Nokia and w3c
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Nokia and W3C. Ari Jaaksi Art Barstow. Rationale. Nokia believes open standards are essential for its products and businesses Minimizing the fragmentation of the market and enabling interoperability will stimulate the growth of mobile services.

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Nokia and w3c

Nokia and W3C

Ari Jaaksi

Art Barstow


  • Nokia believes open standards are essential for its products and businesses

    • Minimizing the fragmentation of the market and enabling interoperability will stimulate the growth of mobile services.

  • The W3C is a premier organization for open, web-related standards. Nokia has been a member of the W3C since 1995

  • Many of the W3C's "7 Goals and Operating Principles“, such as Universal Access, Trust, Interoperability, Evolvability, and Cooler MultiMedia, map well into Nokia's interests


  • Nokia's leadership in the W3C has been recognized by the W3C's Advisory Committee through the election of Nokia's Ora Lassila to the W3C's Advisory Board

  • Several of Nokia's browsers conform to W3C's Markup Language specifications (e.g. XHTML, CSS, etc.) – supporting wireless moving towards W3C recommendations

  • Nokia currently supports seven Working Group participants

    • Web Services Description and Architecture - interested in E2E solutions

    • Scalable Vector Graphics [editor]

    • Resource Description Framework [editor]- metadata format for the web

    • Web Ontology - vocabularies for the Semantic Web

    • Multimodal Interaction and Voice Browser

    • Composite Capability / Personal Preferences (CC/PP) [editor] - framework for defining vocabularies for device capabilities and user preferences

    • Device Independence - device-independent authoring; vocabularies for device description

Open mobile alliance
Open Mobile Alliance

  • The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to grow the market for the entire mobile industry by removing the barriers to global user adoption and by ensuring seamless application interoperability while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation.

  • The charter for the Open Mobile Alliance is to:

    • Deliver responsive and high-quality open standards and specifications based upon market and customer requirements

    • Establish centers of excellence for best practices and conduct interoperability testing (IOT), including multi-standard interoperability to ensure seamless user experience

    • Create and promote common industry view on an architectural framework

    • Be the catalyst for the consolidation of standards fora; working in conjunction with other existing standards organizations and groups such as IETF, 3GPP, 3GPP2, W3C, JCP


  • The W3C must continue to innovate to remain relevant

  • Innovation must produce open platforms and standards

  • Nokia supports openness and freedom to implement standard technologies

    • As an example:

  • But, eliminating Reasonable and Non-discrimanatory (RAND) licensing terms from W3C specifications may reduce the quality of W3C specs, make the W3C less relevant and reduce participation by W3C Members

Regarding Essential claims in respect of the Web Services Description specifications in W3C standardisation, to the extent those Essential claims are included into the final Web Services Description specifications in W3C standards, Nokia and its Affiliates agrees not to assert those claims in Nokia patents that are technically necessary to implement those parts of the final Web Services Description specifications against any other party in respect of its implementation of the specification, provided that the party relying on this commitment agrees not to assert patents against Nokia or its Affiliates.


  • It is important for Nokia to have a free and open forum for internet standardization

  • Nokia works through W3C to maintain and further enhance open internet. W3C is the vehicle for this work.

    W3C – welcome to Tampere.