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Party Tom Leveen

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Party Tom Leveen. Fiction, takes place now 227 pages. Xandria Bruderer. Author . Tom Leveen lives in Arizona with his wife, Tom was born and raised in Arizona. Party was the first young adults book he wrote.

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Party Tom Leveen

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party tom leveen

PartyTom Leveen

Fiction, takes place now 227 pages. Xandria Bruderer

  • Tom Leveenlives in Arizona with his wife,
  • Tom was born and raised in Arizona.
  • Party was the first young adults book he wrote.
  • Tom thinks the character he is most like is Morrigan and Josh, but mostly Morrigan.

There are 11 main characters in Party. Beckett Montgomery is mentioned the most though.

  • Beckett Montgomery is “That girl who wears the long, flowy dresses and Rastafarian tam and peasant tops”-Party pg.2
  • Beckett is a shy girl, has medium brown hair and reads comic books when ever she has time.
  • Doesn’t talk to anyone, just wants to get through the day.
  • Beckett’s dad left years ago and her mom died in February.

To sum up the book each chapter is told in a different point of view, in each chapter (in order) you meet Beckett ,Morrigan ,Tommy ,Brent ,Daniel ,Azize , Ryan ,Anthony ,Josh ,Max and Ashley.

  • In the book you find out Beckett’s mom died and she lives alone struggling to stay in school and pay the bills.
  • Anthony hates immigrants because his brother was paralyzed in the war and lost his football scholarship.
  • At the party Azize is almost beat to death, but he forgives Anthony and Anthony pays for the hospital bills.
  • Becket becomes friends with Ashley again and moves in with her, so Beckett can stay in school.
likes and dislikes
Likes and Dislikes



Became friends again with Ashley and lives with her now

Anthony pays for hospital bills

  • Beckett’s mom died, no dad
  • Azize was almost beat to death

1. Rastafarian tam- A type of head wear worn by a subsection of Jamaicans.- I love wearing my Rastafarian tam.

2. Micheltorena- A school in los Angeles- I attend Micheltorena

3. Premeditated-Think out or plan (an action, esp. a crime) beforehand-premeditated murder

4. Über- A German word meaning "above", "over" or "across"- I’s Über there.

5. Blitzed-Attack or damage (a place or building) in a blitz-Rotterdam had been blitzed

6. Aimlessly-without direction, purpose – As I walked around Aimlessly

lesson learned
Lesson Learned
  • Everyone see’s things differently
  • There are always more than one side to the story



book review
Book Review

“Party” is a well written book. Tom Leveen did a good job getting into each character’s head and telling things their way. Having each chapter written in a different view was interesting.


If I could change anything in the book I wouldn’t, I enjoyed the book the way it was. If I had to change something I would change

  • Morrigan wouldn’t be such a Bitch
  • Describe some of the characters more