A country s most devastating natural disaster in a century
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2011 brazil floods - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A country’s most devastating natural disaster in a century. . 2011 brazil floods. Rio de Janeiro . Location of Flooding. Natural Disaster. More rainfall than the expected monthly amount Worst natural disaster since 1900 Many rivers flooded from the mass rainfall. Flooding Facts.

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Natural disaster l.jpg
Natural Disaster century.

  • More rainfall than the expected monthly amount

  • Worst natural disaster since 1900

  • Many rivers flooded from the mass rainfall

Flooding facts l.jpg
Flooding Facts century.

  • 24 hours between January 11-12 of 2011

  • 6,000 people lost homes

  • 806 confirmed dead

What went wrong l.jpg
What went wrong? century.

  • A periodic cooling of the eastern Pacific, La Niña, is affecting the weather around the world.

  • Catastrophic rains have become more frequent in Brazil (and elsewhere)

  • Part of the problem is the rapid growth of the mountain region, now home to 600,000 people.

    • More deaths in the favelas because the homes are flimsier, most lack foundations, and are located in steep areas known to be at high risk of mudslides

Towns affected l.jpg
Towns Affected century.

  • Nova Friburgo

  • Teresópolis

  • Petrópolis

  • Sumidouro, São José do Vale do Rio Preto and Areal

    • Preto and Piabanha Rivers

  • 40 miles North of Rio

Mudslides l.jpg
Mudslides century.

  • 8,000 people have had to abandon their houses for the fear of future mudslides to their area

  • Many people still missing

Rescue operations l.jpg
Rescue operations century.

  • 700 soldiers sent to help in the Serrana area, north of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Rescue operations

    are being done by

    ground and air

Rescue continued l.jpg
Rescue continued century.

  • Tents are being flown to the area to house some of the 13,400 people who have lost or abandoned their homes in the disaster.

  • 8,000 food baskets have been deployed

Government action l.jpg
Government action century.

  • President DilmaRousseff

    said “we are going to take

    firm action”

  • Sergio Cabral, governor of Rio de Janerio: “We have to rebuild road access, restore food, in this process of taking care of the survivors. This is our first step.”

Disaster prevention and the government l.jpg
Disaster prevention and the Government century.

  • The federal government budgeted 442m reais ($263m) for disaster prevention last year

  • But only 139m reais was actually spent.

  • Less than 1% of money for preventive works in a big federal investment plan was used in Rio de Janeiro state last year

Slow reaction to floods l.jpg
Slow reaction to Floods century.

  • "There is a culture in Brazil of waiting for something to happen and then responding to it," agency head Humberto Vianna was quoted as saying by the Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Housing in high risk areas l.jpg
Housing in High Risk Areas century.

  • The government allowed people to build homes in areas known to become dangerously unstable in the rainy season.

  • People built houses

    on steeply sloping

    areas and right next

    to rivers

New prevention plan l.jpg
New Prevention Plan century.

  • National System for Prevention and Early Warning of Natural Disasters

    • The Brazilian government has said it will set up an early warning system to alert communities of impending danger.

    • New radar system

    • National Prevention Center to be coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Cost around $288 million

  • 4 years to operate

Brazil rebuilding l.jpg
Brazil Rebuilding century.

  • The state government/local construction companies donating a reported 2,000 houses to mudslide victims

  • Luiz Fernando Pezao (vice-governor)

Health concerns l.jpg
Health Concerns century.

  • Health officials fear outbreak of diseases

  • Large amounts of contaminated water throughout affected area puts citizens at risk

Health concerns cont l.jpg
Health Concerns Cont. century.

  • Leptospirosis is most feared disease.

  • Outbreaks of hepatitis A and typhoid fever are also feared.

Health concerns cont19 l.jpg
Health Concerns Cont. century.

  • Leptospirosis is easily treatable but can result in death without proper medical attention.

  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid fever are also treatable but can become problematic without medical attention.

Impact on rio l.jpg
Impact on Rio century.

  • Rio has lost its most reliable resource of fruit and vegetables because farms are buried by mud and rock.

  • This sent the prices rocketing

Criticism of government l.jpg
Criticism of Government century.

  • Complaints that the authorities have been too slow to bring supplies of water, food and medicines.

  • Brazil has the scientific know-how for preventing and managing floods, but the government failed to harness it adequately

Criticism of government22 l.jpg
Criticism of Government century.

  • The officials were not dropping off food or water, only rescuing injured people

  • The rescuers are not efficiently helping to find survivors or the bodies of loved ones

Comparison to australia l.jpg
Comparison to Australia century.

December 2010

43 towns, 3,500 people and 1,400 properties affected.

17 people reported dead

Officials developed early-warning systems and evacuation guides

Better drainage infrastructure and better quality housing

Citizens reaction l.jpg
Citizens’ Reaction century.

  • Volunteering

    • Helping with the sites where the mudslides happened

    • distribution of donations

    • coordination of the aid to be able to shelter all the people left homeless

Discussion questions l.jpg
Discussion Questions century.

  • Do you think that income inequality within the region affected by the flooding was a factor in government response?

  • Do you think that because this is a new administration it affected the way rescue operations and disaster prevention was handled?

  • How do you think the Brazilian government’s response compares to the U.S. government’s response to the Katrina disaster in New Orleans?

Sources l.jpg
Sources century.

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