epoxi hri ir 103p hartley 2 calibrated spectra v3 0 first review sitko
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EPOXI HRI-IR 103P/Hartley 2 Calibrated Spectra v3.0 First Review (Sitko)

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EPOXI HRI-IR 103P/Hartley 2 Calibrated Spectra v3.0 First Review (Sitko) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPOXI HRI-IR 103P/Hartley 2 Calibrated Spectra v3.0 First Review (Sitko).

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epoxi hri ir 103p hartley 2 calibrated spectra v3 0 first review sitko
EPOXI HRI-IR 103P/Hartley 2 Calibrated Spectra v3.0First Review (Sitko)

This dataset contains calibrated, 1.05- to 4.8-micron spectral images of comet 103/P Hartley 2 acquired by the High Resolution Infrared Spectrometer (HRII) from 01 October through 26 November 2010 during the Hartley 2 encounter phase of the EPOXI mission. Version 3.0 includes the application of scaled master dark subtraction for DOY 307 and in scene dark subtraction for DOY 311-313, as well as the use of an average per scan optical bench temperature in the pipeline processing. Version 3 also includes the calibration enhancements implemented in Version 2 of this dataset: a new per-pixel linearity correction treatment and its propagation through the calibration steps (i.e., bad-pixel maps, flat-field file update, revised spectral calibration curve), new mode-dependent master darks, an optimized scaling factor for the master dark, and a refinement in the absolute spectral calibration curve.


Somewhat like 9P Encounter Calibrated Spectra except the former covered:

Instrument Host Overview

Instrument Host Details

Flight Performance

Should these three be added, for completeness??

Lacks Dark (actual dark frames) and Sunspec (solar spectral irradiance at 1 AU). Should these be added?

  • Same as 9P encounter except for 103P (epoxy.cat instead of dif.cat). Includes additional targets of EPOXI mission. Sections somewhat different.
  • Mission Overview to accommodate added observations (hot Jupiters, Earth (analog of exoplanets), 103P DIXI mission, additional calibrations (Moon Flats, etc.).
      • Mission Phases - Cruise 1, EPOCh (exoplanets), Cruise 2, DIXI/Hartley 2 Encounter, and Cruise 3. A detailed description of the various phases is provided. A list of the exoplanets (EPOCh), Mars (EPOCh) and the number of transits covered is provided. A detailed history of the approach, encounter, post-encounter of 103P is provided. Cruise 3 includes Garradd and ISON.
      • Recommended Reading – for Deep Impact/9P, EPOXI (EPOCh (exoplanets, Earth, Mars), DIXI(Moon, 103P, Garradd – WILL ISON BE ADDED???? This applies to the same file in the Garradd and ISON calibrated spectra data sets).
      • Mission Data
      • Mission Objectives
  • All contain the RAD/REVRAD issue in the FITS headers
  • Day of Year
      • EPOXI Cal Pipeline Summary
      • EPOXI Software Interface Specifications (SIS). This includes the note about the recalibration referred in other data sets
  • The rest is the same as other data sets
          • Browse – contains Raw Image JPG files, separated into year_day directories.

Hard for this reviewer to evaluate, but seems complete (compared to other similar data sets).


FITS files easily readable using DS9 and ATV.pro (if you are so inclined).


Data set seems VERY well-documented


Same comments as other calibrated data sets.