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Stop Watches

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Stop Watches
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Stop Watches

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  1. Stop Watches We still use stop watches today so we can manage the time we use every day or how fast we are!

  2. My Focuses • How some other people use it in older days. • We use stop watches for time like tracks stars, basketball stars, and soccer stars. • The Egyptians invented the stop watch as they were building different things.

  3. How it was design first? • The first was design in the 1850 by the Egyptians not to long ago because they were using it to time their self in buildings different things then.

  4. The true first stop watches! • They were build purely mechanical then later the design of the B.W.CW was the idea of the stopwatches but the stopwatches was dealing with measuring of time.

  5. How some stopwatches are use differently in 1966? • The murder of the 44 active shooter incidents has been going on since the 1966, most were poor sad children. And Ron Borsch called it{ THE STOP WATCH OF DEATH} the stopwatch help him discover how it was related. He based it on the wounds and divided by the minutes it took to do the murders.

  6. How Olympics use stopwatches! • They use stopwatches for timing their pace or speed so they can try to do better. Most use stopwatches for sports, activities , and games.

  7. How to use a stopwatch! • There are two buttons to a stop watch the first one is for making the time start as the second makes the timer stop or spilt in half. • Plus u can recorded it.

  8. How old are stop watches today! • 1971 was the first time in Salt Lake City Utah some one in race cars tracks really use one in the U.S.NCAA. So the stopwatch are about 500 years old.

  9. Why I like to use stopwatches! • I like use a stop watches because I can learn to be better or do better to be faster and stronger than I thought I can’t be.

  10. Today is new to stopwatches and coaches! • At least we all still use the stop watches because if we stop we wouldn’t know how fast and good we are compared to others?