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Converting To Linux PowerPoint Presentation
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Converting To Linux

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Converting To Linux - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Randy Appleton rappleto@nmu.edu (Movie). Converting To Linux. About the Talk. I assume you already run windows. I assume you already have heard of Linux. I assume you’re not a Linux expert. Some of this is opinion. . Do People Convert?. Italian school district converts 2,400.

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Converting To Linux

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Presentation Transcript
about the talk
About the Talk
  • I assume you already run windows.
  • I assume you already have heard of Linux.
  • I assume you’re not a Linux expert.
  • Some of this is opinion. 
do people convert
Do People Convert?
  • Italian school district converts 2,400.
  • Dreamworks has 1,500 desktops and 3,500 servers.
  • French Ministry of Agriculture converted 500 servers.
  • Lots of examples
  • Distribution – Linux packaged with lots of apps and support.
    • RedHat
    • Ubuntu
    • Lots of others
reasons to convert
Reasons to Convert
  • Linux is free
    • Don’t need to go to the store.
    • Don’t need to pay.
    • Don’t need to check for compliance.
    • Don’t need to check for employee’s compliance.
    • And you don’t have to pay for MS Office!
reasons to convert6
Reasons to Convert
  • Linux is free
    • Can hand it out to workers.
    • Can hand it out to friends.
    • Can hand it to anyone.
reasons to convert7
Reasons to Convert
  • Better Security
    • Linux is virus free.
    • Linux is IE free.
    • Linux does not get virii
  • Mostly …
reasons to convert8
Reasons to Convert
  • Lots of applications
    • OpenOffice
      • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
    • MySQL
    • GAIM
    • MP3 players
    • Everything …Pre-installed.
reasons to convert9
Reasons to Convert
  • Easier Install.
    • Apps and OS install at the same time
      • no Office disks.
    • Everything works out of the box.
    • Laptop’s work generally.
    • Windows come pre-installed on the hardware.
reasons to convert10
Reasons to Convert
  • Linux can be locked down
    • Keep non-technical people from trying to admin their machine.
    • Has a kiosk mode.
    • Each admin can handle more desktops.
reasons to convert11
Reasons to Convert
  • Linux is smaller than Windows
    • Damn Small Linux is 40MB total.
      • Linux on a stick!
    • Ubuntu is one CD-ROM including OpenOffice.
    • RedHat is 4 CD-ROMs including OpenOffice.
    • Works better on cheaper hardware too.
reasons to convert12
Reasons to Convert
  • Linux can remote boot easily.
    • Bunch of dumb clients.
    • One server.
    • Clients come and go … no one cares.
    • Easy admin for large homogenous groups.
      • Workers
      • Kiosk
reasons to convert13
Reasons to Convert
  • Change is coming
    • Don’t convert to Vista
    • Convert to Linux
things linux does better
Things Linux Does Better
  • Linux is better at networking
    • Can access every type of file system I’ve ever heard of. (e.g. Samba)
    • Can access your desktop remotely (built in).
    • Can access your command line remotely (built in).
    • Has lots of utilities built in (traceroute, ethereal, etc.)
    • Free firewalling and routing.
things linux does better15
Things Linux Does Better
  • Can Admin from Home!
    • Really
    • Truly
    • Generally
    • Already installed
things linux does better16
Things Linux Does Better
  • Linux is a better email server
    • Handle huge volumes on archaic machines.
    • Check for spam
    • Check for virii
    • Keep logs
    • All free
things linux does better17
Things Linux Does Better
  • Web Serving
    • Apache comes installed
    • PHP, Python, Perl, MYSQL come installed.
    • Log analyzers come installed.
    • All free
things linux does better18
Things Linux Does Better
  • Better online support (IMHO).
    • Web Pages
    • Newsgroups
    • Etc.
  • There is a social network too
    • But Windows has a better one.
things linux does better19
Things Linux Does Better
  • Contracted support options
    • Lots of options for each distribution
      • 21 for Ubuntu in USA
      • $30 per incident, $100 per client, $400 per server from Canonical.
reasons to stay with windows
Reasons to Stay With Windows
  • Everyone knows windows.
    • Reduces training costs
    • Admins can be cheaper to hire
  • Some people hate computers and hate change.
    • But everyone can change if needed.
reasons to stay with windows21
Reasons to Stay With Windows
  • Office is compatible with itself.
    • OpenOffice is pretty close.
    • Newer OpenOffice is pretty close indeed.
    • But it’s not perfect.
reasons to stay with windows22
Reasons to Stay With Windows
  • Windows has every possible app, Linux does not.
    • Financial apps
    • Vendor supplied apps
    • Special web sites (FEMA)
    • Can dual boot, run Wine, etc.
reasons to stay with windows23
Reasons to Stay With Windows
  • Windows has a better GUI
    • More consistent.
      • Gnome and KDE are working on this
    • More refined.
    • Linux is good, Windows is better.
reasons to stay with windows24
Reasons to Stay With Windows
  • You already know Windows
    • But you want to learn
    • And you like to learn
    • And it’s better for your resume
converting strategies
Converting Strategies
  • Convert all at once.
    • Works best for small groups.
    • Convert yourself.
    • Test.
    • Come in over the weekend.
    • Convert everyone.
    • Fix problems as they arise.
    • Don’t screw it up; get everyone on board.
how to convert
How To Convert
  • Convert gradually.
    • Convert yourself.
    • Test
    • Carefully pick a person or small group.
    • Convert them.
    • Wait for things to settle.
    • Repeat.
how to convert27
How To Convert
  • Convert Gradually (cont).
    • Your hope is to get internal champions.
    • You will need to manage both systems for a while.
how to convert28
How To Convert
  • Convert the servers, but not the clients
    • Email, file, print, identity servers.
    • Get a machine (even a cheap one).
    • Install software and test outside of production.
    • Swap it with the original server.
    • Low hassle.
    • Possibly most bang for the buck.
    • Need to learn to systems.
how to convert29
How to Convert
  • Gradual Approach
    • Convert yourself
    • Convert a server or two
    • Convert an interest tech-oriented person.
    • Keep converting.
    • Works well
what i chose
What I Chose
  • Our department runs on two Linux servers.
  • My work desktop is a Linux client.
  • My laptop dual boots.
  • Our Tivo runs Linux.
  • Our Linksys runs Linux.
  • My home machine runs Windows 
    • Came pre-installed
    • Runs AOL
    • Runs kids games