ed 101 the craft of teaching n.
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ED 101: The Craft of Teaching

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ED 101: The Craft of Teaching - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ED 101: The Craft of Teaching. Welcome! Answer Entrance Ticket question on chair as you walk in Stick numbered dot on something you will remember to bring every class Class powerpoint on ed101craft.weebly.com Download to follow along today Class begins at 4:05pm

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ed 101 the craft of teaching
ED 101: The Craft of Teaching


Answer Entrance Ticket question on chair as you walk in

Stick numbered dot on something you will remember to bring every class

Class powerpoint on ed101craft.weebly.com

Download to follow along today

Class begins at 4:05pm

*Laptops allowed in class today

agenda nov 8
Agenda Nov. 8

Essential Question

Hot Seat

Class Notes: Tracking + Differentiation

Course logistics

Service-learners meet today

Homework due Tues. Nov. 27

Quotes and Questions #9 School Reform

Readings available Friday morning by 11am

essential question s
Essential Question(s)

How do we develop the school systems we need?

How do we track what a student is learning and is able to do?

Hot Seat

Whole Class Discussion Strategy

  • 4 students w/ their ‘burning’ question
  • Ask question to whole class
  • Teacher answers last
class notes
Class Notes

Tracking and ability


What is tracking?

How do we challenge ALL students academically?

class notes1
Class Notes

What is tracking? (traditional)

Students from different ability levels (low, middle, high) are assigned to different tracks (series) of classes and programs.

AP, Honors, college-prep, general, vocational

Talcott Parsons: sociologist (1960)

College selection process begins in elementary school and virtually sealed by the end of junior high

Academic achievement labeling in early grades determine adult careers

class notes2
Class Notes
  • How does traditional tracking affect students?
    • Creating homogenous classes
  • Robert & Helen Lynd’s 1929 study
    • Middle class schools discriminate against lower-class students
  • W. Lloyd Warner (1940) study
    • Lower class students = nonreaders, repeaters
    • Students should be only given minimal education and released to vocational society
class notes3
Class Notes
  • How can we teach students of varying ability?
    • Goal: heterogeneous classes
    • Mixed ability classes
  • Jeannie Oakes: 1985
    • Race, not ability, often used to track students
    • Class and language (associated w/ race) creates ‘lower’ expectations
class notes4
Class Notes
  • Student-ability tracking
    • Students choose which classes to challenge themselves in.
    • Differentiation = choice
    • Choice of assignments, choice of challenge ability level

How does Brian do it?

brian s honors system for history
Brian’s Honors system for history
  • Any student w/ a B average can apply
  • Write an essay by the deadline
  • In class:
    • Do all assignments with the HONORS designation
  • Outside of class:
    • Meet twice a week, lunch + after school class
    • Used for extra learning + AP prep
    • Lose honors status if you do not complete all honors assignments on time.
    • Works in any school!
class notes5
Class Notes
  • Differentiation
    • Choice in how students access work
    • All students can learn 2+2=4
    • Universal Design for Learning
      • Effective schools follow 3 principles
      • Brian’s example
final project poster
Final Project + Poster
  • Please take out your Final Project + Poster Packet
section locations
Section locations

Jill: front

Liz: outer lobby

Christine: 2nd floor lobby

Brian: auditorium stage rm 120

section agenda nov 8
Section Agenda Nov. 8

Constitution review (5 min)

Think Pair Share (5 min)

Language Lab activity (20 min)

Whole group debrief (10 min)

BREAK (5:15-5:20)

Be back in main classroom by 5:20pm w/partner(s)

making meaning
Making Meaning

How do we teach English language learners?

Do not depend on verbal, teacher-centered learning, but use wide variety of activities from hands-on to visual/auditory strategies

Know your student’s backgrounds and connect it to materials being learned

Give explicit directions, key words, and concrete examples.

Plan and expect active involvement from ELL students.

exit ticket
Exit Ticket

On the back of your Entrance Ticket slip

3 minutes

What would you want a teacher to know about how to teach English Language Learners?

*Do not leave, I will need to make announcements

course logistics
Course logistics
  • Progress reports
    • Want an updated one?
    • E-mail Brian_Fong@Brown.edu
  • Service Learning
    • Meet up front
  • Midterms
    • See us if you did not pick it up

Happy Thanksgiving break!