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2013 Industry Feedback. Paul Hauwiller General Dynamics IT [email protected] 805-587-6281. During the Annual Project Portfolio Review Industry Representatives Have the Opportunity to Voice Their Views on Several Issues Related to the Manufacturing Technology Program.

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2013 industry feedback

2013 Industry Feedback

Paul Hauwiller

General Dynamics IT

[email protected]


During the Annual Project Portfolio Review Industry Representatives Have the Opportunity to Voice Their Views on Several Issues Related to the Manufacturing Technology Program.

The following charts are a summary of these interactions over the last several years and the current 2013 input from industry.

2009 strategic inquiry impact
2009 Strategic Inquiry Impact

  • 2009 Industry Provided the subpanel with a list of Next Gen Technology Needs (subset in Blue). ManTech projects were able to be developed to respond to a select set of needs as outlined below (Green).

    • Low cost, high performance composites which meet MIL-STD-2031

      • 2013 - Fire Safe Resins

    • OOA cure composites

      • 2009 - Out of Autoclave Advanced Fiber Placement

    • Adaptive machining

      • 2012 – Adaptive Machining of Composites

      • 2013 – Composites Machining Modeling

    • Integration of Mfg Capability/Variability for Design, Qualification and Certification

      • 2013 - Reliable Structure Advanced Fiber Placement

2010 strategic inquiry impact
2010 Strategic Inquiry Impact

  • 2010 Industry Survey on Pervasive Needs. 2009 (subset in Purple). ManTech projects were able to be developed to respond to a select set of needs as outlined below (Green).

    • Efficient Processes for Structurally Embedded Arrays

      • 2012 - S-Band AWACS Bi-Static Integrated Radar

    • Domestic Source for SiC fiber

      • 2013 – Value Stream Analysis of a Domestic Source

Industry caucus impact 2010 2012
Industry Caucus Impact (2010-2012)

Industry representatives provided input on areas ManTech was not currently addressing but should consider addressing (subset in Blue). ManTech projects were able to be developed to respond to a select set of needs as outlined below (Green).

  • 2010

    • More Precompetitive development projects not tied to a program

      • Adaptive Machining

      • S&T ManTech Projects

  • 2011

    • Projects addressing exhaust wash structures planned for future systems

      • Manufacturing Technology for Extended Life Structures

  • 2012

    • Number one issue for using composites for engines is hot wet and oxidation

      • Manufacturing Technology for Extended Life Structures

    • Sometimes can’t even find reports they wrote

      • Creating a final report index for industry to better find final reports

    • Would like to understand the criteria the services use to select their projects

      • DMC 2012 presentations by each Service addressed their priorities and criteria

    • MT better job to disseminate information, summary and who to talk to

      • Each Service has a MT Website; preparing a current project list for internet posting

2013 caucus participants
2013 Caucus Participants

  • Sector Representatives are selected on a rotating basis to assist in the peer review of all ManTech projects related to polymers and composites. These sectors are:

  • Fixed Wing

  • Rotary Wing

  • Land Systems

  • Naval Systems

  • Soldier Systems

  • Missile Systems

  • Large Supplier

  • Small Supplier

  • Materials Supplier

2013 caucus participants1
2013 Caucus Participants

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Honeywell

  • Lancer

  • Bell Helicopter

  • ATK

  • Huntington Ingalls

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Seemann Composites

  • Excelsis

Industry perspective on the portfolio of projects
Industry Perspective on the Portfolio of Projects

Industry was asked how well the portfolio of projects were meeting their manufacturing technology needs using the scale in the lower right. This question was asked to individual sector representatives and as an overall group.

The results are reasonable since individual Service needs must be balanced with overall industrial base and sector needs.

Overall DoD IB





Industry perspective on information dissemination
Industry Perspective on Information Dissemination

Industry Representative were asked: How ManTech could broaden technology deployment via final reporting to accelerate industrial base change.

Final Reports should provide more details on how and why something is done.

Publish interim reports or host interim meetings to spin up industry engagement prior to the completion of the project

Recommend that a third party (one technically competent, but unfamiliar with the project) review all technical reports to ensure details are included

Industry Representatives were asked: How effective is ManTech at providing sufficient information to enable technology advancements to be adopted by a company which did not perform the work.


Shaping factors for the defense aerospace composites industry
Shaping Factors for the Defense Aerospace Composites Industry

  • Reduced Funding

  • Acquisition vs. Life Cycle Decision Making

  • Higher Composite Part Production Volume for sub-tier suppliers

  • Small Quantities of Ships and Satellites

  • Materials Availability

  • Minimal Material Buys

  • Inconsistent Material

  • Lack of Composite Performance Confidence for New Applications

  • Qualification Costs

  • Quicker, Faster, Cheaper @ Reduced Quantities

Areas mantech should address
Areas ManTech Should Address Industry

  • Risk reduction for Integrated Vibration Dampening Structures

  • Modeling & Simulation

    • Material Characterization for Processability

    • Predictive Composite Springback (+/- .002)

    • Bondline prediction

  • Materials

    • Scale Up of Fire Resistant Composite Structures (2000F, 15 min)

    • New Thermoplastic/Thermoset Material

    • Low Cost Pi-Preform

    • Materials Data Availability

  • Tooling

    • Reconfigurable Flexible Tooling

  • New Processes

    • Polymeric Additive Manufacturing – Better Properties, larger sizes

    • Polyimide Fiber Placement

    • Innovation in Reliable Vacuum Bagging

  • Thermoplastic Weld/Repair

  • Inspection

    • Complex bonded structures

    • Large area bond inspection/integrity

  • Knowledge management

Industry was asked to provide a final 30 second message
Industry was asked to provide a final 30 Second message Industry

  • ManTech is sponsoring a good depth and variety of projects

  • Request improved availability of deliverables from design specific technology maturation projects

  • Request meaningful ManTech intellectual property segregated from company intellectual property

  • Need a common qualification methodology

  • Recommend a decreased response time to start a MT project