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Confucianism. Yena Shin Lynn Hong. Confuciansim. Religion’s Gods: None Established by Confucius. Beliefs. Confucianism=System of Ethics Divine Order : Personal Virtue=Political Stability Emphasis on both Social Hierarchy and Virtuous Leaders. Religious Practices.

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Yena Shin

Lynn Hong


Religion’s Gods: None

Established by Confucius


  • Confucianism=System of Ethics

  • Divine Order:

    Personal Virtue=Political Stability

  • Emphasis on both

    Social Hierarchy and Virtuous Leaders

Religious practices
Religious Practices

  • Personal Restraint

  • Obedience and Respect

  • Knowing One’s Place (Even under bad rulers!)

  • Eagerness for Service and Education


  • Daily Life=Rituals

    -->No emphasis on ceremonies

  • Shape rituals to form a healthy society and healthy people

Role of women
Role of Women

  • Women serve men

  • Men treat women decently in return

  • Clear roles

  • Gain power through sons or as mothers-in-law

The book of faith
The Book of Faith

  • Confucius’ Analects: a book of quotes from Confucius and his discussions with his disciples.

Interactions with other religions
Interactions with other religions

Buddhism: Not so smooth…

Accepted in war,

dismissed in peace

-> Confucianism better for ruling

Interactions with other religions1
Interactions with other religions

Daoism: Follow the way, coexist

Disagreement, but Daoism posed

little political threat

Interactions with other religions2
Interactions with other religions

Legalism: NO WAY MAN!

Strong disagreement

Confucianism=not enough discipline

Confucius says
Confucius Says:

“Part with the food. From of old, death has been the lot of humanity; but if the people have no faith in their rulers, there is no standing for the state.”


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