marcellus shale air sampling project l.
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Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project

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Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project. Nick Lazor Chief, Air Quality Monitoring Division Bureau of Air Quality PA Department of Environmental Protection Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project Goals.

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marcellus shale air sampling project

Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project

Nick Lazor

Chief, Air Quality Monitoring Division

Bureau of Air Quality

PA Department of Environmental Protection

marcellus shale air sampling project goals
Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project Goals
  • The Bureau of Air Quality developed a sampling protocol for approximately 48 compounds volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.
  • In collaboration with DEP’s Bureau of Laboratories (BOL), the Mobile Analytical Unit (MAU) has been deployed for this initiative
    • Many of the gas exploration operations are located in remote locations.
  • The MAU is used on-site for short-term sampling; this

unit will also provide meteorological data.

description of marcellus shale air sampling project
Description of Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project
  • In April 2010, sampling was conducted at an upwind background site.
  • Ambient samples are being collected at or near four gas extraction sites in the Southwest region (Washington and Greene Counties).
  • Concurrent samples will be collected using SUMMA canisters to assess population exposure.
status of marcellus shale sampling in the southwest region
Status of Marcellus Shale Sampling in the Southwest Region
  • SWRO Sampling Effort
    • Background sampling event complete (Florence, PA)
    • Two of four industry oriented sampling events complete (Stewart Compressor Station and Cross Creek Tank Farm)
    • The 3rd source-oriented sampling event is scheduled for June 28, 2010
    • Coordinating for access to a wastewater impoundment.
marcellus shale air sampling locations
Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Locations
  • Logistics for sampling in the Northcentral (Bradford and Tioga Counties) region are being developed in consultation with the Northcentral Regional Office. Sampling is tentatively schedule to begin in early July 2010.
  • In addition, sampling will occur in the Northeast region (i.e., Susquehanna County) in the fall 2010.
marcellus shale air sampling schedule












Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Schedule

Expected Timeline

SWRO Sampling

NCRO Sampling

NERO Sampling

source categories
Source Categories
  • DEP’s sampling initiative is focusing mainly on the following:
    • Compressor Stations
    • Wellheads
    • Drip (Condensate) Tanks
    • Wastewater Impoundments
    • Flaring Operations
technology utilized during the marcellus shale air sampling project
Technology Utilized During the Marcellus Shale Air Sampling Project
  • The Mobile Analytical Unit utilizes Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) and Open Path Fourier Transform Infrared (OPFTIR) samplers to analyze for VOC’s related to gas extraction operations.
  • Additional samples are being collected downwind from selected sites utilizing SUMMA canisters (passive sampling devices)
team resources for marcellus air sampling project
Team/Resources for Marcellus Air Sampling Project
  • The project is managed by the Bureau of Air Quality in cooperation with:
    • The Bureau of Laboratories
    • The Bureau of Oil & Gas
    • Regional Air Quality and Oil & Gas personnel
  • Samples are being analyzed by the BOL in Harrisburg.
  • We have also conferred with the Bureau of Radiation Protection concerning radionuclides, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM).
next steps
Next Steps
  • Following the completion of the short-term Marcellus Shale monitoring initiative, the Department will:
    • determine if follow-up monitoring should be conducted after the MAU results are analyzed;
    • determine if the sampling initiative should be expanded.
    • determine if long-term special project monitors should be installed at certain locations.
    • prepare a report of the findings
next steps11
Next Steps
  • Continue to pursue collaborations with the U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory during its monitoring initiative in western Pennsylvania.
    • Hickory, Washington County
    • Kane Experimental Forest (east edge of the Allegheny Forest), Elk County
    • Bradford Ranger Station, McKean County
    • Hearts Content National Recreation Area, Warren County

Nick Lazor

Division of Air Quality Monitoring