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why google will not hire you n.
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Why google will not hire you ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why google will not hire you ?

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Why google will not hire you ?
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Why google will not hire you ?

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  1. Why Google will not hire you ? SumitArora | sumit@thecareertools.com www.thecareertools.com

  2. Here Google doesn't mean the Google, it means any company which is very creative to introduce the computer science related products e.g. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung.

  3. If you are coming for a top to bottom mindset e.g. please do this , and you do this.

  4. If you have no passion for ownership e.g. you have never taken the initiative to do something.

  5. If you have no proof for your creativity e.g. you have worked a lot in the company from technologies a to z, but you didn't have any proof of your creativity

  6. You have no interest to understand the algorithms and their relationship towards the problem solving e.g. you studied set of mathematics and computer science algorithms, but didn't actually implemented it and didn't solve the problem by using those concepts?

  7. You haven't made your own data structures by using the primitive one e.g. Creating your own thread functions library by using the existing functions or creating your own network socket library by using the bsd socket functions

  8. Your thought process unable to make practical thoughts e.g. How to design a track for roller-coaster ride ?

  9. You have no idea what your interests are ? e.g. you are always lost when talked about the professional interest ?

  10. You have no idea how this job will add the right contribution to my career ? e.g. you didn't think about the ongoing or expected job ?

  11. You still missing the doing of active communication e.g. you didn't have prompt/clear/practical comments on various professional talks.

  12. You didn't realize the 'Please tell me about yourself' ? e.g. you are always left to right while explaining about yourself.

  13. If you haven't eaten the humble pie ? e.g. You always assume that what you said that is correct ?

  14. You are very less interactive to amazon.com ? e.g. you have no idea the latest book on X topic ?

  15. You still struggling to find the answers on all over internet ? e.g. you haven't prepared the set of answers by having a deep insight of yours.

  16. You don’t want to explore the research and patent item on the interesting technology of yours

  17. You are far away to contribute your technical knowledge e.g. stackoverflow.com, open sources, technical forums

  18. You don’t want to be organized and disciplined towards the work related activities e.g. Taking the ownership, responsibility, doing things on time , procrastination, poor time management

  19. However - to getting all of these require a lot of reWork, find the references, but all of these now available in package - EJI.exeExecute the Job Interview is a executable file which can run on a platform where all Google type of jobs are there. • Sumit Arora | sumit@thecareertools.com • www.thecareertools.com