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Christmas. Christmas is the largest celebration of the year. It starts on the 24 th of December and finishes on the 6 th of January. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, in the manger in Bethlehem. Preparations. Preparations begin early. They include Making the crib.

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  • Christmas is the largest celebration of the year. It starts on the 24th of December and finishes on the 6th of January.
  • It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, in the manger in Bethlehem.
  • Preparations begin early. They include
  • Making the crib.
  • Making the cake and pudding.
  • Shopping for presents and food.
  • Buying the tree.
  • Decorating the house.
  • Wrapping presents.
  • Mass.
the making of the crib
The making of the crib
  • All across the country primary schools compete to make the best crib. The crib is a replica of the stable baby Jesus was born in.
  • Children in schools also make decorations which are taken out of storage and used for years.
8 th of december
8th of December
  • The 8th of December is a holy day, called the Feast of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • This is a day where Catholic schools are closed.
  • It is an old tradition for country people to come up to the city for their Christmas shopping on this day.

Shops, streets and homes are decorated for Christmas. Decorations are traditionally holly and ivy which people gathered in the woods. People often cut down their own Christmas tree also.

Now Christmas lights, ornaments and candles are frequently used.

In Ireland it is said that it is bad luck to take down your Christmas decorations before Little Christmas, 6th January.

the mistletoe
The mistletoe
  • This is a plant called the mistletoe that people hang off their lights and if you are unfortunate enough to be under it you must share a kiss with the other person under it .
  • Two people that stand under the mistletoe share a kiss.
irish christmas pudding
Irish Christmas pudding
  • The Christmas pudding must be prepared months before Christmas.
  • A common ingredient of an Irish Christmas pudding is traditional Irish whisky to preserve the pudding.
  • A rich fruit cake is also made early for Christmas.
candle in the window
Candle in the window

In Ireland this is a symbol of hospitality to light the Candle and put it in the window.

This is always done on Christmas Eve.

christmas stockings
Christmas stockings
  • It is a Christmas tradition for Irish people to hang stockings on the fire place.
  • They do this on Christmas Eve.
  • Young children do this so Santa can put gifts in them.

Children receive gifts from

Santa in their stockings.

Bigger gifts are put under the

Christmas tree.

Families and friends

exchange presents at


coal for christmas
Coal for Christmas
  • Irish children are told by their parents that they will get a sack of black coal for Christmas if they are not good. This is an old myth used to scare young children so they will be well behaved for Christmas and it is still used today.
  • Children were also told that Santa’s birds would tell him if they mis-behaved.
selection boxes
Selection boxes
  • In Ireland your relatives usually give you a selection box which contains a lot of the best chocolates on the market.
kris kindle
Kris Kindle
  • In recent times the Kris kindle has become popular in Ireland. It is mainly done in the work place or in school.
  • Names of the people involved are put in a hat or bag and everyone takes a name out and buys that person a present.
christmas mass
Christmas mass
  • This is the busiest day for the Catholic church as it is a typical Irish tradition to go to church on the night of Christmas Eve. This is called midnight mass.
  • Many Christmas Day masses are also held.
christmas dinner
Christmas dinner
  • The traditional dinner consists of
  • Turkey and ham.
  • Stuffing.
  • Roast potatoes.
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Sprouts.
  • Other vegetables.
  • Christmas cake and pudding.
procession of the wren
Procession of the wren
  • This takes place on St. Steven’s Day, the day after Christmas Day.
  • This is an old Irish tradition where a family dress up in old clothes and blackened faces and carry a pole and a holly bush from house to house. The wren (a very small bird) would then be chased, killed and put on top off the pole.
  • This tradition has faded but families still visit one another on Stephen’s day.
nollaig na mban
Nollaig na mban
  • Little Christmas also known as women's Christmas. It is celebrated on January the 6th.
  • This is an old Irish tradition where men took on the household duties for the day.
  • Women were then free to do what they wanted for the day.
nollaig na mban1
Nollaig na Mban.
  • Children often bought presents for their mothers or grandmothers on this day
  • Women were served in pubs and restaurants on this particular day. In olden days women would not be served in pubs.
  • This day is the end of Christmas. All decorations can be taken down now.