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Smartwater is a forensic coding system, which protects your home and deters burglars from stealing your property. It comes in various forms from an alarm-operated spray that covers offenders in the liquid (mainly for commercial use) or in a property marking kit form (ideal for domestic items). The liquid glows under Ultra Violet light and is forensically detectable in the same way as DNA. The liquid in each Smartwater pack is unique to each household.

The Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships believe that a significant uptake in the use of this product can have a major effect on reducing crime in the area as well as helping to identify offenders.




Apply Smartwater to all your Possessions

Traditional property marking systems cannot code your possessions like Smartwater can. With Smartwater not only can you code your television and other electrical items, you can even code your jewellery and sentimental items safely and discretely. You can code pretty much anything with Smartwater: tools, golf clubs, garden furniture. It’s so easy to apply! Just dab Smartwater into the nooks and crannies of the item you are coding and it will be virtually impossible to remove entirely. We will only need a tiny speck to identify the property as yours – and if it’s been stolen, the Police can arrest, prosecute and convict the burglar, based on irrefutable evidence.

Advantages of Smartwater:

Stays on items for 100 years – it can’t be totally removed.

Marking liquid is unique to your property.

Used commercially and in larger domestic premises in spray form.

Mystique created amongst offenders who are afraid of it! When you display the Smartwater warning labels offenders will not know whether this is due to property marking or alarm linked spray system.

All offenders will be checked in the custody suites for any signs of Smartwater and the word will get around that there is no escaping this deterrent.

If you move home you do not have to re-code your valuables you simply amend your registration details.


Why use Smartwater?

Smartwater can’t be totally removed, as with conventional UV marker pen.

If Smartwater can’t be removed what happens if I sell an item?

Smartwater will only fulfil its role if the property is stolen or lost by the owner. At that point the reputable outlets where these may be sold and the police will be able to check recovered property. The registered address will be starting point to find out if it was stolen, lost or was sold.

How can it be identified as my property?

The liquid in each pack of product is unique and is registered to you.

If I move house do I have to re-register?

Yes. A call to Smartwater will be required and they will change the details held on the database. This is explained in the pack.

Advantages of this offer:

Heavily discounted price.

If bought directly through Smartwater Ltd there is a need to re-register every 2 years, but through this scheme there is an agreement that this will NOT be necessary.

Significant publicity in this major launch.

Also being launched in commercial premises.


Is more expensive than coding pen.

If you move house you would have to change your registration details.


If you would like to buy a pack please fill in the form below (Please use capital letters) and return it to:


Cheltenham Police Station

FREEPOST (GR 1430/1)

Talbot House

Lansdown Road


GL51 6BR

with a cheque for £15 made out to Gloucestershire Constabulary.

SmartWater REALLY works as a deterrent

  • ·Oldham - 62% reduction in burglary
  • ·West Midlands - 74% reduction in burglary
  • ·Nottingham - Repeat burglaries reduced by 95%
  • Source:Police Statistics.

SmartWater has helped to reduce burglary by five times the national average*