the wood badge ticket process l.
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The Wood Badge Ticket Process PowerPoint Presentation
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The Wood Badge Ticket Process

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The Wood Badge Ticket Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Wood Badge Ticket Process. Includes…. What and Why a Ticket Ticket Form and Style Course Director Responsibilities Participant Responsibilities Troop Guide Responsibilities Ticket Counselor Responsibilities. References: Administrative Guide , Staff Guide and Appendixes.

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  • What and Why a Ticket
  • Ticket Form and Style
  • Course Director Responsibilities
  • Participant Responsibilities
  • Troop Guide Responsibilities
  • Ticket Counselor Responsibilities


Administrative Guide, Staff Guide and Appendixes

what a ticket is
What a Ticket is
  • A Ticket is …
    • A commitment to action
    • A vision of improvement
    • A way for the Scouter to practice being a leader
    • A series of goals to achieve the vision
  • Guided by the Scouter’s ...
    • Personal values (“20 Questions”)
    • Personal vision
    • Personal mission
why a ticket
Why a Ticket?
  • The intent of the ticket is …
    • Rifle versus shotgun approach
    • Bloom where you are planted
    • Skills not necessarily linked
    • Not intended to be overwhelming
    • Encourage repeatable behavior
ticket form and style
Ticket Form and Style
  • The ticket consists of several parts:
    • A statement of his/her vision of success
    • An action plan composed of five significant goals that can be completed within 18 months
      • One addressing increasing diversity
    • Each of the five goals under action plan
      • Who, What, Where, When, How, Why, How Verified

Wood Badge Ticket Work SheetA Personal Statement of Vision and Mission

Name ______________________ Wood Badge Course No. ____________

My Scouting Position: ________________________________________

The Team That Will Benefit from my Leadership: __________________

SMART Goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely):


Who: ________________________________________________

What: ________________________________________________

Where: ________________________________________________

When: ________________________________________________

Why: ________________________________________________

How: ________________________________________________

How Verified: __________________________________________

course director responsibilities
Course Director Responsibilities
  • Facilitate the assignment of ticket counselors
  • Provide each participant’s home council with an ticket copy (Home council assigns counselor)
  • Monitor participants’ progress through ticket counselors
    • Refer counselors to NEIC Training Chairman and Wood Badge Coordinator to process Application for Training Recognition
  • Provide final closeout roster, including report on completed tickets, no later than 19 months following the end of the course
participant responsibilities
Participant Responsibilities
  • Complete a written draft by Day 5 of the course
  • Have the draft reviewed and approved by the assigned troop guide
  • Meet as needed with ticket counselor for progress review
  • Draft amendment to ticket if appropriate and submit to ticket counselor for review
  • Complete “working” the ticket within 18 months
troop guide responsibilities
Troop Guide Responsibilities
  • Help participants prepare tickets
    • May use paper or eTicket via
      • Get familiar with eTicket by entering one – test maximum lines of entry – Submit, get email, test ability to retrieve and modify.
  • Here’s How… In days 1 through 5…
troop guide responsibilities10
Troop Guide Responsibilities
  • Coax, coach, ask clarifying questions to develop “sketchy” goals
    • How is the goal related to the vision?
    • What processes in place may help you?
    • What processes may hinder you?
    • Are these processes documented?
troop guide responsibilities11
Troop Guide Responsibilities
  • More…
    • “Who else is involved in carrying out the goal?
      • How are they affected?
      • Are they in agreement with the vision?
      • Will they require additional resources?
    • What will change as a result of carrying out the goal?
troop guide responsibilities12
Troop Guide Responsibilities
  • More yet…
    • How will you know you are done?
    • How will you know you accomplished your goal?
    • Who has authority over your ability to carry out the goal?
    • Where will any needed resources come from?
troop guide responsibilities13
Troop Guide Responsibilities
  • Review and approve ticket drafts by Day Six of the course.
  • With support from “Admin,” scan/copy the final ticket or ensure eTicket copy is complete.
    • One copy for the participant
    • One copy for the ticket counselor
    • Electronic copy available for archive
ticket counselor responsibilities
Ticket Counselor Responsibilities
  • Serve as the primary contact between Wood Badge and the participants, encouraging them to put into practice the lessons of the course
  • Have a working knowledge of 21st Century Wood Badge
  • Contact assigned participants within two weeks to review ticket goals and leadership skills to be applied
  • Agree on a progress review process and periodically share results with the course director
ticket counselor responsibilities15
Ticket Counselor Responsibilities
  • Review and accept ticket amendments if necessary
  • Report ticket completion to and request Application for Training Recognition from NEIC Training Chairman or Wood Badge Coordinator
  • Sign and return the Application for Training Recognition to NEIC Training Chairman or Wood Badge Coordinator
  • Facilitate bead presentation when appropriate

The Ticket encourages the participant

to BE a leader - -

Over and over again