ictw 15 25 september 2012
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ICTW #15 25 September 2012

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ICTW #15 25 September 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICTW #15 25 September 2012. Heading :. Left hand side of the paper IN THIS ORDER: First and Last Name ICTW # Date (MLA format) Period. For example: Aaron Rogers ICTW #15 25 September 2012 Period 2/3/5/6. Art focus: Point of View .

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ictw 15 25 september 2012
ICTW #15

25 September 2012


Left hand side of the paper


First and Last Name


Date (MLA format)


For example:

Aaron Rogers

ICTW #15

25 September 2012

Period 2/3/5/6

art focus point of view
Art focus: Point of View

These questions are on the handout. Please complete the writing in your notes based on the painting on the next slide.

  • Describe this painting in at least two sentences.
  • What do you think the relationship is between the characters? What do you see that makes you say that (evidence)?
  • How many different points of view are in the painting?
  • What viewpoints might not be so obvious?
  • What do you think is the artist’s point of view?
  • Choose two points of view in this painting.
    • Tell the story of this work of art from each point of view.
    • Imagine a dialogue between the characters.
  • How is the story different if told from each character’s point of view?
on tap
On tap:
  • ICTW: Art & Point of View
  • Activity
  • Mini-Lesson: Theme
  • “The Cask of Amontillado”
    • building schema
  • How does an author use details to convey the main idea of a text?
  • In your assigned groups:
    • Read the text provided.
    • Decide as a group with the main idea of the text is.
  • On the provided poster paper:
  • Write down the title and author (spelled correctly and title underlined)
  • 2. Write down the main idea of the story.
  • Come up with THREE specific details (quotes) from the text that show the main idea of the text.
      • These should be specific quotes (with quotation marks and page numbers).
mini lesson theme
Mini-Lesson: THEME
  • Guided notes! YAY!
  • Main idea of a story OR the point an author wants to make.
  • The theme is not usually directly stated –the reader must infer (dig and think!) the theme of a text
  • Artists and authors use
    • details
    • character
    • point of view
    • setting

to communicate a theme.

what is theme
What is Theme?
  • An insight about human life that is revealed in a literary work.
  • An underlying statement or idea that the writer wants to make about the subject of a literary work.
Which short story (that we’ve read as a class) matches this theme “statement?”
    • “Those who give of themselves are the wisest.”