a few of our favorite techie things n.
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A few of our favorite (techie) things… PowerPoint Presentation
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A few of our favorite (techie) things…

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A few of our favorite (techie) things… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A few of our favorite (techie) things…
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  1. Keith Lynip (UM XLS) A few of our favorite (techie) things… Ritchie Boyd (MSU BTC/CRLab)

  2. More than a few… • “Web2.0” tools • Blogger • Simple and free blogging • Wikispaces, PBWiki • Free wiki tools • Ning • Your own private Facebooksorta thing • Flickr • Photo sharing

  3. More than a few… • “Web2.0” tools • Google • Apps, Reader, Calendar, mail, etc. • SlideShare • Presentations in the cloud • VoiceThread • Audio annotation of presentations • Del.icio.us • Save, Tag, Access, Share web bookmarks

  4. More than a few (cont’d)… • Other cool tools, resources • Audacity • (audio capture/edit/convert) • Jing • (screen capture) • Edublogs • Resources for educators • Video Everywhere • (youTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo, Hulu, etc…) • CommonCraft videos • Short, snappy “how does it work” videos

  5. Livening it up. Enhance asynchronous with a little…live. (Within limits)

  6. Keith and Ritchie…. this would be a good time to stop talking and ask for questions and comments from participants. Participants…. comment and question away!

  7. Asynchronous interaction and multimedia… Enter….

  8. Share…

  9. Embed…

  10. Case Study: History Objective: Get students to engage in the interpretation of primary resources. Method: Use political cartoons from the turn of the 20th century to explore cultural perspectives, symbols, human failings, mixed messages, and the like during a period of heightened national imperialism.

  11. What else could you do with this? What about language courses? Science courses? What about student-initiated voicethreads?

  12. Focus on: Delicious • Why? • Excellent example of a folksonomy and social networking tool • Easy to get started • Useful for personal productivity AND teaching

  13. Getting started…if you haven’t created an account:

  14. Getting started… with an account:

  15. Add the bookmarking buttons to (ALL) your browsers!

  16. Look for the simple bookmark buttons…

  17. And Drag them to your Bookmarks/Links toolbar…

  18. Voila! Bookmarking is just ONE CLICK away!

  19. Let’s go surfing…

  20. So, you say you found a great web resource?

  21. Try to remember to grab some descriptive text…

  22. And then use your new bookmarklet to save the page to Delicious…

  23. This is what Delicious sees… A URL A page title And maybe some recommended and popular tags

  24. Paste that text, or add your own notes, or both…

  25. And be sure to add TAGS and then Save the bookmark… Delicious even helps out with tags by pulling up a list of ones you’ve already used!

  26. And here’s how it looks !

  27. The social aspect of social computing…Let’s look at those bookmarks again: Hmmm – only two people found this interesting I’ll click on the blue 2 ! As opposed to 22,000+ for this one!

  28. And I see who else liked this page… This user lcarver44 likes web2.0 … I think I’ll click on the name to see what else they are interested in.

  29. Getting started… Interesting pages, interesting tags… I think I’ll add them to my network!

  30. Delicious asks if I know what I’m doing… And I say OK and I have a new member of my network…

  31. My whole network…(Note that on this day the tagging is dominated by a nerd!)

  32. The upper part of my tag cloud…(Delicious invented the tag cloud)

  33. I can also subscribe to tags and see what other people are finding and tagging. Now it’s getting interesting…(BTW look how many bookmarks there are!)

  34. Other people can send me interesting sites too. They just have to add the tag for:jrboyd, and it shows up in my Inbox, where I have the option to tag it and save it myself… (Thanks, Ian!)

  35. And we’ve barely scratched the surface!

  36. Our perspective… It’s possible to find authentically useful tools. It’s also possible get too enticed by the sirens’ call.

  37. So, where does that leave us?

  38. Where can I learn more? • Educause general T&L resources: http://connect.educause.edu/term_view/Teaching+and+Learning • Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) General resources: http://www.educause.edu/ELIResources/10220 • And the ELI "7 things" series http://www.educause.edu/7ThingsYouShouldKnowAboutSeries/7495 • Ritchie’s Educause blog on educational technologies: http://connect.educause.edu/blog/169…and the section on tutorials and examples in particular: http://connect.educause.edu/blog/jrboyd/helpfulresourcesforweb20t/45297

  39. Where can I learn more? • Ann Randall’s “Ten Tech Tools” list from WCET 2008: • http://facultyonline.pbwiki.com/Ten-Tech-Tools • See Ritchie’s Delicious bookmarks: • http://delicious.com/jrboyd Come discuss these and more on the MUS e-Learning Google Group:http://groups.google.com/group/montana-elearning