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Team 3. Rodney Holman Mandip Kaur. Information Builders. Company Information . Company Name: Information Builders CEO and Founder: Gerald D. Cohen Address: Two Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121-2898 Phone: (212)-736-4433 Fax: (212)-967-6406 Sales Information: 1-800-969-INFO

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Team 3

Team 3

Rodney Holman

Mandip Kaur

Information Builders

Company information
Company Information

  • Company Name: Information Builders

  • CEO and Founder: Gerald D. Cohen

  • Address: Two Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121-2898

  • Phone: (212)-736-4433

  • Fax: (212)-967-6406

  • Sales Information: 1-800-969-INFO

  • Customer Support: (212)-736-6130

  • Email: [email protected]

Webfocus business intelligence
WebFOCUS Business Intelligence

  • It is a comprehensive and fully integrated platform whose architecture, integration, and simplicity permeate every level of the global organization – executive, analytical, and operational.

  • It makes any data available, accessible, and meaningful to every person or application who needs it, when and how they need it.

Software customization
Software Customization

  • Through iWay Software division, Information Builders offers a portfolio of adapters of comprehensive, pre-packaged suites that help companies to build a strong, yet open and flexible technology infrastructure in the fastest, most economical way – to code writing and no costly integration projects.

Webfocus components
WebFocus Components

  • Self-optimization autonomic servers

  • Super-linear scalability

  • A unifying integration infrastructure

  • Service-oriented architecture

  • Simplified developer

    • End user interaction

    • Advanced visualization

    • Deep integration with desktop products

Self optimization autonomic servers
Self-Optimization autonomic Servers

  • Runs 24/7

  • Lowest possible administrative costs

  • Eliminate complexity

  • Improves system performance

  • Provides the most flexible, reliable, and scalable architecture

  • Has many users, multiple application types, and wide variety of information consumers (from employees to managers)

  • It enables highly efficient reporting, querying, and analysis


  • Supports large number of users with minimal hardware investments and IT support

  • Has major implications for BI and reporting strategy

  • It enables organizations to reduce hardware and maintenance costs associated with deploying mission critical BI applications

Unifying integration infrastructure
Unifying Integration Infrastructure

  • It accesses, reconciles, cleanses, and prepares data for BI manipulation, analysis, and delivery

  • No tool simplifies complex data environments better than WebFocus

Service oriented architecture
Service-Oriented Architecture

  • support with the ability to create, consume, and publish Web services

  • Web Servers can be used to:

    • Combine data from internal and external sources to create a unified, insightful report

    • Make data from disparate internal systems available via Web services, reducing programming redundancies and integrating systems more efficiently

    • Drill down from one internal or external source to any other to more easily navigate and research

Simplified developer
Simplified Developer

  • WebFocus Developer Studio is an open and intuitive environment that allows for rapid development of virtually any type of Web based report including:

    • Charts and graphs

    • Information systems

  • Training times and costs are significantly reduced, and time to deployment for critical reports and applications is dramatically accelerated

  • Allows you to build content-rich Web applications that include business logic

Simplified developer cont
Simplified Developer Cont.

  • With User Friendly Interface each user can personalize their portal by deciding what report they see and how they see them

  • WebFocus Visual Discovery enhances your existing WebFocus environment with cutting edge data visualization capabilities. It quickly turns any data into intuitive, illustrative enterprise reports.

  • Deep integration with desktop products – with output options including HTML, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PDF

System requirements
System Requirements

  • Requires the user to create decentralized aggregate data marts throughout the organization.

  • Requires taking a hybrid approach to data, allowing drill through from a central data warehouse to operational applications

  • Requires leveraging real-time transactions to tickle feed your data warehouses and alert people of critical business issues when they occur.

Demos videos


  • WebFOCUS Business intelligence for Google Maps

  • Advanced Data Visualization for Analysts- WebFOCUS Visual Discovery