are women more creative than men l.
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Are Women more Creative than men?? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are Women more Creative than men??

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Are Women more Creative than men?? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are Women more Creative than men??. Rohit Mehar. Creativity. Creativity (or creativeness ) is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas and concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts

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  • Creativity (or creativeness) is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas and concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts
  • Different interpretation in behavioral psychology, social psychology, cognitive sciences, business and management
  • Attributed to divine intervention, cognitive processes, social environment, chance, traits
research definition
Research Definition
  • Creativity is a function on intelligence and lateral inhibition
  • Higher the intelligence, lower the latent inhibition, higher the creativity and vice versa
  • For constant lateral inhibition, Intelligence has direct impact on creativity
its controversial
Its Controversial!!!
  • Larry Summers, President of Harvard University outlined these hypotheses
    • High Powered Job hypotheses
    • Variability Hypotheses
    • Discrimination Hypotheses
  • Lost his job, intelligence can’t be more crucial than discrimination??
interesting research
Interesting Research
  • Dr. Paul Irwing, based on SAT scores of 20000 people –
    • Mean difference of 5 IQ points in favor of men
    • Twice as many men with an IQ of 120+
    • Thrice as many men with an IQ of 170+
    • There is no difference below age groups of 14 years
    • Difference increases as the age increases
interesting research6
Interesting Research
  • Skewed distribution in favor of men
  • Makes a bold statement that “Men have bigger brain than women”
  • Many researches done on the same lines giving similar results
counter facts
Counter Facts
  • Ever diminishing variability
    • Ratio of boys and girls who scored at high ends reduced four times in 20 years
  • SAT scores depends heavily on career choices
  • Discrimination and Institutional disadvantages are the major reason (NAS)
why this can t be settled
Why this can’t be settled?
  • Only IQ scores cannot differentiate men and women (What else then??)
  • History speaks (applies for both, more pertinent in case of men but)
  • Latent Inhibition is not constant
  • Left Brain – Right Brain (Intuition does not mean creativity)
  • Any other view??
fostering creativity
Fostering Creativity
  • Building motivation, especially internal motivation
  • Encouraging confidence and a willingness to take risks
  • Promoting supportable beliefs about creativity
  • Providing opportunities for choice and discovery
  • Providing balance