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Staying updated with the latest information on gadgets, technology, and social media is not that easier. This is why ETalkTech has launched a new blogging website to provide the latest updates on business, gadgets, technology, social media - See more at: https://www.onlineprnews.com/news/1051911-1517203568-etalktech-has-launched-a-new-tech-blogging-website-to-keep-techies-updated.html#sthash.SRoR903O.dpuf

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Etalktech Blogging Platform

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  1. Five Super Reasons you should include Videos in your Digital Marketing Strategy The awareness of technology and its benefits have increased a lot. There was a time when technology didn’t have much influence on the lives, but nowadays there is an accessory decided for each task and duty. Once marketing was a total headache though it did generate revenue the tasks to be performed were very stressful.

  2. Web Push Notifications Comparing to an email, push notification is almost impossible to miss. To make it highly relevant, analyze the necessary data to set the optimal sending date and time. For example, if you want to inform subscribers about a sale, they should spend some time to look through. Sending such a push in the afternoon, during working hours, it risks to be ignored.

  3. How to Optimize Your Webpage With These SEO Techniques

  4. How Mobile Technology is Changing Every Year? Nowadays smartphone has become a part of our life without which we cannot spend our life easier. It provides various facilities and features which play an important role in providing ease in our life.

  5. Top 10 Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Malware Being infected with malicious malware is not just annoying, it can compromise the valuable data that resides on your computer. The first time my computer got infected with malware, it completely destroyed all my data. That was despite me having antivirus software on it. Needless to say, I very quickly understood the damage that malware can do – and if it can happen to me, it can happen to you!

  6. 5 Small Steps in Digital Marketing That Will Impact Your Business Growth

  7. How Gen Z Changing the Game of Social Media Marketing? While there are social media dangers you should look out for when marketing to the young Gen Z members, overall, social media is the way to go to reach this marketing demographic. So keep these points in mind as your company constructs their next social media marketing campaign.

  8. “Social Media” Is More Than Just Facebook! Do You Know All The Platforms? Are You Using Them?

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