what you should know about steel shot n.
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Steel Shot Blasting in Dubai, UAE - Euroblast PowerPoint Presentation
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Steel Shot Blasting in Dubai, UAE - Euroblast

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Steel Shot Blasting in Dubai, UAE - Euroblast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shot Blasting UAE - quick and affordable cleaning service from Euroblast UAE. Cleans bricks, metal, wood, concrete and more more information contact us now!\nVisit: http://www.euroblastme.com/products/abrasives-and-minerals/abrasives/steelshot\n

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about steel shot abrasive

Steel shot abrasive is a spherical product of hypereutectoid steel which is also known as ball shot. This product provides the highest performance. This abrasive is widely used in many sectors.

There are many more benefits that make this abrasive material one of its kind as well as the number one choice.

It leaves minimum dust, which is the best feature. The alternative cutting method is also good process but it leaves lot of dust that makes the surrounding dirty.

popular grades of ball shot abrasive blasting

Popular Grades of Ball Shot Abrasive Blasting Media

S170 – Grain size – 0.42 -0.71 mm

S330 – Grain size – 0.85 -1.20 mm

S460 – Grain size – 1.20 -1.70 mm

steel ball shot abrasive benefits the steel ball


The steel ball shot does not break down, that result in minimal dust

Made from good abrasive material that provide no wear and damage to machines

Hard – Average Hardness greater or equal to 46-51 HRC

As this abrasive leave low dust, the cleaning & maintenance require is much less

The life of this steel balls are longer so you can use them multiple times

people who are looking for steel shot in dubai

People who are looking for steel shot in Dubai, can get them easily via online search. There are plenty of companies available who provide standard quality steel shots. Always check the quality and the material of the ball shots.

choose the company that provides you the standard

Choose the company that provides you the standard quality steel shots at affordable prices.

Euroblast : www.euroblastme.com

Contact Us : +971 4 282 4400