Direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing
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Direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing

Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Marketing

Power Point by Joshua Friesen

Direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing

How can DTCPA be reformed so as to make it a beneficial practice for patients?

But why does it need to be reformed?

Direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing
FDA practice for patients?

  • Under staffed

  • Low funding

  • Complicated red tape

  • FDA Regulation

  • Not be false or misleading

  • Present a “fair balance” of information

  • Include facts

  • Brief Summary

Direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing

Direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing

>55,000 DEATHS practice for patients?

$321 million fine

$4.85 billion payout to patients

Delay advertising for new products
Delay Advertising for New Products practice for patients?

  • Special symbol the first two years a drug is on the market

  • Delayed advertising until full drug safety profile is complete

  • Clinical trials are not designed to detect rare adverse effects

  • Blockbuster sellers are promoted early in their life

Ban qualifying language in dtc
Ban Qualifying practice for patients?Language in DTC

“Relapanaxis generally very well tolerated. Side effects tend to be mild and often go away in a short time. If side effects do occur they may include: nausea, upset stomach and diarrhea. It is important for you to know that few people were bothered enough by these side effects to stop taking Relapanax.””

“The most common side effects were headache (3%) and stomach ache (2%). Side effects generally did not last for a long time. All side effects disappeared within two weeks. Very few people (1%) stopped taking Relapanax due to these side effects.’’

Require pre clearance by the fda
Require Pre-clearance by the practice for patients?FDA

  • Mandatory preclearance procedure

  • Pay user fees

  • Increase resources of FDA

  • Regulation of online advertising

  • 50% though ads had to be approved by government

  • 43% though medication had to be completely safe to be advertised

  • 22% though that drugs known to have serious side effects couldn’t be advertised

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Work Cited practice for patients?

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