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DRDA, KANDHAMAL. GP COMPUTERISATION. Status of GP Computerization. Status of Block Computerization. Challenges Towards GP Computerization. Low voltage & Power failure problem in all most all GPs.

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Challenges towards gp computerization

Challenges Towards GP Computerization

  • Low voltage & Power failure problem in all most all GPs.

  • Lack of Computer Professionals at GP level to handle the Windows 7 Operating System, MS Office 2007 packages.

  • Maximum GRS/ VLWs have not computer skills to use the Computers.

  • Lack of proper environment to keep the Computers at GP Office

  • Threat for proper Maintenance of the Computer & Peripherals at GP.

Status on creation of 20 seated lan room at block


The Room Furnishing is about to be completed in all Blocks. The BDOs have been asked to call for tender/ quotation towards procurement of computer, A/C, LCD Projector etc. The Computer & other accessories will be procured soon after finalization of tender/ quotation. The BDOs have been instructed to complete the room by end of this month.

Block wise status of implementation of priasoft


  • If we create a Bank Account for IAY(N), the same account no. is automatically showing for IAY(Naxal), IAY(Flood).

  • There is no link for adding Line Department in PRAISoft.

  • There is missing of Election Cash Book, Calamity Relief Fund.

  • There are 56 schemes during O.B entry, but there are only 30 schemes available for voucher entry. Some schemes are still missing.

  • In journal voucher, the adjustment towards advance is not occurring.

  • Voucher Details are not showing in the report.

  • It’s taking a lot of time to enter a single payment voucher. For each cheque we have to choose many parameters. Suppose we have a transaction for payment of Rs. 500 to different shops like tea, Tiffin, water bottle, Pen & Books etc. for a meeting. We have to Select/ Create the names for each Cheque to whom paid. For a single transaction we have to choose 4-5 names. It’s taking time. There should be option for selecting range of cheque numbers.

  • Contd…….

  • There is not much scope for showing deductions in PRIASoft. is automatically showing for IAY(Naxal), IAY(Flood).

  • There is no copy voucher function in the PRIASoft.

  • There is no scope for showing of receiving of refund of unencashed cheque by any line department.

  • There is confusion while booking the deductions like LIC, PT, I.T, EPF etc. in payment voucher.

  • There is confusion on showing diversions & recoupment in PRIASoft.

  • As the Voucher Nos. are not coming automatically, it’s very difficult to keep track the voucher Nos.

  • In Monthly-cash book report, the transaction is showing twice after editing a voucher. So report is coming wrongly.

  • In receipt voucher there is no head for grant received under state share.

  • It’s very difficult for cashier/ CPs to identify the Object head, Major head, Minor head during voucher entry.

  • It’s very difficult for Blocks to handle 3 similar cash book i.e. PAMIS Old, PAMIS 2010 & PRIASoft 2010 with Power & net failure.

Thank you

THANK YOU is automatically showing for IAY(Naxal), IAY(Flood).