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LA1- Lesson 42

LA1- Lesson 42

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LA1- Lesson 42

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  1. LA1- Lesson 42 Context Clues

  2. To use context clues means to use the information in the sentence to help you find an answer!

  3. I have to use context clues all of the time! Often, when I am reading, I come across a word that I do not know and I have to figure it out.

  4. We had to use context clues when we read Dory Story because I didn’t know that a dory was a boat!

  5. Let’s play a game where we have to use clues in the sentence to guess a word!

  6. Annie got a new b______. What is the word at the end that starts with b? It could be… bike bracelet ball

  7. Let’s add some clues and see if that helps you figure out the missing word! Annie got a new b_______ at the library. That helps! What do we get at the library? We get books! So the missing word must be book.

  8. Let’s try another one! Jack jumped into the p_______. Two words come to mind, pool and puddle. If we add more to the sentence it will help us know which one is right!

  9. Jack jumped into the p_______ after the rain. Well, we know puddles come from rain so that helps us know that the correct word must be puddle.

  10. Now, let’s read part of a great book called Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. This book is full of words that we don’t know so this will give us a chance to practice using context clues!

  11. Homework Notice when you use context clues, either in conversation or reading, to figure out a word.

  12. Our Class Song Thanks for learning little stars Do you know how smart you are? So many things to see and do, Learning is fun for me and you. Up in that big brain of yours, Is the key to unlock all doors. Do your best and concentrate, I’m so proud, you’re doing great. Thanks for learning little stars Do you know how smart you are?