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Vilniaus Universitetas. Lithuania. Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius is located in the Southeastern corner of Lithuania Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania and is also the most densely populated city Its central location within Europe makes it very easy to travel. Vilnius, Lithuania.

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vilnius lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Vilnius is located in the Southeastern corner of Lithuania
  • Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania and is also the most densely populated city
  • Its central location within Europe makes it very easy to travel
vilnius lithuania1
Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Vilnius is located in the Southeastern corner of Lithuania
  • Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania and is also the most densely populated city
  • Its central location within Europe makes it very easy to travel
  • Officially known as the Republic of Lithuania
    • It is a stable democracy
  • Located in Northern Europe
  • Biggest of the three Baltic States
  • First Soviet Republic to declare Independence
  • The highest point in Lithuania is Juozapine Hill with an elevation of only 957 feet
  • “Labas” means “Hi” in Lithuanian
  • “Ačiū” means “Thank you”
how to get there
How to Get There
  • The most direct way to get to Vilnius is by flying into Vilnius International Airport (VNO)
  • The airport is located 5.9 km south of Vilnius
  • Public transportation is available to and from the airport
    • Special trains will come from Vilnius Railway Station
    • City buses also provide special service to the airport
transportation in the city
Transportation in the City
  • Buses and trolleys are a great way to move around the city
  • Public Transportation in Vilnius
    • Offers timetables and fare information
  • Trains are regularly scheduled directly to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other major cities nearby
  • Plane travel around Europe is surprisingly cheap
    • Ryan Air services some major cities in Lithuania
  • Bus travel is also prevalent and is provided by international bus companies
  • Getting There and Around Lithuania
vilnius university
Vilnius University
  • Founded in 1579: One of the oldest institutions is Central/Eastern Europe
  • Considered to be the #1 university in all of Lithuania
  • Its Campus includes:
    • 12 faculties
    • 7 institutes
    • 4 study and research centers
    • The oldest Library in Lithuania
    • 3 university hospitals
    • An Astronomical Observatory
  • Application deadlines
    • Spring Semester: November 15th
    • Fall Semester: June 15th
  • Online Application and other Enrollment Procedures
  • Orientation is the first week of each semester
  • Credit and Grading System
  • Application for Accommodation for students to stay in the International Student’s dormitory
    • Housing applications are due 2 months before arrival
  • Areas of study open for MAUI students include Humanities, Social, Philological, and Business Sciences
  • Higher education is organized in three cycles
    • First cycle: undergraduate, Bachelor’s
    • Second cycle: Graduate, Master’s
    • Third cycle: Doctoral studies, residency
  • Tuition costs will vary with different programs
    • Updated tuition costs
academic information
Academic Information
  • Vilnius University- Official Website in English
  • Academic Calendar
    • Spring Semester: February 6 thru June 2
    • Fall Semester: September 1 thru December 21
    • Updated Academic Calender
  • Examination Periods
    • Spring Semester: June 3 thru June 30
    • Fall Semester: December 22 thru January 26
  • The main language of the country is Lithuanian
  • Many of the courses at the University are taught in foreign languages
    • Courses in Foreign Languages
  • A language certificate is not required for this university
  • A language course for incoming students in offered alongside other courses
    • Free of charge for exchange students
    • No preparatory language course is offered before semester starts
cost estimates
Cost Estimates
  • The Lita (LTL) is the currency in Lithuania
    • 1 Euro is approximately 3.5 Litas currently
  • Housing: 75 Euros
  • Meals: 200 Euros
  • Books: 60 Euros
  • Local transport: 5 Euros
  • Health Insurance: 15 Euro
  • Total: 355 Euros per month
crime and security
Crime and Security
  • Lithuania is relatively safe but violent and non-violent crimes have affected tourists
  • Vilnius is a large city, so you would need to maintain the same amount of awareness you would in any other metropolitan area
  • Be aware of your belongings and the people around you
    • Pick-pocketers usually target tourist areas
  • Avoid demonstrations or political rallies
    • These can sometimes turn violent
  • Check for updated information about crime and security at Travel.State.Gov
alcohol related crime
Alcohol Related Crime
  • Many crimes involve alcohol
    • Robbery, physical and sexual assault
  • Carry minimal cash and a cell phone to communicate
  • Stay in groups or pairs
  • Call a cab
what to bring
What to Bring
  • Appropriate Clothing
    • Try to blend into the culture around you; this will avoid unwanted attention
    • Lithuania has cooler average temperatures on average for most of the year so pack accordingly
  • Communication
    • Cell phones are always a good thing to have
  • Don’t bring valuables
    • Items can be stolen
  • Don’t bring unneeded items
    • You will definitely have more luggage coming home than you did going there so be prepared to make some room
  • Passport
    • Required for any travel abroad
    • Required to obtain a visa
    • Apply for a Passport
  • All foreigners entering Lithuania must carry proof of a medical insurance policy contracted for payment of all costs of hospitalization and medical treatment in Lithuania
  • Student Visa
    • Required for people staying in the country 90 days or more according to the Schengen Agreement
  • Information for Documentation in Hungary
    • Information for Travelers
helpful websites
Helpful Websites
  • Travel.State.Gov
    • Handy travel tool to find out requirements and security issues about any country
  • TripAdvisor
    • Offers a lot of information from other travelers who have already experienced the area
  • Vilnius University
    • University’s Website in English
  • US Embassy in Vilnius Akmenųg. 6
Vilnius, Lithuania
LT-03106 Tel: (370-5) 2665500
Fax: (370-5) 2665510
  • Utrecht Contact Mrs. RaimondaMarkevičienė, Head of International programmes and Relations Office, Vilnius University, Universiteto str. 3, LT-01513 Vilnius, Lithuania, Ph. +370 5 268 7182, fax. +370 5 268 7069,
  • Contact for Incoming Students Mrs. Rita Vienažindienė, International Student Coordinator International Programmes and Relations Office, Vilnius University,
Universiteto Street 3, LT-01513 Vilnius, Lithuania
Ph: (+370-5) 268 71 50, fax: (+370-5) 268 70 69