

    • Out of those, one will sign her agreement and become a new Consultant

    • It can therefore take ten ‘askings’ to add one person to your team

    Your teambuilding goal step into your red jacket
    Your Teambuilding GoalStep Into Your Red Jacket!

    • How many active team members do you need to achieve your Red Jacket?

    • Based on the Law of Averages how many people will you need to share the opportunity with during the next six weeks to achieve your teambuilding goal?

    • How many people will you need to ASK each week?

    Planting teambuilding seeds during the skin care class
    Planting teambuilding seeds during the skin care class!

    On Arrival:

    ‘Does anyone here today know of someone who might be interested in

    working in the beauty industry or in earning an extra $100 – $200

    per week? That’s great, remind me later to tell you more about it – lets get


    During Your Class Open

    Give your relevant one minute I story – then add, “The reason I am telling

    you this is that our company has trained me in the qualities needed to be

    a Beauty Consultant and what to look for in future Consultants and Mary

    Mary Kay always said that there is at least one prospective new

    Beauty consultant at every class, I wonder

    if there is anyone here today…..

    Planting teambuilding seeds during the skin care class1
    Planting teambuilding seeds during the skin care class!

    During Your Class Close & Individual Consultation

    There are three ways for you to receive your Mary Kay products today:

    • Buy or order them today

    • Book a pamper session with 2 – 5 friends for the opportunity to receive free products like (hostess name) has done today

    • Or you could become a Consultant like me and buy your products at wholesale prices for yourself and also build a customer base and earn additional income, you can ask me more when we get together during the individual consultation

    Step up the p a c e
    Step Up The P.A.C.E

    P.A.C.E – helps break teambuilding down into simple steps and helps take away the fear of asking

    • P– Potential

    • A – Approach

    • C – Coffee and Company Information

    • E- Expect a response & Enrich a life


    Potential & Prepare

    ‘P’ stands for -Potential team members Anyone is a potentialthey are

    all around you…..Remember not to pre-judge!

    • Family or friends

    • Established clients / Skin Care customers

    • Women needing extra money

    • Women who love skin care and colour cosmetics

    • Any woman with a desire for a fulfilling career, part-time or full-time

    • Women you meet at school, church, groups, clubs

    • Referrals

      Prepare what you will say to her. Why do you think she would make a great Consultant.

    P a c e a stands for approach with the sole intention of a sking for an a ppointment
    P.A.C.E.‘A’ stands for Approach with the sole intention of Asking for an Appointment

    • You are not giving her information

    • You are ONLY asking for an appointment

    P a c e a pproach with the sole intention of a sking for an a ppointment
    P.A.C.E.Approach with the sole intention of Asking for an Appointment

    During the Individual Consultation you may say something like:

    “Lyn you really impressed me tonight, you obviously love skin care, you have a great personality and connect beautifully with people. I don’t know if you have ever considered working in the beauty industry and I’m not asking you to make a decision right now, but I would love to make a time to have coffee with you for half an hour and tell you more about Mary Kay. Lyn before you say no, I want to assure you there is no pressure or obligation, but I think you’d be really impressed by what Mary Kay offers women. After you’ve heard all the facts you may decide it’s for you or you may not but at least your decision will be based on all the information”

    P a c e approach with the sole intention of a sking for an a ppointment
    P.A.C.E.Approach with the sole intention of Asking for an Appointment

    She May respond with an initial concern for example:

    ‘I already have another job, I’m really busy’

    ‘I totally understand Lyn, I know how busy life can be

    and we have many Consultants just like you who are

    busy women. When we get together for half an hour for a coffee, I’ll be able to answer any questions you have in more detail and show you

    how flexible it is to work around any schedule, I have Monday

    or Wednesday available what would suit you best’

    P a c e c stands for coffee and company information
    P.A.C.E.‘C’ Stands for Coffee and Company Information

    • Meet face to face conversation

    • Get to know her a little

    • What information does she need to make her decision

    • Use the company Teambuilding tools to help

    Team building tools
    Team Building Tools

    • ‘Beauty that comes to you’ Brochure

    • The Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement

    • The Mary Kay Opportunity Flip chart

    • The Look Book

    P a c e e stands for expect a response and enrich a life
    P.A.C.E.‘E’ Stands for Expect a Response and Enrich a Life

    • At the conclusion of your appointment, expect a response

    • If she is not ready to make her decision you must agree on a time to follow up within 24 - 48 hours for a decision

      ‘So Lyn based on what we have discussed do you think Mary Kay is something you would like to do?’

    P a c e activity
    P.A.C.E. Activity

    • Work in pairs and practice what you will say for each step of P.A.C.E.

    The team building appointment
    The Team Building Appointment

    • Keep the Appointment simple and professional

    • Take with you:

      • The Teambuilding flipchart

      • The Beauty Of Mary Kay Brochure

      • A summary Sheet

      • An agreement form

      • Your Diary

    The teambuilding appointment
    The Teambuilding Appointment

    There are eight steps These steps are easily completed by simply

    using The Mary Kay Team building Flip chart in conjunction with the

    Beauty Of Mary Kay Brochure

    • Step 1 Build rapport and identify the need

    • Step 2.Share company information and I story

    • Step 3 Share main reasons why people join Mary Kay

    • Step 4 Share the avenues of income (how they can earn money)

    • Step 5 Introduce Showcase contents and price

    • Step 6 Close by asking for a decision

    • Step 7 Complete an Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement

    • Step 8 Communicated your next point of contact

    Using the teambuilding flipchart and the beauty of mary kay brochure
    Using The Teambuilding Flipchart and theBeauty of Mary Kay Brochure

    • Give your prospective team member the ‘Beauty that comes to you’ brochure

    • Follow the steps in the Teambuilding Flipchart to conduct the interview

    • Identify the primary need or interest in the Mary Kay Opportunity (Money, Recognition, Self esteem/confidence, Choice, Advancement or Be your own Boss) and share information on one or two of her main interests only using the dialogue in the flipchart and the Beauty of Mary Kay brochure

    The teambuilding interview dvd
    The Teambuilding Interview DVD

    Follow with your Teambuilding Flipchart

    Make notes in your Workbook

    Closing the teambuilding appointment
    Closing the Teambuilding Appointment

    Ask ‘YES’ questions

    Always close by asking for a decision

    • Do you like meeting new people?

    • Did you have fun trying the products?

    • If we are willing to teach you everything you need to know to be successful, are you willing to learn?

    • Is there any reason why after everything we have discussed you wouldn’t want to be part of this dynamic company?

    Decision making questions
    Decision Making Questions

    • “Is there anything else that you would need to know in order for you to make your decision?”

    • What, if anything, would hold you back from starting as a Mary Kay independent Beauty Consultant? Great! So let’s get you started and organize your Showcase.”

    • Based on what we have discussed today do you think Mary Kay is something you would like to do?”

    Create a system to support teambuilding
    Create a System to Support Teambuilding

    Month: January

    Teambuilding tactics summary
    Teambuilding Tactics Summary

    • Remember the law of averages

    • Fill your time with Income ProducingActivities

    • Practice the four point teambuilding plan and conduct individual consultations during every appointment

    • Plant teambuilding seeds throughout your SCC presentations

    • Uses P.A.C.E. to remember the teambuilding process

    • Ask YES questions and close your teambuilding appointments by asking for a decision

    • Create a teambuilding contact list and have a ‘teambuilding’ mindset by using a system that that supports your teambuilding goals and tracks your progress

    • Use your teambuilding tools

      Do everything with PERMISSION

    Yesterday today tomorrow3
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow….

    Teambuilding Tactics

    • Turn to your Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow worksheet, under ‘Today’ write down the three most important things you have learned during this session and under tomorrow list three actions you will take as a result of what you have learned on:

      • The teambuilding process (Scheduling and conducting teambuilding appointments - setting the P.A.C.E)

      • Closing a teambuilding appointment and using a system to support & track your teambuilding goals

    Session 4 dealing with no

    Session 4Dealing with ‘No’

    Overcoming Selling & Teambuilding Concerns

    The Teambuilding game

    Helping New Team Members

    Dealing with no
    Dealing with ‘NO’

    There are generally two main reasons why someone is likely to say ‘no’ to anything you have offered them

    • They require more information or time to make a decision

    • It is not the right time for them at the moment

    Overcoming concerns
    Overcoming Concerns

    Concerns are usually a sign that more information is needed

    Four steps to take are:

    • Check understanding

    • Acknowledge and empathize

    • Respond Honestly

    • Expectantly await response

    Overcoming concerns1
    Overcoming Concerns

    Concern: I already have another job

    Check Understanding

    “So what you’re saying is you don’t see how you could work a full-time job and also fit Mary Kay into your schedule, is that it?”

    Acknowledge and empathise (FEEL, FELT, FOUND)

    “Lyn, I can appreciate how you feel

    Respond Honestly and offer a solution

    “I felt the same way before I joined Mary Kay, but you know, what I’ve found is that, if you’re looking for financial security, you can make additional money on a part-time basis and keep your job until you feel comfortable and established in your Mary Kay business which is what I did. That’s one great thing about this business, you are independent and can set your own hours.”

    Overcoming concerns2
    Overcoming Concerns

    Concern: I already have another job

    Expectantly wait for a response

    Does that sound more manageable?

    Close with choices

    Let’s look at the different ways you can work your Mary Kay business around your current commitments. It’s always your choice because there are so many different ways to build a Mary Kay business, you can do as little or as much as you like.

    Your team member needs more time
    Your Team member needs more time

    • If your prospective new team member is not ready to make a decision and sign her agreement you should continue on to say

      “I totally understand, most women can usually make a decision within 24 hrs, so I’ll call you tomorrow at (time) by then you will probably have made your decision – or you will have more questions for me!

      I will just add one thing though. It’s been my experience that, once I eave here, if you don’t give this another thought, maybe Mary Kay isn’t for you, but if you think about it and wonder, should I? – then you should just give it a go – because there is nothing to lose!”

    24 hour follow up
    24 Hour Follow-up

    If your prospective new team member needs overnight to decide. Ask her when it is best to call her and write it in your diary So she knows when you

    will be calling.

    “Hi Lyn I couldn’t wait to call you! How did you sleep?

    Have you thought of any more questions since we spoke yesterday?

    Great, well knowing that I would love to have you on my team and that I will teach you everything I know and you will receive excellent training from both the company and our Director, is there any reason we couldn’t get you started today?”

    Magic teambuilding words
    Magic Teambuilding Words

    • When someone shares their teambuilding concern, make the concern(money, too busy, no experience, etc.) the reason for doing Mary Kay with these magic words:

      “Lyn that’s the reason why

      Mary Kay would be great for you!”

    Activity overcoming concerns
    ActivityOvercoming Concerns

    Teambuilding Game

    • Two teams

    • Team 1 = Prospective new team members

    • Team 2 = Mary Kay Consultants

    • Points will be awarded to teams for overcoming teambuilding concerns

    Helping your new team member get started
    Helping Your New Team Member get started...

    • Call your Director to let her know you have a lovely new team member

    • Book her in for New Consultant Education with your Director (Put the date and time into her diary)

    • Encourage her to register online for the next ESRS program

    • Help her make out a list of people she knows who could be her first hostesses

    • Attend her first unit meeting together

    Yesterday today tomorrow4
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

    Overcoming Concerns & helping your new team member

    Turn to your Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow worksheet, under ‘Today’ write down the three most important things you have learned during this session and under tomorrow list three actions you will take as a result of what you have learned on:

    • Overcoming Concerns

    • Helping your new team member

    Your step into red action steps1
    Your Step Into Red Action Steps

    Complete the following:

    • Make out two Contact Lists

      • For Bookings

      • For Teambuilding

    • Set Up a ‘Perfect Start’ - book 8 to hold 5 appointments this month

    • Talk to 5 Women about Mary Kay each week

    Your step into red assignment1
    Your Step Into Red Assignment

    Complete the following:

    • Complete your Perfect Start – hold 5 appointments in May

    • Place a minimum $2000 order in May

    • Introduce 2 qualified team members in May

    Session 5 dealing with different personalities

    Session 5 Dealing with Different Personalities

    Different personalities
    Different Personalities

    • D – Dominant

    • I – Influential

    • S – Steady

    • C – Cautious / Conscientious

    What are you1
    What Are You?

    • D – Dominant

    • I – Influential

    • S – Steady

    • C – Cautious / Conscientious


    • Results orientated – immediate!

    • Quick Decisions

    • Short-term, bottom line goals

    • Control Power / Authority

    • Challenge the Status Quo

    • Motivated by Recognition

    • Demanding, Dominant, Driven, Determined, Decisive Doer, Delegator


    • Biggest Fear: Being taken for a ride

    • Closing the Sale Question: Wouldn’t it be great to take it with you and not have to wait?! I can get it for you right now if you like?!

    • Closing the Team Build: You are so sharp, you owe it to yourself to give this a try. This company was designed for women with your focus and vision.


    • People orientated

    • Loves to talk

    • Motivational / enthusiastic

    • Recognition orientated

    • Optimistic

    • Emotional

    • Inspirational, Influencing, Inducing, Impressive, Interactive, Interested in People


    • Biggest Fear: What others think

    • Closing the Sale Question: Wouldn’t it be fun to take it with you tonight? That way you can impress your friends tomorrow.

    • Closing the Team Chat: You have to do this! You will have so much fun and you have the perfect personality for this type of people-orientated business!


    • Family orientated

    • Loyal

    • Slow to Change

    • Security minded

    • Goes by the rules

    • Supportive, Submissive, Stable, Steady, Shy, Sentimental


    • Biggest Fear: Changing and loss of security

    • Closing the Sale Question: Remember you have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with it, we can simply return it!

    • Closing the Team Chat: You seem quite interested in this, why don’t we fill out the paper

    • work and take baby steps to show

    • how this can work for you?


    • Detail orientated

    • Perfectionist

    • Critical

    • Analytical

    • Takes time to change

    • Cautious, Competent, Calculating, Concerned, Careful, Contemplative, Conscientious


    • Biggest Fear: Criticism of work

    • Closing the Sale Question: Would you like to take it home & follow the step by step instructions? If it doesn’t work for you, we can always send it back

    • Closing the Team Chat: Your next step would be to complete the paperwork. Then we send it away, and within a week, your showcase will turn up. We have a step by step process of training to ensure you are comfortable with your decision.

    Session 6 expanding your thinking

    Session 6 Expanding Your Thinking

    The Principles of Goal setting

    Your Step Into Red Action Plan

    Where to now expanding your thinking
    Where to now?Expanding Your Thinking…

    • Mary Kay offers a career opportunity without limits So how far will you take it?

    • Decide what you want from your Mary Kay business and commit to achieving it.

    • Don’t limit your thinking by focusing on negatives

    • A successful person is an ordinary person with extra-ordinary determination!

    The principles of goal setting
    The Principles of Goal setting

    • Decide on your HEART goal, and your WORK goal

    • Your HEART goal is what working your Mary Kay business can help you achieve for you and/or your family and your Mary Kay business will need to work to get you there...

    • Break your goal down into workable steps

    • Set a time limit on your goal

    • Write your goal down and verbally share it with others

    The principles of goal setting1
    The Principles of Goal setting

    • Develop a plan of action:

      • How much in sales do you need?

      • How many classes per week do you need to hold?

      • Where will you get those bookings?

      • Where will you get those prospective team members?

      • How many people must you see each week?

      • How many people must you talk to each week?

    The principles of goal setting2
    The Principles of Goal setting

    • Approach your goal with...

      Positive Expectancy

    • Develop self motivation and self discipline

    New goals for the future
    New Goals for the Future

    • What three things would you be most willing to work towards achieving for example:

      • A trip for my family

      • An education for my children

      • My Ladder of Success Pin

      • Seminar Court of Sales

      • Wearing the Red Jacket

      • Team Leader in 6 weeks

      • A car I have earned myself

    New goals for the future1
    New Goals for the Future

    • What are my action steps towards achieving my goal?

      • Weekly

    • Every week I will…..

    Your step into red goal
    Your Step Into Red Goal

    For YOU to achieve your Red Jacketand…

    • Increase your selling and teambuilding confidence

    • Become more successful and confident in booking selling appointments

    • Becoming a great communicator and have a positive attitude

    Your step into red action steps2
    Your Step Into Red Action Steps

    Complete the following:

    • Make out two Contact Lists

      • For Bookings

      • For Teambuilding

    • Set Up a ‘Perfect Start’ - book 8 to hold 5 appointments this month

    • Talk to 5 Women about Mary Kay each week

    Your step into red assignment2
    Your Step Into Red Assignment

    Complete the following:

    • Complete your Perfect Start – hold 5 appointments in May

    • Place a minimum $2000 order in May

    • Introduce 2 qualified team members in May

    Congratulations for completing ...

    ‘Step Into Red’

    Its now time to step forward to success…This is just the beginning...Your Red Jacket awaits...