financial aid office jill robertson director of financial aid finaid@mines edu 303 273 3220 n.
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Financial Aid Office Jill Robertson Director of Financial Aid 303-273-3220 PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Aid Office Jill Robertson Director of Financial Aid 303-273-3220

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Financial Aid Office Jill Robertson Director of Financial Aid 303-273-3220 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Aid Office Jill Robertson Director of Financial Aid 303-273-3220. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW . FERPA. We cannot speak to your parents regarding your financial aid Please help us to help your parents: Email us from your Mines email with parent’s questions

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Financial Aid Office Jill Robertson Director of Financial Aid 303-273-3220

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Presentation Transcript
  • We cannot speak to your parents regarding your financial aid
  • Please help us to help your parents:
    • Email us from your Mines email with parent’s questions
    • Come in with your parents
    • Set up a time to come in and we can call your parent
  • Telling them to contact us will only create frustration
financial aid
Financial Aid
  • Your aid should have credited to your account on Friday (8/20/10) IF:
    • All your documents and requirements were complete (ie verification docs, loan forms)
  • If the funds are not showing as credited on your billing statement, check the ‘Applicant Requirement’ tab on the Financial Aid section of Trailhead
  • Problem? Come see us or email us!
outside scholarships
Outside Scholarships
  • Per federal regulations, all outside scholarships must be reported to the Financial Aid Office even if the check is made out to the student.
  • You can report scholarships online using the form link under ‘Scholarships’ on the main Financial Aid website from
  • Submit all outside scholarship checks to the Financial Aid Office NOT the Cashier’s Office
satisfactory academic progress
Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Scholarships
    • 24 credit hours (fall/spring) and a 2.5 Cum GPA
    • Evaluate at the end of the academic year (spring)
    • Once you lose it, you lose it for good
  • All other aid
    • 12 credit hours per semester and a 2.0 semester GPA
    • Evaluate each semester
  • Emails will be sent to your Mines email account
  • Letter will also be mailed if terminated
  • There is an appeal process that will be outlined in the letter and email
never ending
Never Ending….
  • If you are receiving grants and/or student loans this requires the FAFSA to be completed ( and to us by:


  • File by March 15th to be safe
  • Biggest error – missing signatures
if you remember nothing else
If You Remember Nothing Else
  • Check your Mines email often
  • Place us in your contact list so does not go into spam
  • Check Trailhead often
  • Ask questions!

Bursar’s OfficeMichelle Hancocksturecv@mines.edu303-273-3158

accessing student account
Accessing Student Account
  • Self-Service Student on Trailhead , My Account Page( enables you to:
    • Access student bills
    • Enroll in eRefund
    • Set up Parent/Third Party Access to make payments and view bills
    • Enroll in My Payment Plan
    • Enroll in text message notifications
    • Pay tuition/fees online via Check or Credit Card
    • Etc.

Student Name



tuition fees
Tuition & Fees
  • Charges assessed each semester
  • All fees mandatory except for two:
    • Parking (Charged based on your parking selection during the registration of your vehicle)
    • Health Insurance
  • Descriptions of what fee covers available online
      • FY11 Fees
health insurance
Health Insurance
  • All students are required to have health insurance while attending CSM
  • Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan
    • Can be waived online through Trailhead
    • Must be waived by Census Date
    • Health Insurance Fee is not the same as the Health Services Charge, which cannot be waived
    • International Students cannot waive online
college opportunity fund cof
College Opportunity Fund (COF)
  • Provides a tuition stipend to students classified as residents
  • Set annually by the Colorado General Assembly
  • Currently $62.00 per credit hour
  • Will show as COF payment on student bill
receiving the cof stipend
Receiving the COF stipend
  • Apply at
  • Authorize CSM to use your COF funds through Trailhead
  • Once these steps are completed the stipend will be credited to the student account
  • Student responsible for COF amount if steps are not completed appropriately
  • Electronic Billing ONLY!
  • Tuition & Fees due first business day after Census Day
    • September 9th
  • There is a 5 business day grace period
  • Ensure Trailhead primary email is correct
  • Outstanding balances not covered by financial aid or tuition payment plan will be assessed a late fee of 1.5% monthly
    • A restrictive hold will be placed on the student account as well
  • Do not wait for an updated bill after schedule changes…
    • Trailhead should be checked regularly and any additional tuition/fees assessed should be paid immediately
  • Manually deduct expected financial aid, scholarships, COF, Heath Insurance, if applicable.
    • Check Trailhead often
sponsored students
Sponsored Students
  • ROTC Program
    • 45 days
  • Sponsor Authorization Form
  • Student Agreement Form
    • Available online
      • Due to the Student Receivables office by the first day of class
  • Any tuition and fees not covered by sponsor are due first business day after Census Day
payment plan
Payment Plan
  • $25.00 enrollment fee
  • Enroll online via Trailhead
  • Automatically withdraws funds from a credit card or bank account
  • Convenience fees apply for credit card use

Fall 2010 Plan

Start Offering Date – 04/19/2010

Final Offering Date – 09/22/2010

eNotification Date Last Enroll Date Due Dates

05/03/2010 05/05/2010

05/15/2010 05/22/2010 06/05/2010

06/15/2010 06/22/2010 07/05/2010

07/15/2010 07/22/2010 08/05/2010

08/15/2010 08/22/2010 09/05/2010

09/15/2010 09/22/2010 10/05/2010

  • Must submit refund request form
    • Cashier Office
    • Online
  • Receipt of disbursement: eRefund!
    • Checking or Savings
  • Student will see “ED-Informational Only” hold
  • Plus Loans
  • Refunds appear on the student account as a charge to offset the credit to bring the account to zero
deciding to attend another university
Deciding to attend another university?
  • Student must contact Admissions/Financial Aid to make a formal notification that you will not be attending CSM.
  • If they fail to meet the requirements for formal notification, the tuition charges will remain your personal obligation.
thank you
Thank you!