The marriage of true minds by william shakespeare
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“The Marriage of True Minds” by William Shakespeare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sonnet – a fourteen line poem with pattern of abab rhyme pattern for first twelve lines and last two lines are a rhyming couplet ( aa ). . “The Marriage of True Minds” by William Shakespeare .

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The marriage of true minds by william shakespeare

Sonnet – a fourteen line poem with pattern of abab rhyme pattern for first twelve lines and last two lines are a rhyming couplet (aa).

“The Marriage of True Minds”

by William Shakespeare

“The Marriage of True Minds”by William ShakespeareMeaning- this is a love poem. Shakespeare argues that LOVE is NOT love if it alters over the years or if it is shaken by storms (fights). So love lasts forever and fights cannot end it. If love DOES change or end, then it was never love in the first place. He says if he is wrong then he never wrote a word and there is no such concept as love.QUOTE – the whole poem is the sonnet so there is no quote.EFFECT – a sonnet is brief so it offers a strong message in a small space.

The writer by richard wilbur extended metaphor
“The Writer” by Richard WilburExtended Metaphor

  • A metaphor is a comparison of TWO vastly different objects/concepts, etc. When it is extended it runs through a whole verse or a whole poem instead of just one or two lines.

  • Quote:

  • “…prow…tossed…chain hauled over a gunwale…great cargo…lucky passage”

  • And

  • “…starling…trapped…affright it…sleek, wild, dark…iridescent creature…humped and bloody…lifted off…smooth course…clearing the sill”


  • The first quote compares the writer (poet’s daughter) and her journey to that of a ship carrying a cargo. This helps us understand that the writer is working hard as a ship would be that is hauling a heavy cargo.

  • The second quote compares the writer’s journey to that of a bird trying to find it’s way out of a room. At first the bird keeps hitting the window glass, but eventually it escapes. This suggests she is struggling to find her way with her story, but she eventually succeeds and finishes her story.

Meaning of the writer
Meaning of “The Writer”

  • The poet is hearing his daughter struggle with a difficult story she is attempting to write. She is heavily burdened and works hard. She finds it difficult to proceed – perhaps she has writer’s block – but eventually she is able to finish the story. Her dad sees she takes her writing very seriously and is proud of her.

Young by anne sexton
“Young” by Anne Sexton

  • Device is Hyperbole

  • Hyperbole is exaggeration for humorous effect or to emphasize a point. It is figurative language and belongs in the family of simile, metaphor, and personification.

  • QUOTE: “A thousand doors ago”

  • “…a million leaves”

  • EFFECT – these quotes emphasize that the poem is set a long time ago and seem to emphasize the girl’s sadness.


  • The poem seems autobiographical (Anne later took her own life). She is depressed as she passes through adolescence. She notices that her body is becoming a woman’s body. She feels she cannot talk to her parents who are either angry or closed off from her. She is from a wealthy family, but she is lonely.

Mending wall by robert frost
“Mending Wall” by Robert Frost

  • Device is symbol

  • A symbol is a person, place, an object, or an activity that stands for something beyond itself. In the story “The Most Dangerous Game,” a rocky bay represents danger and challenge for Sanger Rainsford. The chateau represents civilization which exists nowhere on the island.

Mending wall
“Mending Wall”

  • Quote – “Good fences make good neighbours”

  • EFFECT – compares the ‘mental wall’ the neighbor has put up between Robert and he to an actual fence or wall they are repairing in the spring.

  • Meaning

  • Robert Frost lives in New England in a rural area. His neighbor likes to keep a wall (both literally and figuratively) between them. Each spring the men meet up to repair the wall where stones have fallen off. The gardens only have orchards, no cows that might stray, yet the wall must always be rebuilt. When Robert asks his neighbor why they must always rebuild the wall, he always states the old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors.”