how many calories to lose weight l.
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How Many Calories to Lose Weight

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How Many Calories to Lose Weight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information on how many calories needed to lose weight.

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how many calories to lose weight
How Many Calories to Lose Weight

One of the Basic Question How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

how many calories should i intake to lose weight
How Many calories Should I Intake to Lose Weight?

If you Take 1,500 Calories a Day and you have a regular body type then you should have to reduce weight

bmr and weight loss
BMR and Weight Loss

BMR is the Basic Metabolic Rate

BMR is different for different people

Formula to calculate BMR-

BMR for Men

(6.3*weight(Ib) + 12.9*height(In) – 6.8*age(yrs)) + 66

BMR for Women

(4.3 x weight(lb)) + (4.7 x height(in)) - (4.7 x age(yrs)) + 655

diet pills to lose weight
Diet Pills to Lose Weight
  • It assures total weight loss.
  • No Need to Take Any Special Efforts Such as Exercises
  • Most Convenient and Easy
  • It will help you to Lose Weight

calories burned walking
Calories Burned Walking
  • Walking is the Best Way to Burned Calories
  • Walk While you are Taking Over the Phone and Reading
  • Instead of Using the Lifts you should opt for Stairs

low calorie foods
Low Calorie Foods
  • You should also maintain a record of all the food stuffs
  • Prepare a list of all the low calorie diet
  • Keep a track of your calorie intake

low calorie recipes
Low Calorie Recipes
  • Low calorie recipes and will help you to burn down the extra calories
  • You should include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet