Christmas around the world
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Christmas Around the World. Created by Miss Pflaumer; 2002 Revised: 2010. Countries of the World. United States Mexico Italy Sweden Netherlands Great Britain Germany Israel. United States. Continent:North America Capital: Washington, D.C. Language: English

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Christmas around the world

Christmas Around the World

Created by Miss Pflaumer; 2002

Revised: 2010

Countries of the world
Countries of the World

  • United States

  • Mexico

  • Italy

  • Sweden

  • Netherlands

  • Great Britain

  • Germany

  • Israel

United states
United States

  • Continent:North America

  • Capital: Washington, D.C.

  • Language: English

  • Religion: Christianity & Catholicism

Christmas in america
Christmas In America

  • Santa Clause comes on Christmas Eve.

  • He comes down the chimney.

  • He leaves gifts under the tree or in the stockings.

  • Most families have a decorated Christmas tree.

  • Santa has eight reindeer. Nine if you count Rudolph.

  • Many families celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day.


  • Continent: North America

  • Capital: Mexico City

  • Religion: Catholicism

  • Language: Spanish

Christmas in mexico
Christmas in Mexico

  • Feliz Navidad!

  • Las Posadas begins on December 16th.

  • It lasts 8 nights until Christmas Eve.

  • At the last house, they celebrate and have a party (fiesta).

  • The piñata is a fun games used during the party.


  • Continent—Europe

  • Capital—Berlin

  • Religion—Christianity & Catholicism

  • Language—German

Christmas in germany
Christmas in Germany

  • Martin Luther is said to have discovered the first Christmas tree by bringing a tree inside on putting real candles on it.

  • St. Nicholas leaves candy or twigs in shoes on December 6th.

  • Advent begins the Sunday after November 26th and is displayed on a calendar.


  • Continent—Europe

  • Capital—Amsterdam

  • Religion—Catholicism & Christianity

  • Language—Dutch

Christmas in the netherlands
Christmas in the Netherlands

  • On Christmas Eve, they have dinner and go to church.

  • Sinterklaas, Santa’s cousin, brings gifts on December 5th.

  • Black Peter assists Sinterklaas and tells him who’s bad or good.


  • Continent: Asia

  • Capital: Jerusalem

  • Religion: Judaism

  • Language: Hebrew

Hanukkah in israel
Hanukkah in Israel

  • Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days.

  • The menorah has nine candles. One for each night of Hanukah and one to light the others.

  • Potato latkes with applesauce are a favorite Hanukkah treat.

  • Dreidel is a fun game they play during Hanukkah.


  • Continent: Europe

  • Capital: Rome

  • Religion: Catholicism

  • Language: Italian

Christmas in italy
Christmas in Italy

  • La Befana was asked to look for the Christmas Baby with the three Kings, but she was too busy so she still searches for the Baby to this day.

  • La Befana leaves gifts in shoes on Epiphany Eve.

  • The nine days of Christmas is called Novena.


  • Continent: Europe

  • Capital:Stockholm

  • Religion: Lutheran

  • Language: Swedish

Christmas in sweden
Christmas in Sweden

  • The Feast of St. Lucia begins on December 13th.

  • It ends on St. Canute’s Day which is January 13th.

  • The oldest daughter dresses in white and wears a lighted wreath on her head on St. Lucia Day.

Great britain england
Great Britain (England)

  • Continent: Europe

  • Capital: London

  • Religion: Catholicism

  • Language: English

Christmas in great britain
Christmas in Great Britain

  • Christmas cards and Christmas carols are said to have begun in Great Britain.

  • Father Christmas fills the stockings.

  • Stuffed turkey or goose is served on Christmas Day.