What can i do with a major in marine science
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WHAT CAN I DO WITH A MAJOR IN... MARINE SCIENCE. www.sc.edu/career. ma·rine sci·ence. The study of the ocean, its ecosystems, and life forms; also called oceanography.*

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What can i do with a major in marine science



Ma rine sci ence

The study of the ocean, its ecosystems, and life forms; also called oceanography.*

*"marine science." Dictionary.com's 21st Century Lexicon. Dictionary.com, LLC. 29 Jul. 2009. <Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/marine science>.

Marine science majors study
Marine Science Majors Study

  • The living resources of the world's oceans and coastal seas

  • The diverse assemblages of plants and animals and the understanding of their relationships

  • The evaluation of human influence on marine ecosystems

    ...and more


Most undergraduate programs offer a general course of study as well as many specializations that can be pursued with additional study. These include (but are not limited to):

Further Education Required

  • oceanographer

  • marine scientist

  • marine & coastal consultant

  • environmental engineer

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level

  • marine scientist

  • environmental scientist

  • science lab technician

Marine science at the university of south carolina
Marine Science At The University Of South Carolina

Undergraduate Degrees

Degrees: Bachelor of Science (BS)

Majors: Marine Science

Biological oceanography

Chemical oceanography

Physical oceanography

Coastal resource management/marine affair

The university also offers a Minor Marine Science

Marine science at the university of south carolina1
Marine Science At The University Of South Carolina

Graduate Degrees

Master of Sciences (MS)

marine biology/biological oceanography

marine chemistry/chemical oceanography

marine geology/geological oceanography

physical oceanography/atmospheric dynamics

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Marine science majors develop skills in
Marine Science Majors Develop Skills In

  • Communication

    • Develop/write research proposals

    • Review scientific literature

    • Summarize research findings

    • Inform, explain, instruct

    • Prepare technical reports

  • Investigation

    • Define research problems

    • Develop research models

    • Establish hypothesis

    • Gather/analyze data

    • Evaluate ideas

    • See relationships among factors

    • Draw meaningful conclusions

    • Field sampling

Marine science majors develop skills in1
Marine Science majors develop skills in

  • Computation

    • Measure distances/ sizes/relationships

    • Perform calculations

    • Mathematical modeling

    • Maintain records

    • Utilize math formulas

  • Technical

    • Design equipment

    • Identify materials/ specimens

    • Observe data

    • Establish/control designs

    • Design computer simulations

    • Use technical instruments


The undergraduate degree alone in marine science does not always directly lead to a career as a professional marine scientist.

The degree does provide you with an excellent interdisciplinary science background and is valuable for almost any type of work involving both biological and marine science.

Employment settings
Employment Settings

  • Business & Commerce:Includesmanagement and direction of for-profit organizations including the development of business plans, marketing strategies, product development, and human resource management.

Sample occupational titles associated with business commerce
Sample Occupational Titles Associated WithBusiness & Commerce

  • Aquarium/Museum Worker

  • Fisheries Conservationist

  • Net Designer

  • Park Manager

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Environmental Protection Worker

  • Salt Marsh Manager

  • Beach Manager

  • Commercial Fishing Engineer

  • Industrial Marine Economist

Employment settings1
Employment Settings

  • Outdoor Field Work:

    Includes both studying and working with and in the outdoors. Encompasses everything from management to urban planning.

Sample occupational titles associated with outdoor field work
Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Outdoor Field Work

  • Agronomist

  • Coastal Resources Worker

  • Fisheries Conservationist

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Horticulturist

  • Port/Harbor Facilities Worker

  • Water Transportation Worker

  • Zoologist

  • Park Manager

  • Wildlife Resource Worker

  • Animal Scientist

  • Aquatic Biologist

  • Botanist

  • Marina Worker

  • Marine Biologist

  • Marine Geologist

  • Oceanographer

  • Geographer

  • Marine Ecologist

Employment settings2
Employment Settings

  • Research:

    Includes technicians, researchers, and technologists. Also incorporates laboratory work and the education of peers.

Sample occupational titles associated with research
Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Research

  • Aquarium Technician

  • Biotechnologist

  • Marine Bacteriologist

  • Limnological Technician

  • Marine Engineering Technician

  • Genetic Engineering Research Assistant

  • Underwater Technician

  • Microbiologist

  • Net Designer

  • Test and Inspection Technician

  • Water Quality Technician

  • Science Laboratory Technician

Employment settings3
Employment Settings

  • Education: Includes classroom instruction, curricula development, research, writing, administration, program management, and lecturing.

    Teaching and research positions at colleges and universities require an advanced degree. Most other teaching positions require proper certification.

Sample occupational titles associated with education
Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Education

  • Administrator

  • Admissions Evaluator

  • Author/Writer

  • Career Counselor

  • College or University Professor

  • Financial Aid Director

  • Guidance Counselor

  • Health Educator

  • Lecturer

  • Primary School Teacher

  • Program Manager

  • Residence Hall Director

  • Secondary School Teacher

  • Student Affairs Professional

  • Text Writer

  • Medical Librarian

Other occupational settings for marine science majors
Other Occupational Settings For Marine Science Majors

  • Aquariums

  • Research Foundations

  • Ecotourism Firms

  • Research Laboratories

  • Educational Institutions

  • Scientific Journals

  • Environmental Consulting Firms

  • Testing Labs

  • Fisheries

  • Zoos

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Government Agencies

Strategies for developing skills to get the job you want
Strategies For Developing Skills To Get The Job You Want

  • Pursue an excellent academic record

  • Obtain part-time, summer, or internship work experience

  • Volunteer with service and counseling organizations

  • Become fluent in a foreign language

  • Obtain an advanced degree and/or certification in order to perform substantive counseling work

  • Obtain a minor in an additional area of interest (i.E. Language, business, education)

  • Develop strong writing and speaking skills

Strategies for developing skills to get the job you want1
Strategies For Developing Skills To Get The Job You Want

  • Develop strong quantitative and statistical skills

  • Become comfortable working with people from different backgrounds and cultures

  • Acquire sales experience

  • Become active in peer mediation groups if available

  • Secure leadership positions in campus or community groups

  • Obtain teaching certification

  • Shadow the work of a professional

Books and web resources
Books And Web Resources

Web Resources

Careers in Marine Science - http://oceanlink.island.net/career/career2.html

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - http://www.noaa.gov/index.html


Marine Science Careers by Steve Adams and Tracey Crago

Opportunities in Marine Science and Maritime Careers by Ray Heitzmann

Resources for more information
Resources For More Information

USC’s Department of Marine Science


Career Center library


Marine Science Related Websites


College of Arts and Sciences Career Development Programwww.sc.edu/career/cascdp/index.html

What can i do with a major in marine science

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