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TMATE. Tarleton State University Principal/Mentor Orientation. T arleton M odel for A ccelerated T eacher E ducation. TMATE is a collaboration between Tarleton State University and the state’s accredited schools.

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Tarleton State University

Principal/Mentor Orientation

t arleton m odel for a ccelerated t eacher e ducation
Tarleton Model for Accelerated Teacher Education
  • TMATE is a collaboration between Tarleton State University and the state’s accredited schools.
  • TMATE is designed for highly motivated people with at least a bachelors degree who want to transition into teaching
  • TMATE interns are hired as teacher of record working under a Probationary Teaching Certificate in public schools while attending university courses.
  • TMATE provides support and guidance for the intern by providing a university supervisor.
tmate partners

Both Tarleton State University and the school districts devote considerable time and resources to deliver a comprehensive program of professional development to the TMATE intern. Each member of the team must fulfill specific responsibilities.

TMATE Partners
tmate and school responsibilities

Provides continuous training to the intern.

Trains mentor teachers.

Pays the mentor teachers a stipend for their support of the intern.

Ensures that the State Board for Educator Certification Rules are strictly followed.

Maintains open communication between the intern, mentor, school administrator and the program.

Maintains records to ensure that state requirements and program goals are met.


Screen applicants before employment to ensure they meet district standards.

Employ the TMATE interns as teacher of record.

Provide scheduled time for the mentor teachers and the interns to observe each other.

Upon the intern’s successful completion of the internship, credits him/her with a year of teaching experience.

TMATE and School Responsibilities
the principal s role

The Principal’s Role

Thank you for hiring a TMATE Intern!

the principal s role in tmate
The Principal’s Role in TMATE
  • Assign a Mentor Teacher to work with the intern.
  • Conduct a meeting with Mentor, Intern, and Principal within the first few weeks of school.
  • Assume responsibility for the overall supervision of the intern.
  • Perform informal, walk-through observations on a regular basis, and provide documentation to the TMATE office.
  • Conduct a formal evaluation and provide a copy to the TMATE office.
  • Maintain full communication with the TMATE Supervisor and/or Director, especially in those instances in which problems arise.
  • Required forms are provided in the Principal’s Handbook.
the mentor s role

The Mentor’s Role

Research shows that having a strong, supportive mentor makes all the difference in an intern experiencing success in the first year of teaching.

the mentor s role in tmate
The Mentor’s Role in TMATE
  • Serve as a facilitator of learning for the intern.
  • Assist the intern in beginning the year on a positive note by helping the intern complete the “Checklist for the Start of School.”
  • Take an active role in promoting the intern’s professional development.
  • Conduct regular observations in the intern’s classroom and provide feedback to the intern and documentation to TMATE.
  • Serve as a model by allowing the intern to observe in their classroom.
  • Assist in the intern’s goal setting, problem solving, and self-evaluation.
  • Communicate the progress and professional development of the intern to principal and TMATE supervisor.
  • Required forms are provided in the Mentor’s Handbook.
the intern s role in tmate
The Intern’s Role in TMATE
  • Serve as the teacher of record under a Probationary Certificate and perform the duties assigned by the district.
  • Actively participate in professional development and regularly reflect on professional progress.
  • Attend ALL designated TMATE classes.
  • Observe mentor teacher and provide documentation to TMATE.
  • Adhere to all district policies, State Board for Educator Certification Rules and the Code of Ethics for Texas Educators.
  • Required forms provided in the Intern’s Handbook.
tmate supervisor responsibilities
TMATE Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Schedule periodic observations of the intern’s teaching performance.
  • Provide constructive professional development critiques to the intern.
  • Provide documentation of observations to the intern and the TMATE Director.
  • Serve as a liaison between the TMATE program, the principal, the mentor, and the intern.
  • Conduct formal evaluations of the intern at the end of each semester.
  • Sample required forms provided in the TMATE Handbooks.
standard certification

Upon the intern’s successful completion of TMATE requirements, the employing school district will join Tarleton State University in formal recommendation for standard certification by the State Board of Educator Certification.

Standard Certification
tmate contact information tmate metroplex office
TMATE Contact InformationTMATE Metroplex Office
  • Dr. Randy Ford, Coordinator
  • Hazel Grissom, Administrative Assistant
  • Phone: 817-732-7300
  • Fax: 817-732-7339
  • Website:
  • Email: or
  • Mail: TMATE Office

6777 Camp Bowie Blvd

Fort Worth TX 76116

tmate contact information tmate killeen office
TMATE Contact InformationTMATE Killeen Office
  • Dr. Jan Parham, Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Glenn, Administrative Assistant
  • Phone: 254-526-4164
  • Fax: 254-526-4914
  • Website:
  • Email: or
  • Mail: TMATE Office

704 Whitlow Dr

Killeen TX 76541