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SYSE 802

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SYSE 802. John D. McGregor Module 3 Session 4 Solution. Expectation. For the candidate architectures use Google and give the basic description of your product plus words such as architecture to find examples of architectures being used. Also try

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syse 802

SYSE 802

John D. McGregor

Module 3 Session 4


  • For the candidate architectures use Google and give the basic description of your product plus words such as architecture to find examples of architectures being used.
  • Also try
  • An additional search or two will get the in-depth information for the architecture you have selected.
  • Open source, Linux-based
  • X-window system interface
  • No cartoon available to general public
  • Open/closed project – open for membership, closed otherwise
  • Dedicated development environment
in depth meego
In-depth - Meego
  • Meego was selected because it is available not just in-vehicle but on many other platforms
  • Portability of applications is assured
  • Intel 32 bit-based Atom processor
  • Compatible graphics chip set such as US15W chipset
  • Bluetooth - 2402-2480 MHz; Packet-based protocol; range – 100 meters
in depth meego 2
In-depth – Meego - 2
  • Uses a layered architecture
  • Middle layer is service-oriented
  • You are not responsible for defining a property set.
  • Just setup a system definition for each module shown in the architecture graphic you have found.
  • Add connections that reflect the connections in the graphic. This is intended to be practice in using a formal description language for architecture.
aadl solution
AADL solution
  • Powerpoint is not a good format for this, but one package is better than several
  • First is the top level definition of a vehicle that includes an infotainment feature
  • Then I repeat the property set from the example
  • Then I give a package that contains all the needed definitions to support the meego.basic used in the top level.
aadl very top level
AADL – very top level

system vehicle

end vehicle;

system implementation vehicle.basic


--instances of subsystems defined in other packages

--braking system

--steering system

infotainment_system: system infoSys::meego.basic;

end vehicle.basic;

property set
Property set

property set Clemson is

MbitPerSec : type units (MPS, GPS => MPS*1000);

Band_width: type aadlinteger units Clemson::MbitPerSec;

Radio_band_width: Clemson::Band_widthapplies to (all);

Band_width_802_11g: constant Clemson::Band_width => 54 MPS;

Band_width_802_11n: constant Clemson::Band_width => 300 MPS;

Band_width_fast_ethernet: constant Clemson::Band_width => 100 MPS;

end Clemson;

a package of definitions
A Package of definitions

package infoSys


processor Intel

end Intel;

processor implementation Intel.Atom

end Intel.Atom;

bus MOST

end MOST;

bus implementation MOST.basic


--this will probably generate an error in Topcased

--Topcased can not find the correct property set

Latency => 5ms;

end MOST.basic;

system layer

end layer;

system implementation layer.basic

end layer.basic;


system OSBaseLayer extends layer

end OSBaseLayer;

system implementation OSBaseLayer.basic

end OSBaseLayer.basic;

system MiddlewareLayer extends layer


commIn: in data port;

commOut: out data port;

netIn: in data port;

netOut: out data port;

end MiddlewareLayer;

system implementation MiddlewareLayer.basic


commnication: system commService.meego;

internet: system internetService.meego;

--other services

end MiddlewareLayer.basic;

system UXLayer extends layer

end UXLayer;

system implementation UXLayer.basic

end UXLayer.basic;


system commService

end commService;

system implementation commService.meego

end commService.meego;

system internetService

end internetService;

system implementation internetService.meego

end internetService.meego


system Meego


radioConnection : requires bus access;

bluetoothConnection: requires bus access;

gpsConnection: requires bus access;

end Meego;

system implementation Meego.basic


main_processor: processor Intel.Atom;

main_bus: bus MOST.basic;



os: system OSBaseLayer.basic;


Clemson::Radio_band_width => value (Clemson::Band_width_802_11g);

end Meego.basic;

end infoSys;