Why Point of Sale Product Management Software is a Must for Retailers
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Why Point of Sale Product Management Software is a Must for Retailers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why point of sale product management software is a must for retailers

Why Point of Sale Product Management Software is a Must for Retailers

It doesn’t matter If you have just a few products of a huge number of them, with the use of the POS

Product Management Software, you can manage the products quite uncomplicated. Here are the

benefits of having Vend’s product management software implemented in your POS system.

You can import products in bulk

If you import a CSV file in your system, migrating products from your old POS or ecommerce is very easy.

Different variants and composites of your products

With this software, you can create different product colors, sizes, or basically any variations you require.

You can create product bundles, for example gift baskets, and that way create a totally new product, or

you can also make different products from one, for example, splitting a bottle of wine, by offering it by a

bottle or by a glass.

Labels and barcodes

This software allows you to use the barcodes that already exist in the products, or you can print new.

Furthermore, you can very easily add new products to sales, order new products, supplier returns or

stocktakes, just by using a Bluetooth or a USB barcode scanner.

You can organize your products

The POS product management software allows you to make categories of your products, and it can be

done by brand, product name, type of product, supplier, supplier code, SKU, handle, as well as by tag.

This way, you can easily create your own custom reports, check the number of items in your inventory

or manage your online store inventory.

Your product catalog can be centralized

If you create one central catalog of your products, and this software allows you to do that, you can sync

the products you have in all your channels. This way, you are preventing doubled entering of data as

well as reducing human made errors.

The management of pricing for all your channels as well as customer groups can be done in a minute

Your promotions can be automated

Creating the promotions has never been easier. With Vend Price Books, you can set discounts for items,

specify the minimum or the maximum number of items per a purchase, as well as set the date when the

discount ends, and the price will automatically change.

Create discounts in a particular store

You want to make an exclusive promotion in one of your stores, no problem. Discounts can be applied

to all your channels, but as well as on a single selected target store, or your online store.

Special pricing

You can create different prices for different customer groups.

Why point of sale product management software is a must for retailers

Have your most wanted items always in stock Retailers

Stock orders

This software allows you to quickly make stock orders by scanning the product barcodes, or uploading

CSV. Vend automatically sends your order to your supplier trough Email.

Automated stock orders

Don’t allow to have too little or too much stock. With this product software, you can set the allowed

level of stock, and every time a product goes below that level, vend automatically orders the preset

amount of stock from your supplier.

Running a successful retail store can have it’s challenges, but managing products, customers, sales, and

more shouldn’t be. Vend is one of the top point of sale technology companies around and is loved by

thousands of retail stores worldwide. To learn more about how their efficient product management

software can help you, go here today.