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Perspectives on Partnership

Perspectives on Partnership. Brian Hayes & Dermott Lowneds. Introduction. I am Brian Hayes a m ember of the of the Self Advocacy Committee of the Board of Inclusion Ireland . The Sub Committee organised the self advocacy workshop this morning.

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Perspectives on Partnership

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  1. Perspectives on Partnership Brian Hayes & Dermott Lowneds

  2. Introduction • I am Brian Hayes a member of the of the Self Advocacy Committee of the Board of Inclusion Ireland. • The Sub Committee organisedthe self advocacy workshop this morning. • The theme for today’s conference is Partnership Now! The question we have is ‘Are we equal’?

  3. Today’s Workshops • Are people with disabilities equal partners in making decisions that affect our lives and our choices? • In our workshop we talked about self advocacy, relationships and how cuts to services affect our choices.

  4. Self Advocacy • Paul spoke about Self Advocacy • Advocacy helps us understand our rights and this helps us fight for our rights. • Support is important – the right support

  5. Self Advocacy • The right support is doing what the person wants not what the staff or family member want • Funding • If the government funded advocacy work then we could control the work we do and decide on the issues that are important to us.

  6. Self Advocacy • We want • more independent advocacy groups • a national independent advocacy group • We need money to keep our advocacy group going • The Government has written a lot of new policies for day services and residential services. These new policies are about what the person wants.

  7. Self Advocacy • Advocacy helps people with disabilities understand their rights and say what is important to them. • If the Government puts money into advocacy it will help to roll out their policies.

  8. Self Advocacy • an independent national self advocacy group can work in partnership with the government and advise them on how disability policy and law affects people with disabilities on a daily basis.

  9. Relationships • I am Dermott a member of a member of the of the self advocacy committee of the Board of Inclusion Ireland. • Marie and Phil talked about relationships in the workshop. • People with disabilities have the right to a relationship no matter where they live.

  10. Relationships • We want to talk about relationships, the good and the bad • We need to know how to stand up for ourselves in relationships and understand that if you are not happy you can walk away. • Attitudes need to change towards people with extra support needs

  11. Relationships • Outdated law. • Rules in disability services • people never get a chance to fall in love.

  12. Cuts to Services • Adrian talked about cuts to services and how these cuts affect our choices everyday. • Staff Cuts are effecting our friends and ourselves using disability services • Public Accounts Committee. • We are Not Going Away. • We will not Be Walked over and are Citizens Of this Country Too And Should Be Treated Equally.

  13. A Quote I will leave you with a quote : I have a disability yes that’s true. But all that really means is I may have to take a slightly different path than you.

  14. Thank you for listening Enjoy the rest of the conference

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