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ESU 4 Music Cadre February 13, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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ESU 4 Music Cadre February 13, 2013

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ESU 4 Music Cadre February 13, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gregg Robke , Suzanne Whisler, and . . . Judy Bush Dr. Glenn Nierman Matt Erb. ESU 4 Music Cadre February 13, 2013. Quick Write: Why is good instruction also good classroom management?. Share your thoughts with the people at your table. Today’s Agenda.

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ESU 4 Music Cadre February 13, 2013

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quick write why is good instruction also good classroom management
Quick Write: Why is good instruction also good classroom management?

Share your thoughts with the people at your table.

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Instructional Strategies that “Make Learning Stick”
  • Assessing Music Teacher Effectiveness
  • Update on Nebraska and National Standards
  • Update on Teacher Evaluations
  • Practical and Easy Technology Implementation in the K-12 Music Classroom
  • Closing

You have a

Share Sheet!

chunking instruction
Chunking Instruction
  • The brain needs time to create connections and pathways to move learning into long term memory.
  • The hippocampus can only hold so much
  • Too much, too fast, it won’t last.

Use the

10-2 rule

take off touch down1
Take Off…Touch Down
  • Students should move periodically to provide oxygen to the brain.
  • Good instruction is not related to good classroom management.
  • The brain needs oxygen for optimal learning.
  • For most students, provide 20 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes of processing.
  • Chunking instruction allows time for students to process information.
the teaching channel
The Teaching Channel

Poll Everywhere

learn 360 www learn360 com
Learn 360
  • Beethoven
exit cards
Exit Cards
walk and talk
Walk and Talk
  • Give students a prompt:
    • Define the terms allegro and largo.
    • How are they alike and different?
  • Ask them to form pairs or triads
  • Stand up, walk around the room, out in the hall, etc. and discuss their idea/answer with their partner(s).
carousel brainstorming
Carousel Brainstorming
  • Place topics on chart paper around the room
  • Divide students into small groups
  • Each group has a different color marker and goes to a different chart
  • Students write ideas/facts about the concept on the chart
  • Call time and rotate to next chart
  • Each time students arrive at new chart, they review what is already there and add to the list
assigning partners
Assigning Partners
  • Pair lower performing students with middle performing students
  • Give partners a number
  • Sit partners next to each other
  • Utilize triads when appropriate
  • Teach students the how and why of partners
simon says
Simon Says
  • Simon says – tap your head if you understood _________ from today’s lesson.
  • Simon says – hold your arms up if you didn’t understand ________.
  • Simon says – turn around if you understood ________.
  • Simon says – flap your arms if you know what _____ means.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The teacher asks a question and each student discusses it with a partner. Students do rock, paper, scissors, and the winner has to give the response to the teacher on behalf of the team (pairs or trios).

whip around
Whip Around

Whip Around

What have you learned about engaging students?

  • Start with one person sharing an idea.
  • Go around the room with each person giving a new idea.
  • If the person’s idea has already been given he/she can say pass.
  • Keep going around the room until all ideas are presented.
walk and talk1
Walk and Talk
  • With your partner…
  • Grab your handout
  • Walk and Talk about this question:
    • What strategies have we suggested this morning that you will use in your classroom? Make a commitment to try ONE!
sharing networking protocol
Sharing & Networking Protocol
  • Choose a:
    • Facilitator: Guide the conversation. Make sure everyone gets an opportunity to share.
    • Time Keeper: Ensure there is time for each area of discussion, give a 10 minute warning to begin wrapping up conversations
  • In your group take turns sharing and discussing:
    • Resources (lesson ideas, strategies, technology, etc . . . )
    • Challenges