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What does this mean? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transferring Research Progress to the Catchment Area Cancer Center Administrators Forum April 2014 San Diego, CA Roy A. Jensen, M.D. Director. What does this mean?. We Do Know This ( I t must be important because it is discussed at least a dozen times in the CCSG Guidelines) .

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Transferring ResearchProgress to the Catchment AreaCancer Center Administrators ForumApril 2014 San Diego, CARoy A. Jensen, M.D. Director


We Do Know This(It must be important because it is discussed at least a dozen times in the CCSG Guidelines)

discussions of transfering research to the catchment area

Discussions of Transfering Research to the Catchment Area

  • Purpose of a Cancer Center
  • Features of a Cancer Center
  • Six Essential Characteristics
  • Types of Cancer Centers
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Plans for Accural
  • Senior Leadership
  • Program Write-up
  • Criteria for Comprehensiveness
organizational capabilities

Organizational Capabilities

In addition to addressing scientific questions of broader applicability, is the center organized to apply its expertise and resources to cancer research relevant to the catchment area it serves?

criteria for comprehensiveness

Criteria for Comprehensiveness

  • How effectively has the center defined the cancer problems relevant to its catchment area and served its catchment area, as well as the broader population, via the research it supports?
the idea of servant leadership

The Idea of Servant Leadership

  • Are people created to serve institutions?
  • or
  • Are institutions created to serve people?
kucc catchment area

KUCC Catchment Area

  • State of Kansas and western half of Missouri (~6M total population)
  • Approximately 26,000 cases annually
  • Urban, suburban, rural, frontier areas
  • More diverse and underserved than you might think
  • We treat 6,000/yr and influence 13,000/yr
midwest cancer alliance1

Midwest Cancer Alliance

  • Over a year and a half of due diligence
  • Interviewed nearly ever oncologist in the state (not as hard as it sounds)
  • We asked “What can we do to help you?”
  • There is not a single institution like any other in the network
  • The only way to treat everyone fairly is to treat everyone differently
the dim sum approach

The Dim Sum Approach

  • Clinical trials relevant to local patient mix and expertise of providers (largely, but not exclusively cooperative group trials
  • Screening, prevention, health fair events
  • Continuing education needs for all types
  • Second opinion, multi-disciplinary tumor conferences, Telemedicine, on-site clinics
  • Patient navigation, genetic counseling, support group, pyscho-oncology services, educational events

Community of Practice

MCA Member Regular Scheduled Meetings:

  • Investigator iTV Meetings
  • Mid-year Physician Meeting: April 12, 2014
  • Annual Meeting: September 19, 2014
  • Cancer Center Directors Meetings
  • Communication / Marketing Meetings
  • Outreach and Professional Education Conference Calls
  • Monthly Research Nurse Conference Calls
  • Social Worker Conference Calls
  • Chaplain Conference Calls
  • Patient Navigation Conference Calls
  • Tumor Registrar Calls
  • Cancer Rehab Specialist Calls

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