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Orientation to Advisement and Enrollment. Discover Your Opportunities Discover Your Future Discover Yourself Discover AWC. Agenda. AWC majors (degrees and certificates) and General Education requirements. Selecting a major and working with your advisor. Reviewing placement test scores.

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Orientation to Advisement and Enrollment

Discover Your Opportunities

Discover Your Future

Discover Yourself

Discover AWC


AWC majors (degrees and certificates) and General Education requirements.

Selecting a major and working with your advisor.

Reviewingplacement test scores.

Strategies and tips on how to choose classes and build a schedule.

Ideas on how to be a successful college student.

Preparing for your first registration.


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Wait a minute . . .is this why I am attending college? To be humiliated in front of my peers?? Of course not!!!

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Colleges vs. Universities

The difference between a college and a university is that a college offers a collection of degrees/majors in one specific area while a university is a collection of colleges.

When you go to a university you are going to be graduating from one of their colleges, such as the Business College.

As to which is better, it depends on what you want. Single colleges tend to be smaller while universities are bigger, but universities are better known.

TRANSFER HELPGo to: www.aztransfer.com




Certificate programs are designed to upgrade existing skills or provide competencies for employment.


  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree can prepare students for entry into a specific occupational area or prepare them for a BAS – Bachelor in Applied Science, an occupational transfer degree program at the university.

  • Transfer Associate Degrees are designed to enable a student to TRANSFER to a university in order to pursue a 4yr-Bachelor’s Degree.

  • AA = Associate of Arts

  • AS = Associate of Science

  • ABus = Associate of Business

  • AWC

  • Degrees and Certificates



Degrees available at Colleges and Universities


Masters Degrees

(higher education pyramid)

Bachelor Degrees

Associate Degrees

Skill Development Courses


Possible Electives


General Education

Courses in your MAJOR

TRANSFER RESOURCESGo to: www.aztransfer.com

*General Education is a set of core and prescribed course of studies in higher education that are fundamental to a well-rounded college and university education. General Education courses are across disciplines allowing students to gain interdisciplinary understanding, and attain a broad range of skills and knowledge.

* See Your Advising Worksheet

  • General Education

  • *AGEC – A . . . General Education part of the AA degree

  • *AGEC – B . . . General Education part of the ABus degree

  • *AGEC – S . . . General Education part of the AS degree

  • *AAS . . . Each Associate of Applied Science major may have different prescribed General Education requirements.

  • AGS . . . Associate of General Studies Degree has it’s on unique General Education requirements.

The general education for the transfer degrees aa as abus is known as agec a agec b agec s
The General Education for the transfer degrees (AA, AS, ABus) is known as . . . AGEC-A, AGEC-B, AGEC-S

  • Your Major

    • Review and evaluate majors available to you at AWC.http://www.azwestern.edu/learning_services/degrees_and_certificates/

    • Take general education required courses and/or electives to explore your interest.

    • Talk with an academic advisor or career coordinator.

    • Check out the Career Services website: azwestern.edu/careerservices

      • Choosing a Career or Major

  • Your Advisor

    • Division Advisors and Academic Advisors

    • Provide mentoringand will work with you in helping you decide on a major and career path.

    • They will help you in choose appropriate courses (not specific times) for each semester.

    • Remember, you are ultimately responsible for completing all graduation and degree requirements.

    • See your advisor early each semester.

  • Check your major on Web-Advisor and let an advisor or Registration Office know if you want to change your major.



    Sequence of courses


    MAT 220 Calculus I

    MAT 187 Pre-Calculus

    MAT 142 College Math (OR)

    MAT151 College Algebra

    MAT 121Intermediate Algebra

    MAT 105 Math - Applied Science (OR)

    MAT 081 Beginning Algebra

    MAT 071 Arithmetic


    ENG 102

    ENG 101

    ENG 100

    • ENG 90 or ENG 80

    *See AWC catalog or your program check sheet for details regarding ENG and MATH requirements.

    AWC Accountswww.azwestern.edu

    • User Account

    • Financial Aid

    • Communication

    • Online Registration

    • Academic Planning

    • Academic Profile



    Official email of AWC

    Tips and Terminology

    • Meet with your Advisor(early and often)

    • Terminology:

      • Credit Hour

      • Pre-requisites and co-requisites

      • Fall/Spring Semester

      • Catalog Year

      • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

    • Full-time or Part-time

    • 12 + credits is considered full-time

    • Back to back classes vs. spread out over the day

    • Create a schedule you can be success with

    • Balance Obligations (work, family, friends, church, etc)

    • Study Time (1 cr hr = 2 hrs study)

    • Take a “fun” course

    • Things to consider . . .

    • “C” or better grades for graduation or transfer

    • Drop/Add week and last day to withdraw

    • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA “Take Care of Your GPA”

    • Face-to-Face vs. Online Classes

    Planning for Success

    • How to manage your new college schedule:

    • Develop a calendar w/ plenty of time to study.

    • Talk to your family, employer and friends about your new

    • commitment of college and its priority in your life.

    • If you are a parent, make arrangements for child care.

    • Also, talk to your children about what your going to college will mean to them.


    • Plan Ahead:

    • Keep “Satisfactory Progress” with your Financial Aid

    • Talk to each of your instructors early in the semester.

    • Go to the Success Center for FREE tutoring

    • Take advantage of any workshops or events on campus.

    • Don’t wait . . . ask for help early in the semester.

    • Check out all of the resources available to you www.azwestern.edu/resources (special programs, student handbook, tutoring, etc)

    How to register
    How to register . . . .

    • Go to the AWC web page and then to menu item, WEB-ADVISOR. . . www.azwestern.edu

    • Look up course location, day, and time.

    • Select courses and click register.

    • What classes to select?

      • Start with assessment score recommendations.

      • ORI 101 – Strategies for Success (3 credits) (Fist Year Experience Course)

      • AWC 104 - Career Exploration (2 credits)

      • General Education courses

      • Introduction courses in your major or area of interest

      • Something FUN!!!!!!!

  • Wait-list

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    Classes start August 19

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