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Gregory Canyon Landfill

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Gregory Canyon Landfill. Proposed LEA Permit CIWMB Permitting & Enforcement Committee Meeting December 6, 2004. Jack Miller San Diego County LEA. Proposition C. Approved in 1994 by 60% of voters: Amended the local general plan & zoning ordinance to allow a landfill

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Presentation Transcript
gregory canyon landfill

Gregory Canyon Landfill

Proposed LEA Permit

CIWMB Permitting & Enforcement Committee Meeting

December 6, 2004

Jack Miller

San Diego County LEA

proposition c
Proposition C

Approved in 1994 by 60% of voters:

  • Amended the local general plan & zoning ordinance to allow a landfill
  • Required CEQA process and all other applicable permits
  • Imposed specific mitigation measures
  • LEA became the CEQA lead agency
proposition b
Proposition B
  • Proposed the repeal of Proposition C
  • Well financed campaigns on both sides
  • Measure defeated 63% to 37%
  • A form of public comment
public participation and eir process
Public Participation and EIR Process
  • January 1999 circulated Draft EIR for public


  • Available for review in 7 public locations
  • Copy with printer for public reproduction
  • Availability advertised in Union Tribune
  • Public hearing; 125 people participated
eir process continued
EIR process continued
  • Two additional documents, two additional comment periods
  • Added Internet and CD availability for revisions
  • A second public hearings (103 participants)
  • February 6, 2003: EIR Certified
  • CIWMB staff concurs that CEQA findings are sufficient and are supported in the record
benefits analysis findings and soc
Benefits Analysis, Findings, and SOC
  • Project applicant prepared Benefits Analysis (October 2003)
  • LEA prepared staff report on that analysis
  • Posted both on website and invited comments
  • Posted comments and subsequent rebuttal comments on website
benefits analysis outcomes
Benefits Analysis outcomes
  • Tentative conclusion:
    • Project benefits likely to outweigh remaining significant impacts
    • Detailed work on permit text began
  • June 2, 2004: CEQA Statement of Overriding Considerations adopted
permit and jtd
Permit and JTD
  • Includes all mitigation requirements as LEA permit conditions
  • Ensures practical enforceability of 188 mitigation measures adopted in Final EIR
  • Groups requirements by project phase
  • GCL will reimburse LEA for oversight costs as lead agency
permit development drafting
Permit Development: Drafting
  • Thorough reviews and consistency checks
    • CIWMB requirements
    • EIR descriptions and mitigation requirements
    • JTD
  • All issues raised were considered and resolved. Comments helped.
  • Close coordination with CIWMB staff.
  • CIWMB staff report concurs: no technical or regulatory issues remain.
permit process further steps
Permit process, further steps
  • June 2, 2004 LEA completed proposed permit and EIR and submitted to CIWMB
  • GCL agreed with CIWMB request to delay CIWMB hearing until after Proposition B vote
  • GCL enhanced the project in response to comments and CIWMB / LEA recommendations
permit process further steps11
Permit process, further steps
  • Revised Draft Permit reflects some of these enhancements.
  • Supplemental Statement of Overriding Considerations reflects these enhancements
  • Project includes all feasible mitigation:
    • CEQA, Proposition C, LEA, other Agencies
  • Project meets all CIWMB requirements
  • No unresolved technical, regulatory, or mitigation issues
  • Benefits of landfill outweighs identified unmitigated impacts
  • Votes on Propositions C and B support this project
  • This committee should recommend CIWMB concurrence
  • The CIWMB should concur in the proposed permit