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Math Word Wall PowerPoint Presentation
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Math Word Wall

Math Word Wall

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Math Word Wall

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  1. Math Word Wall A quick “How-To” guide to success!

  2. Getting Started • Log onto the computer • Open the Micro Soft Publisher program

  3. To find MicroSoft Publisher: Click on the “Office” button. It looks like this and is found in the lower left-hand corner of your screen

  4. Click on “All Programs”

  5. Click on “Microsoft Office”

  6. Click on “Microsoft Publisher 2010”

  7. Select the following Template:

  8. You will find yourself here

  9. Click on the “Insert” tab

  10. Notice the Slanted A – Click it

  11. This is what you will see on your screen

  12. Select the style of word art you want to use and click it.

  13. You now have a text box. Type your Math word in the box and click “ok”. P.S. You can change the font style and size if you want to! Your text needs to be highlighted before you can change it. Click “OK” when you are finished!

  14. From here you can move and adjust your word by dragging the “handles” with your mouse

  15. To draw your math word, click on the shapes button. Select the different shapes you want to use to complete your drawing.

  16. This is a completed drawing of the word “Linear Relationship” P.S. If you need to move the shape around, just click and drag the shapes to where you want them.

  17. To add a text box, Click on the “Home” tab and then click on the “Draw Text Box” button.

  18. From here you can move and adjust your text box by dragging the “handles” with your mouse

  19. Type the definition of the word in the text box. You may change the font by highlighting the text and selecting a font style and size.

  20. To Print: Select the “File” tab. (This is what you should see. If not, be sure to select “Print”)

  21. You will want to print in color so be sure to select the “LibraryColor on mgmsrv” option for your printer.

  22. Once you have selected the Color Printer, click on “Print”

  23. You are finished when: • You have worked through all of the steps provided in this “How-To” tutorial • You have a completed word wall picture printed IN COLOR • You have “graded” your word wall picture based on the rubric provided • You have made any adjustments needed to reach proficiency on this assignment • You have put your name on the back of your assignment • You have given your assignment to your teacher