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Scorecard Designed for Monitoring and Evaluation of Thailand Infrastructure Development Linking with Dawei Deep-Sea Port. Dawei Development Plan. Phase 1(2011-2015 ). Phase 2 ( 2013-2018 ). Phase 3 ( 2016-2020 ). North Port Roads in industrial estates/ Water drainage system

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Scorecard Designed for Monitoring and Evaluation ofThailand Infrastructure Development Linking with Dawei Deep-Sea Port

Dawei Development Plan

Phase 1(2011-2015)

Phase 2 ( 2013-2018)

Phase 3 (2016-2020)

  • North Port

  • Roads in industrial estates/ Water drainage system

  • Railways/ Transmission Lines/ oil and Gas Pipelines

  • South Port

  • 4 lane Road from Dawei to Thai-Myanmar Border/ Road link with Dawei airport/Road in industrial estates

  • Border Checkpoint

  • Water drainage system /Reservoir / Coal fire power plant

  • Housings /One-Stop Service/Township development

  • Roads in industrial estates/ Water drainage system

  • Expand Road from Dawei to Thai-Myanmar Border to 8 lanes

  • Commercial complex and recreation centers

Source: Italian-Thai Development Co.Ltd


Government policy for connectivity development with dawei
Government Policy for Connectivity Development with Dawei


Medium and Long term


Set up temporary border checkpoint at Ban Pu Nam Ron

prepare for custom operation at ban Pu Nam Ron

  • Development of border checkpoint and preparation for trade Facilitation

Facilitation of labor and construction materials and equipments across the border

2.Plan and implement Infrastructures linking with Myanmar(Road /Railways/ Transmission Lines/ oil and Gas Pipelines

National committee on connectivity development of western economic areas with neighboring country

Resolution on border Demarcation line

3. Development of border economic Zone at Kanchaburi province

Stakeholders analysis
Stakeholders Analysis


to be involved

Stakeholder Interest

Roles in the Process

Level of Participation

-The project team


-Inter-ministerial scorecard team

-Target officials in concerned agencies

-Selected private sectors



-Improved connectivity

-The progress of connectivity projects

-Increased trade and investment

-Development of SEC

-Enhanced knowledge &Capacity building



-administering the scorecard system

-provider of scorecard reports

-Provider of information and


and expertise






Methods used for M&E

Survey, interview and observation of progress reports

Design and monitoring framework
Design and Monitoring Framework

Design Summary

Target/ Indicators

Source and Means of Verification

Assumptions and Risks


Improved connectivity between BKK and Dawei /Acceleration of the construction of key infrastructure

Increased financing of key infrastructure projects and programs

reports, databases and publications

-Collaboration and commitment from the government

-cooperation of concerned agencies


Survey and interview targeted officials in the concerned ministries and departments

-observation on the progress reports

A new scorecard system for monitoring and evaluation on the BKK-Dawei connectivity

90 percent of targeted agencies use designed scorecard system for M&E of their respective projects and programs of the connectivity between BKK and Dawei

technical and financial support


-priority projects and programs for M&E for BKK and Dawei

-A quantitative and qualitative indication system of implementation of the BKK-Dawei connectivity projects and programs

-90 percent of trainees

Know how to use scorecard system

ToR document for the scorecard system

-Focus group ’s minutes of


-Published documents of

scorecard system

-Post training survey and interviews

Close cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders

1.Identification of core projects and programs on the BKK-Dawei connectivity

2.Designing a scoring system for M&E on the BKK-Dawei connectivity

3.Training program on scorecard system administration

Work breakdown
Work Breakdown

Identification of

key project and programs


scorecard system



Curriculum design and survey and identify target group

Preparation of ToR

Drafting the scorecard system

Survey and interview

Focus group discussions with key agencies and stakeholders

Execution of the training program

Data collection and analysis

Post training evaluation

Focus group meeting with key informants and target officials

Finalization of the designed scorecard system

M e implementation plan
M&E Implementation plan

Tools & analysis

Design Summary

Performance Target






progress on implementation/ operation of key infrastructure projects

Reports, Databases Publications

After 6 months

Increased financing

Before - After




A new scorecard systemfully utilized

Surveys interviews




-Before – After

-Comparison with AEC Scorecard

A new scorecard system

90 percent of use



of core projects and programs

-Designing a scorecard system

-Training programs

-Key step of designing

-implementable agreeable tools in place

-capacity building for scorecard teams

-TOR for designing scorecard system

-Minutes of Focus group meeting

-Published documents of scorecard system

-Post training survey and interviews

Before the implementation of scorecard system

Comparison analysis with AEC scorecard

-Priority projects and programs for scorecard

-Quantitative Qualitative Scoring system

-90 percent of trainees

know how to use

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