dystopian literature n.
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Dystopian Literature

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Dystopian Literature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dystopian Literature . English 9H. Dialectic Journal.

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dialectic journal
Dialectic Journal
  • Fahrenheit 451 published by Ray Bradbury in 1953 is arguably one of the greatest dystopian novels ever written. To see why we will collect some of the most awe inspiring quotes from this novel that is guaranteed to make you think differently.
  • Choosing one quote for each reading segment that makes us think.
  • Talk about the significance of that quote in the novel (symbolism, theme, important moment in the plot, characterization/character change)
  • Talk about how that quote connects to something in OUR SOCIETY. People in general…
working definition characteristics
Working Definition & Characteristics
  • Dystopia & Utopia: the ideal society, perfect in every way.
  • Citizens want for nothing.
  • Possible?
  • 2. Sometimes a dystopia can look like a utopia.
  • A perfect society with perfect people leading perfect lives often free of pain, emotion.
  • Citizens often lack the ability and basic human right of exercising free will.
  • In books, this kind of “utopian” world is actually a thinly veiled form of dystopian society (beginning/end?).
  • 3. Dystopias depict the worst of all possible societies.
  • 4. They exaggerate social trends and in doing so, offer serious social criticisms.
characteristics cont
Characteristics – Cont.
  • Dystopias are characterized as a society that:
  • counter-utopia
  • a repressed, controlled, restricted system with multiple social controls put into place via government, military, or a powerful authority figures
  • Issues of surveillance and invasive technologies are often key.
  • Dystopias, therefore, are societies whose citizens are controlled and have had most if not all of their basic human rights taken away by a faction of government or an individual. Dystopias can be thinly concealed as utopias on first glance, but other times they appear as what they are and comment on our society and are meant as a warning of what could happen to us as we strive for perfection, because really, isn't the definition of perfection different for everyone?
wall e clips check your understanding working definition
Wall*E Clips – Check Your Understanding & Working Definition
  • What is the observed Social Criticism?
  • Why do authors criticize certain aspects of our society?
  • Anticipation Questions due Monday.
  • Fahrenheit 451 Reading due Monday.
  • Dialectic 1 due Monday.