English 70 math 12 counseling partnership
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English 70 Math 12 Counseling Partnership. Outcomes for today. You will know about programs and degrees at LMC and how to transfer to a 4 year university You will understand the importance of having an Educational Plan

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English 70 math 12 counseling partnership

English 70

Math 12

Counseling Partnership

Outcomes for today
Outcomes for today

  • You will know about programs and degrees at LMC and how to transfer to a 4 year university

  • You will understand the importance of having an Educational Plan

  • You will follow up and make a Counseling appointment if you have not already

  • You will know about LMC Resources

  • You will understand the connection between majors and careers

Los medanos college
Los Medanos College

Los Medanos College

Educational goals at los medanos college
Educational Goals at Los Medanos College

  • College Skills Certificate

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Associate Degree

  • Transfer to a CSU, UC, Private

    or Out of State College

College skills certificates
College Skills Certificates

  • Available through various occupational programs

  • Examples: Business Computer Skills, Web Design

  • Less than 18 units of course work

  • Check with the Department for more information

Certificate of achievement
Certificate of Achievement

  • A program of study in a vocational, technical or business field. Certificates prepare you for a specific occupation or area of employment.

  • Examples: Recording Arts, Auto Tech, Accounting

  • More than 18 units

  • Completion of Math, English and Computer Competency Req’s

  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.0

Associate degrees
Associate Degrees

  • Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) is the first college degree you earn at LMC.

  • Requires the completion of 60 semester units including general education

  • 18 units or more in a specific major.

  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

True or false people with bachelor s degrees always earn more money
True or False: People with bachelor’s degrees always earn more money?

Career technical cte programs
Career Technical (CTE) Programs

  • Programs include:

  • Nursing

  • Appliance Service

  • Automotive Technology

  • Welding Technology

  • Fire Academy

  • Process Technology (PTEC)

  • Electrical/Electronic Technology (EETEC)

  • Administration of Justice

  • Recording Arts

  • Consult LMC catalog for more information

What if you are transferring
What if you are transferring?

  • Usually complete the first two years of general education and major preparation with 60 transferable units at a community college.

  • Transfer as a Junior to a University

  • Follow CSUGE or IGETC class guides for General Ed requirements

  • Take Major Prep courses (www.assist.org)

  • Learn more at your counseling appointment!

  • Counseling 33: Transfer Planning

Counselor check in
Counselor Check-In:

Write down a question for me


Write down your dream career and what you would be doing in 5 years

What english class is required for an associate s degree
What english class is required for an associate’s degree?

Math sequence
Math Sequence

Math 25

Elementary Algebra

Math 12


No Pre-Req.

Math 4 or 7


Math 30

Intermediate Algebra

Associates requirement

Transfer Math

Math 34


Math 40


If you successfully completed Algebra 2 in High School you can begin at transfer level math.

What is an educational plan
What is an Educational Plan?

  • A visual guide of the courses needed to successfully reach your educational goal.

  • Visit a counselor to begin your educational planning!

Schedule of classes
Schedule of Classes

  • Listing of days, times and locations of the courses offered that semester

  • Final Exam Schedule

  • Printed every semester

Lmc catalog
LMC Catalog

  • Lists the courses required for each major to earn a certificate or degree. Also includes general education courses for transfer.

  • Includes college policies

  • Printed once per year

  • Catalog rights

How do i choose my major
How Do I Choose My Major?

  • Major should be related to career interests.

  • Majors do not necessarily lead to Careers.

  • National statistics vary but up to 50% of entering college students are undecided about education and career goals.

  • 50-70% will change their majors at least once (on average they will change majors 3 or more times before they graduate).

  • Coun. 32 Class, Career Center, Counseling Appt.

  • LMC Career Center Website

English 70 math 12 counseling partnership

Call or drop in to make an appointment

(925) 439-2181, extension 3334

Office location: CC3 Room 414 (Moving Soon to CC2)

Office Hours:9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday & Thursday9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Tuesday & Wednesday9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Friday

We are here to support you to reach your goals

We are here to support you to reach your Goals!

Visit the Counseling Center!