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Branch Mandate

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Branch Mandate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Branch Mandate. Comprehensive management of the provincial land resource by: administering Crown titles; land use planning; and support services in geomatics. Branch Organization. Comprises 3 Divisions: Crown Lands. (Crown titles) Surveys and Mapping. (Geomatic Services)

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Branch Mandate

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branch mandate

Branch Mandate

Comprehensive management of the provincial land resource by: administering Crown titles; land use planning; and support services in geomatics.

Lands Branch Overview

branch organization
Branch Organization
  • Comprises 3 Divisions:
    • Crown Lands. (Crown titles)
    • Surveys and Mapping. (Geomatic Services)
    • Land Management. (Land Use Planning)
  • Staffing compliment of 88.

Lands Branch Overview

branch profile
Branch Profile
  • Long standing history, since 1824; one of the oldest branch in government.
  • Regionalized since 1976
    • 4 regional offices (St. John’s, Gander, Corner Brook & Happy Valley-Goose Bay).
    • 1 sub-regional office (Clarenville).
    • Head Office (Howley Bldg.)

Lands Branch Overview

crown lands division key functions
Crown Lands Division (Key Functions)
  • Allocation of Crown land
    • 2500-3000 applications/year
    • 1700 Crown titles/year
  • Crown titles preparation, mapping and GIS

Lands Branch Overview

crown lands division key functions6
Crown Lands Division (Key Functions)
  • Registration of Crown titles and records

>70,000 titles administered

  • Defending Crown’s interest in Crown land

Lands Branch Overview

crown lands division key functions7
Crown Lands Division(Key Functions)
  • Sale of air photos, maps and related land information.

Lands Branch Overview

crown lands division key issues
Crown Lands Division (Key Issues)
  • Addressing unauthorized land activities.
  • Implementation of real-time GIS.
  • On-line Public access to Crown title mapping, and related information.
  • Reducing times for processing applications for Crown titles and responding to complaints.

Lands Branch Overview

surveys mapping division
Surveys & Mapping Division


Provincial agency providing geo-spatial products and support services to government, industry and the public.

Lines of Business

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Geodetic Surveys
  • Aerial Photography
  • Geographical Names
  • Geomatic Support Services

Lands Branch Overview

topographic mapping
Topographic Mapping
  • Provincial version of federal maps

- 1:50,000 & 1:250,000 scales, complete coverage

- Current web mapping access

  • Rectified Aerial Photography

-1:10,000 scale, 20% of Island of Nfld.

- Includes Water & Contour lines

- Planned web mapping access

  • Community Mapping

- mostly 1:2,500 + some 1:5,000 scales

- Less than 5% of Island of Nfld

- Most towns mapped, but many out-of-date

- Partial web mapping access

Lands Branch Overview

geodetic surveys
Geodetic Surveys
  • Positional reference points for legal surveys, topographic mapping and engineering surveys.
  • Photo Control for topographic mapping
  • 8,000 points established over 30 years.

Aerial Photography

  • Provincial repository of original film
  • Reprinting & enlargement services
  • New high precision scanning services

Lands Branch Overview

geographical names
Geographical Names
  • Administers the NL Geographical Names Board
  • Legislative authority to name places & features.
  • Collaborates with Geographical Names Board of Canada
  • Maintains data base of 36,000 records

Geomatic Support Services

  • Maintains central datastore of base maps
  • Collaborates with the Canadian Council On Geomatics (CCOG) in building the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI)
  • Fosters the Provincial Geomatics Strategy
  • Implements web mapping services.

Lands Branch Overview

current smd partnerships
Current SMD Partnerships
  • Annual maintenance of road data for 5 years
    • National GeoBase on Roads
  • Collaboration on water feature mapping
    • National GeoBase on Drainage
  • Coastal mapping of Northern Labrador
    • 4 Year Project
    • Canadian Hydrographic Service, Parks Canada, Labrador Inuit Assoc.
  • Ortho image mapping in North/Central Nfld
    • Newfoundland Forest Training Association (et al)
  • Community Mapping
    • Highways, Several Municipalities
  • Highway – Strip Mapping
    • For design on new Labrador Highways

Lands Branch Overview

land management division
Land Management Division
  • Key Functions:
    • Develops and co-ordinates land use management plans
    • Develops and co-ordinates land use policies
    • Identifies, plans and develops recreational cottage lot areas
  • Staffing compliment of 9.

Lands Branch Overview

land management division15
Land Management Division

3 Core Programs:

  • Market Value Pricing for Crown Land Applications
  • Cottage Planning and Allocation
  • Land Use Policy/Legislation/Resource Management Coordination (ILUC)

Lands Branch Overview

land management division16
Land Management Division

Cottage Lot Development 2005:

  • Pinchgut Lake (W) 18 lots
  • Big Eel Lake (C) 20 lots
  • Windmill Bight-Lumsden (C) 12 lots
  • Spread Eagle-Old Shop (E) 18 lots

Lands Branch Overview