magnetic hills in the czech republi c n.
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Magnetic hills in the Czech Republi c PowerPoint Presentation
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Magnetic hills in the Czech Republi c

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Magnetic hills in the Czech Republi c - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Magnetic hills in the Czech Republi c. Vortexes. Localities in the C zech R epublic. Localities in the world.

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localities in the world
Localities in the world
  • Lifidra (Greece) * Carn Ingli, Preseli Hills (Wales, UK) * Rocca di Papa, hill "Head of the World“, 30 km from Rome (Italy)* Mystery Spot at Santa Cruz (California, USA) * so-called Oregon vortex (Oregon, USA) * Los Banos - Magnetic Hill (Philippines) * Moonbi - Gravity Hill (New South Wales, Australia) * Richmond - Magnetic Hill (New South Wales, Australia) * A road in Township in Mountain Bowen, east of Richmond * Peterborough - Magnetic Hill (South Australia, Australia) * Moncton - Magnetic Hill (New Brunswick, Canada) * Burlington - Magnetic Hill (Ontario, Canada) * Dacre. Magnetic Hill (Ontario, Canada) * Chartierville, Magnetic Hill ( Quebec, Canada) * the hill is 2.2km from New Hampshire Barahona Cabral * Magnetic Pole (Dominican Rep.) * Aston Clinton - Gravity Hill (England, UK) * Ayrshire - Electric Brae From Ayr (Scotland, UK) * The road A719 south of Dunure Leh * Magnetic Hill (Jammu – Kashmir, India) * Helena, Gravity Hill (Arkansas, USA) * Rohnert Park, Gravity Hill (California, USA) * Lake Wales, Spook Hill (Florida, USA) * Mooresville, Gravity Hill (Indiana, USA) * Princeton, Gravity Hill (Kentucky, USA * Burkittsville, Spook Hill (Maryland, USA) * Arcadia, Gravity Hill (Michigan, USA) * Rose City, Magnetic Hill (Michigan, USA) * Springer, Magnetic Hill (Oklahoma, USA) * Harrisburg, Gravity Hill (Pennsylvania, USA) * New Paris, Gravity Hill Remember (Pennsylvania, USA) * Shullsburg, Gravity Hill near White's Hill (Wisconsin, USA)
problem of hypotheses
Problem of hypotheses
  • Optical illusion?
  • Gravitational anomaly?
  • Magnetic anomaly?
  • Anomaly in the subbase?
  • Geological fault?
  • Ley lines?
measurement and possibilities
Measurement and possibilities
  • In case that it is necessary to measure gravity, it cannot be measured the instruments that work on the gravity principle (spirit level, etc.)
  • It is necessary to measure outside the area there the anomaly occurs
  • Using a GPS, altimeter, etc.
municipality svat district beroun
Municipality Svatá (district Beroun)
  • Here you can see from both sides that the road runs downhill
  • Obviously it is an optical illusion because the road runs through a hill side cut
  • Very nice place
  • Place of iron ore mining
  • Here we performed measurement each five meters using a spirit level that indicated the same inclination from the municipality Svatá
munisipality ka erov district rychnov nad kn nou
Munisipality Kačerov (districtRychnov nad Kněžnou
  • The most interesting locality
  • The coordinates on the map are different from what you see
  • The road is not straight; it has no permanent inclination
  • However cars go uphill and downhill it does not start moving and does not accelerate even in the steepest slope
municipality moravsk t ebov district svitavy
Municipality Moravská Třebová(district Svitavy)
  • Here we found a logical paradox; one road underpasses the other and according to the moving of objects both of them should run uphill
the psychotronics and ufo club
The Psychotronics and UFO Club
  • Member of theEast European Association of Researchers of Anomalous Phenomena