women s rights
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Women's Rights

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Women's Rights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women's Rights. By: Katherine A. Skinner US Foreign Policy The Metropolitan Learning Center Bloomfield, CT, USA PPH1. Thesis Statement .

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women s rights

Women's Rights

By: Katherine A. Skinner

US Foreign Policy

The Metropolitan Learning Center

Bloomfield, CT, USA


thesis statement
Thesis Statement
  • The United States foreign policy should be to put more funding toward the United Nations, so that the United Nations can help improve women's rights in developing countries.
the role of women in uzbekistan
The Role of Women in Uzbekistan
  • Women in Uzbekistan are very beautiful. They have identical pay as men. The women in Uzbekistan work and educate the children. They are wearing modern clothes. Women have almost all the rights that men have.
the role of women in bukhara
The role of women in Bukhara
  • According to the Constitution ofour Republic, Article 46 guarantees: Women and men shall have equal rights.What is in reality? All the women and men in our country get the same salary if they do the same job.There is no separation between them on this matter.
  • What health problems do women have in your country and has America done anything to help with these problems?
  • Do you think America should be giving your country help with these problems?
responses from ukraine
Responses from Ukraine
  •    I am not sure but it seems to me, women throughout the world have almost the same health problems. Very often they are connected with hard work, bad living conditions, or bad habits, like using drugs and alcohol, starvation, bad environment, abortions and so on.
responses from ukraine1
Responses from Ukraine
  • In my country much attention is paid to the problem of health protection of women, mothers and children, but there are a lot of things that need to be improved.
responses from ukraine2
Responses from Ukraine
  • In 1986 there was an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station not far from Kyiv, Ukrainian’s capital. Since then the government, Ministry of Heath Care, scientists and public organizations have been taking measures to prevent illnesses caused by radiation and to find out ways for curing these effects of the radiation. They work in collaboration with scientists and medical laboratories all over the world and American scientists as well.
responses from ukraine3
Responses from Ukraine
  • In Ukraine we have a category of people who are called “suffered in the Chernobyl accident” these are former power station workers, and residents of the town where the nuclear station is situated, and children born in the effected area, etc. They get some payment from the state and free medical treatment. But in Ukraine we don’t have enough facilities for proper treatment.
responses from ukraine4
Responses from Ukraine
  • Each year there are many groups of children from the so called Chernobyl zone that go to Cuba and Italy to get the treatment and rehabilitation they need. I think the USA could have taken some measures to help these people too.
responses from ukraine5
Responses from Ukraine
  • Though the US government sent money to shut down the station in Chernobyl. It wasn’t enough to stop the process of nuclear emission. I also know that after the Ukraine proclaimed its independence in 1991, some medical equipment was sent to maternity homes and “Mother - Child Centers” from the USA, France and Germany.
responses from ukraine6
Responses from Ukraine
  • Last year a four –year old girl Anastasia Ovchar, from a village near Kharkiv, was badly burnt while she was trying to save her baby sister in the fire. She was lucky to be invited to the USA with her mom and was cured there. Some American charity organizations paid for the treatment.
responses from ukraine7
Responses from Ukraine
  • I believe that countries are like people- if you want to help somebody and you are able to do it, do your best without hesitation or thoughts about the reward.
the role of women in brazil
The Role of Women in Brazil
  • In Brazil even though its in the law that women have the same rights of men in reality it's not true. We say that because there are some differences between them for example in jobs. Some women that do the same job of men receive less money than men.
women in saudi arabia
Women in Saudi Arabia
  • Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.
  • Although Saudi Arabia signed the UN Covenant for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) in September 2001, women live as third class citizens here.
quick facts on women s health
Almost 530,000 women each year die from complications of pregnancy and child birth.

HIV and AIDS are the leading cause if death and illness in women ages 15 to 44.

In Africa there are as many as three young women with HIV for each young man with the virus.

Millions if women still have no right to live in safety, to think and express themselves freely and without fear, and to participate in the public life in their own countries

Quick Facts On Women's Health
  • A solution can not happen if there is no support for it to be changed. A large part of the problems with women's health are deaths of the mothers as well as the children. This is caused by unwanted births. The women in developing countries might try to get an abortion but they are not safe because the money funded from the United States to the United Nations is not allowed to be used to make abortions safer.
  • “It’s the 142 developing countries, including Afghanistan, which the White House purposes to care about so much, who are going to suffer.”