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How to Prepare for USLME? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Prepare for USLME?

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How to Prepare for USLME? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The medical students of the United States and the students who have studied medicine but not in the United States and wants to have licensure to practice medicine in the United States.

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How to Prepare for USMLE? 

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 examination is held

for the medical students of the United States. The exam is to evaluate whether a student

who is studying medicine or is a graduate can apply the primary concepts of medical

sciences that are required for medical practice. It is also taken to verify that a student

will be able to carry on licensed medical practice in the United States through his

medical knowledge. The medical students of the United States and the students who

have studied medicine but not in the United States and wants to have licensure to

practice medicine in the United States.

About the Examination

The USMLE examination is a held in a single day. It is basically a computer-based

examination held once in a year. This is one of the toughest professional examinations.







It is composed of seven sections and each of the seven sections has 40 questions. It is

an eight-hour long examination. The questions are all multiple-choice types with four

answers. There are total 280 questions. Each section has been allotted almost an hour

time to complete.

The candidate is given 45 minutes break session during the entire eight-hour long

examination. It becomes extremely exhausting for the student who is appearing for the

examination. A tutorial of 15 minutes is also conducted at the beginning of the

examination which that candidate can skip if he wants to. This extra 15 minutes will be

later added to the break session of the candidate. This session helps the students to relax

their nerves.

How to prepare?

The United States Medical Licensing Examination can scare any student. So a student

needs to be very attentive from the initials days of his medical course to crack this

examination. It is not at all easy to pass this examination. Often students don’t have

enough materials to study. It is always recommended to find ​online usmle

preparation courses​​. ​​There are many authentic course materials found the internet.

They can help the students to prepare for the exam. There are books also available for

the course, but they often tend to scare the students.

Since times have changed and now we are technologically very advanced, so students

can take and learn the chapters through the preparation courses available online. It

helps the students to learn their syllabus better and more efficiently. The students must

take this exam very seriously as their future depends on this examination.

● Proper knowledge of the subjects is very important.

● The syllabus of each subject should be known properly.







● The online USMLE preparation courses materials can be used for the


● Studying regularly is essential for the exam. Since it is multiple choice answer

examination so every topic needs proper attention.

● A proper guidance can help the students to overcome their fears. So, the student

should talk about it to the doctors who have passed the examination in the

previous years.

Score System

The examination has a typical scoring system. The scores are given on a percentile basis.

It is a three-digit score system. The score of the exam is usually used by hospitals to

decide whether the student is qualified for the fellowship. The score is taken on a

maximum of 300. Earlier the authorities used to provide a two-digit score. Moreover,

the two-digit score was unable to provide the proper percentile of a candidate. This

scorecard is very crucial for the medical students.

How do Online USMLE preparation courses help?

This course requires comprehensive knowledge of the basic sciences and the basics of all

the subjects taught in the initial days of the medical course. To acquire good result in the

examination, the candidate must have a detailed knowledge of science. The examination

checks the depth of the knowledge. There are many sites on the internet where online

USMLE preparation courses are available​. The Online ​USMLE preparation

courses ​​help a student to acquire good percentile in the examination. They also help a

candidate to check the pattern of the questions and give the appropriate solutions to

their difficulties. These Online USMLE preparation courses ​​are much updated and give

a comprehensive knowledge of every subject. The students must study more than 10

subjects to pass this examination and it is not possible for a person to keep track of every







subject. The Online USMLE preparation courses ​​are prepared in such a way that it

makes very easy for the students to memorize them.

The USMLE examination is one of the most difficult examinations as it takes extensive

studies to pass the examination. The students must be very active and attentive

throughout their entire medical study course. The ​Online USMLE preparation

courses ​​are not only for passing the test but also help a candidate to prepare for the