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The Car Monster

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The Car Monster
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The Car Monster

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  1. The Car Monster A Poem Using Personification

  2. The Car Monster It lives in a place with no windows Darkness and junk surrounds it It sleeps, making no sound But waits patiently for its owner Then he arrives, daylight fills the room The beast lies there, still, coat gleaming It tempts its owner with what lies inside Cosy, dry and comfy In silence he sits, and the magic key wakes up the monster A quick cough, a splurt, clearing its throat It growls with huge lungs, louder and louder Till it settles down to a constant purr. Then its begins to move, eyes wide open Its dark outside and needs to see clearly It turns without effort, hugging the pavement Looking straight ahead. The rain starts again and he wipes his brow It doesn’t mind getting wet, as long as his owner is dry Another beast comes beside him and it gets angry Growling again and then off it shoots into the darkness.

  3. What about other activities the car might go through? Holidays? Filled up at the petrol station? Going through a car wash? Going to the scrap heap? Being involved in a crash?

  4. Over to you I want you to write your own poem based on an object that isn’t alive, but one we use regularly. Describe it as it goes through everyday activities.

  5. I can: write a poem using personification. You could write about: • a pencil case, • a washing machine, • an item of clothing, • a clock, • a bus, • an aeroplane, • a school • a classroom In fact, anything that isn’t alive, and that has enough to write about. Choose carefully because you won’t be able to change your mind half way through your poem.